Friday, June 23, 2017

New Templates, Free Scrapbooking Goodies From The Cherry On Top and Some Other Scrappy Sisters

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but it has been sweltering here, in Belgium.  For weeks it's been in the high 80's and 90's with no rain and very little wind.  This is totally not typical!  It's usually very grey and rainy.  Thank goodness we're not going to Spain this year.  This is perfect Spanish weather.  Hehehe...

To keep cool, I'm hanging behind the computer with the fan on high and I've designed several packs new templates.  Here's a look at my favourite with some scrappy inspiration.  Further on, I've got some links to several freebies from around DigiLand and the People's Choice freebie from the group.

Enjoy the read and all of this scrappy goodness!

I have so many photos I can use for these templates and I bet you do, too!  Get in the summer mood and make some beautiful pages with our new templates.

Nautical Niceties Templates, Sea Kissed from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around designed this lovely page with her Sea Kissed kit.  I love light houses, too.

Another fabulous page from Jodi!

Nautical Niceties Templates, Kim Cameron Designs, Black Sails

My gal Theresa scrapped this cute page with Kim Cameron Designs kit, Black Sails.  Isn't it hilarious?!  Hehehe...Totally cracks me up.

Nautical Niceties, R Falango, Catch The Fish

Here's a look at the templates we just released last week.

Luv U 2 Pieces Templates

You don't always have to use the templates literally.  Look at this gorgeous page without the use of the pieces.

More gorgeousness from Magalie and Throwing Some Scraps Around's stunning collection, Inner Calm.

I'm giving you a glimpse of some upcoming templates by showing off MagsGraphic Designs newest kit, Cowboy Up.  I've even done a double page.  I had so many pictures of Liam going to his first Cowboy party.  He's such a character.

Just look at all of those silly faces!  These templates made scrapbooking multiple photo layouts very easy and fast, too.

Some scrappy sisters have been playing with my PuurFect templates and I just had to show you what they've designed.

 The PuurFect Templates

This PuurFect page is from my gal Kim.  I'm totally loving it and that kit looks pretty darn nifty, too.

 The PuurFect Templates
The PuurFect Templates, River Rose Kit

 The PuurFect Templates

 The PuurFect Templates

 Free Template

Another super scrappy sister tagged us on her beautiful page.  She used our free template from a previous blog hop.  click on the page to get to that hop and grab this great, free template.

Here are a few more scrapbooking freebies you can find around DigiLand.

 newsletter freebie

Akizo often has sweet freebies for her newsletter subscribers and her templates are awesome, too.

 group freebie

JoCee has comment to win in her group as well.  Freebies are often seen there so join us!

 PuurFect Badges

Here's the rest of the collection:

 The PuurFect papers
 The papers are just ,99 cents.

 The PuurFect kit elements
The elements are ,99 cents.

 PuurFect Cute Cards
These are also just ,99 cents!

Click here to see more inspiration with this kit.

 You Rock scrapbooking template

For this page I used our You Rock scrapbooking templates and the new kit and Cute Cards.

 mini scrapbook  tutorial
Check out my tutorial and make this mini, mini album using our Cute Cards.

I let The Cherry group choose which badge they wanted for today's freebie.  I'd love to have you join us in the group.  We get into scrap chatter, ladies show off their gorgeous pages both traditional and digital and we often answer questions as well as weekly comment to win, exclusive freebies and peeks at upcoming goodies from The Cherry and other designers.

 free bucket list printable

Here's our printable from last week.  Hop over to that blog and see all of the ideas we gave to help keep the little ones and not so little ones busy.

I'll be back tomorrow for Hybrid Saturday with yet another fabulous freebie.  See you then!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Summer Bucket List Free Printable

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

Last year, I had these free printable bucket lists for young kids and teens.  This year, I'm providing a blank list that you can fill in yourself.  We all live in different places and have different desires and likes so this way you can create your own, customised list.

I will provide another list of some more ideas in case you need some help.  It sure is a huge benefit for everyone when you have this type of resource to go to when discipline is becoming a problem which usually means boredom has set in.  Nip it in the bud with a bucket list or a jar full of ideas.

Don't forget to get a chore list going, too.  The kids have plenty of time in the summer to learn new life skills that will help them and YOU, too!  No excuses on this one.  All kids can do stuff around the house.  Our deal is no games or phones until the chores are done and believe me, it works like magic. Even with kids that have disabilities and differentiating functionality.

Trust me, you will thank yourself and you'll be giving your kids a feeling of accomplishment and responsibility.  Click here and here to see some of our posts on chore charts.

 Free Summer Bucket List Printable
 Click on the image for the free download.

Here is the free printable.  Let's look at some things you can put in there.  You can bring up this page in your software of choice and type in your very own list or you can print and write them in.  Maybe the kids would like to write them in?

I have two bucket lists from last year.  One for older kids and the other for little ones.  To get to them, click here.  There will be more ideas there and the lists are ready to go.  Just print them out.

In just any order, here are some things you can put on your list:

-  collect sea shells                            
-  play frisbee
-  have a glow party   (I've linked up a bunch of ideas on Pinterest for you.)
-  go on a night walk
-  build a Fairy House   (Here are more ideas from Pinterest.)
-  paint a rock
-  eat dessert first (I love that one!  This is our dessert board.)
-  plant a container garden  (More ideas for you.)
-  make a tie dye shirt  (A few tutorials can be found here.)
-  build a fort
-  volunteer
-  go swimming at night
-  bake something yummy
-  make dinner for the family
-  read a book (or 10)
-  go to the park
-  make home made pizza  (A lot of recipe ideas for you.)
-  play flash light tag
-  make sun tea  (I love sun tea.  It's very easy and there's a lot of recipes.)
-  play in the rain
-  have a family game night (or 2)
-  start a journal
-  go bowling
-  go to the library
-  wash the car
-  have a movie night
-  make s'mores  (More recipes for you.)
-  go swimming
-  fly a kite   (Here are some ideas on how to build a kite.)
-  sew something  (Our Sew Easy board.)
-  send a letter or post card
-  make your own slime or play dough  (Many recipes for both.  I'm definitely doing this over the summer with my boys.)

 Best Summer Ever
Best Summer Ever, Kim Cameron Designs

Isn't it great?!  All of the things you can do with scrapbooking kits?  I designed this page in a traditional fashion.  Yes, my boys are in pyjamas.  I was just thrilled they not only wanted to go outside, but they also wanted to ride bikes.  It could have all been blown if I told them they had to change.  Hehehehe...

 Best Summer Ever
Best Summer Ever, Kim Cameron Designs

Here's a look at Kim Cameron's awesome kit.  I bet you can use it for so many things besides your super summer photos.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  I hope you and your family have the best summer, ever.

Happy crafting!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Freebie Friday with New Scrapbooking Templates and Some Free Ones

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

As promised, we are back with more freebies, new templates and a couple of tutorials on how to use our most recent templates.

Read through today's blog and get an eyeful of lovely page inspiration and make sure you have all of these free templates in your stash.  Then head over to our store and get our newest templates, Luv U 2 Pieces.

 Luv U 2 Pieces Templates

I was a bit worried that these template might be difficult to use because I didn't merge each individual piece, but it really was easy.  Yay!  Keep reading to see how we did it.

Isn't this kit so fabulous?!  This is Memory Keeper from the DigiChick blog hop and it's so gorgeous!  If you're following us on Facebook, you'd know about this collection.  We link up our fans with freebies nearly every day.

 Luv U 2 Pieces Templates

This collection is also from a free blog hop,  the Digi Scrap Parade.  Once again, we did inform our fans of this huge hop of gorgeousness.  I hope ya got it all.

 Luv U 2 Pieces

Here are our newest templates in the shop for just 2,99.  They are going to look great with an autism collection as well.  I have two boys with Autism and I'll be doing a page or so for that as well.

Dana has made a gorgeous page using her kit, Serenity.  These colours are so fabulous and what a beauty!

 Luv U 2 Pieces

Jodi has scrapped up her little jelly bean.

 Luv U 2 Pieces

Magalie's pages are always magical!

I played with these puzzle pieces for a while and could not figure out a way to merge the pieces without losing the inner outline of each piece.  As you can see on the third template with the 5 frames.  However, it was pretty easy to get my photo in the large photo spot in the second template.  I'll show you how I did it in PSE.

I chose a nice, large photo that was fairly close up and without a lot of detail.  I have a feeling if you use a busy photo, it won't look as nice, but you can always try.

Make sure your photo will look good in a square shape.  Then crop your photo to a near perfect square and just keep sliding it into the right piece, piece by piece and clipping it in each time with the, "create clipping mask" option as seen below.

I went in order to be sure, starting at the top, left corner and working my way to the bottom right, but it probably doesn't matter as long as you don't adjust the photo.  Save it for last.

See my progress.  You may notice the picture isn't fitting in perfectly, but no worries...

Once you have ALL of the pieces in place and you have NOT moved your photo at all...

Click or high light all of the photo only layers (Look at the image below) and then slide it right into place.  I used my arrow keys just to be sure and it came out perfect!  Yay!  I thought it was going to be so much more difficult.

Here's my new Bonkers for Banners digital templates with a few examples of what you can do with them.  I've got another step by step tut her, too.  Yes, I have a thing for alliteration.  Hehehe...

 Bonkers For Banner Templates

Here is how I built my banners with the new templates, Bonkers For Banners.

I opened my template in PSE and this is what it looks like.  You can't get the individual layers in PSE if you try to slide it on to another page.

My paper was tiny in this huge template.  You can do a few things to work with these templates.  One is to go to  "Image", then "resize" and then "canvas size" and change it to whatever page size you like.  Usually 12 x12 inches.  Then you can do your entire page on this new canvas you've created.

Another choice is to command and the - to minimise your image and then you can enlarge the paper.  Check to make sure you like the result before you do all of the flags.

This way is the last way to do it.  I just slid the paper I inserted over the banner I wanted to clip.  You can see in the image above where there was an overlap, but once you slide it, it disappears.  Yay!

Bottom row is all finished.  Now, for the top layer of flags.

Use the same method of sliding them into place.

And voila!  Of course, you can always merge your layers if you want the same paper in each flag.  Just remove the shadow and add it again when you're finished.

I dragged my finished template into my page and embellished it there.

What a nifty cluster!

Here's another example for you using the method above.

I slid in my background papers and even adjusted each one so that they were all a little different and so the design showed up nicely in each flag.

If you want to use just one paper, you can always, delete the shadow effects, merge the layers you want the same, say the entire bottom layer or the top and clip in, adding back your shadows once you have finished.

Here's an idea of a different way to use banners.

Make your banner the feature!  I simply designed a huge cluster using my banner.  I placed a few elements in the background, added a frame and then duplicated my background and moved it to the layers I needed which was right behind the frame and resized it to fit in the frame.  This way I can easily crop in my photo.

All we need are perhaps a few more layers and a great picture.

Aimee Harrison Designs FREEBIE
Aimee Harrison's June Facebook Freebie

Ah!  Perfect!  This is Aimee Harrison's Facebook freebie for this month, by the way.

Here are some more of our templates.

Men In Mind Templates

Free Template
Last month's free template is still available for you!

 free template
Here's another great, free template from The Cherry.

 free template
Here's another recent free template found on the blog.

 free template
Definitely a crowd pleasing, free template that you can still download.

 free template
My gal Dana from Made By Keuntje has the free template.

This is a peek at tomorrow's, free hybrid printable.

How's that for some fabulous freebies?!  I'll have a new, free template available on July 1st for the Love For Layout Templates Blog Hop. I know you are going to love it.  Make sure you're following us on all of our social sites so ya don't miss it!

Thanks so much for giving The Cherry a little piece of your day.

Happy scrapping!