Friday, January 20, 2017

Amazing Scrapbooking Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry on Top's Freebie Friday.

As usual, we've got a blog packed full of fantastic free scrapbooking goodies.  Free templates, free Commercial Use, inspiration and well...keep reading and see!

The layout above is made with Aimee Harrison Design's newest Facebook Freebie.  Isn't it so bright and cheerful?  Just what I need on these cold, rainy, grey days.  Click on the preview to get to her page and grab this lovely freebie.

 Aimee Harrison FB Freebie

Speaking of Aimee Harrison, she has a gorgeous new collection out, Heroic.  the colours have such an impact, don't you think?  Here's what I scrapped up.  It's a photo of me and my hubby taken by my, at the time, 8 year old child.  Not bad, eh?


This is a peek at her collection.  It's on a super promotion at The Studio.  Click on the preview or my layout to get there.  Aimee's collections make scrapbooking fast, easy and beautiful.  I used a fabulous, new template from Lissy Kay!


Do you get freebies from MyMemories?  They give out weekly freebies and much more.  You don't have long to grab this one, but there are always others when this one comes down.

 limited time freebie

My gal Dana from Made by Keuntje has some free Commercial Use on her blog and if you scroll through, you'll find a lot more.  Click on the preview, below to get there.

 free cu

This image is linked up to Palvinka's blog where you can sign up for her newsletter and get lovely freebies like this one.

 newsletter freebie

Here are my newest templates.  Since the sun one is a touch simple, I'm just giving it along with the moon template.  That's right!  You get two templates for just .99 cents.  Check out what the ladies have been doing with them.

 Moon and Stars templates

Magalie shows off that you can use papers and or photos in the moon.

 Moon and Stars templates

Throwing Some Scraps Around did a bang up job using her kit, Look At Him.  To see more from her store, click here.

 moon and stars templates

Of Wishes, Hopes and Dreams collaboration from the Lilypad is what Dana used for this lovely layout.

 moon and stars template

Look how creative Magalie got with this template!  Templates can be great to get you started and you don't have to follow everything.  Put your own stamp on your layouts.  Fannette's instantly Captured Moments kit is pretty stunning.

Sun and Stars Template

Check out some of our other freebies on this blog.  The images are all linked up for you.

 free template

 Free frame cluster

If ya just love the free stuff then you have to follow us here, on Pinterest and on Facebook.  We share free stuff nearly every single day!

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Traditional Scrapbooking Challenge

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Traditional Tuesday.

Today's post presents a scrapbooking challenge for you.  I know there are a lot of scrappy sisters out there who are on the fence in deciding whether to give digital scrapbooking a try and I'd love to encourage that.

There are a lot of positives when it comes to digital scrapbooking.  I certainly am not trying to talk you out of traditional scrapbooking.  I love it, too.  Hybrid scrapbooking is a fun way to make a slow transition and The Cherry will even help you to do it free and with guidance.

Read further to learn about our challenge, grab a free hybrid template, see some inspiration, our finished, traditional lift and take a look at some new goodies in the shop.

I recently started selling digital scrapbooking templates.  Most of the templates can be used as quick pages as well.  Of course, you can always "lift" the idea and make it your own.  Above is one of my recent templates and I thought I'd show off to traditional scrappers that you can just as easily lift a digital layout as you can a traditional one.  First of all, I lifted this template from a traditional scrap.  Hehehe...

I started with these hearts that I cut out of "Posh" paper from Simple Stories.  I've got several other pages using this collection. Click here to see more.  As you can see, I bent the heart, softly in half to bring them off of the page.   I used a tiny glue dot, right in the middle of the heart to adhere it to my page.

Then I had to decide what paper I wanted to back the array on.  I thought I'd share the process, here.  I loved the printed, words paper.  It really resembled my digital page, but I felt it was just too busy.  With the black and white background, it felt like the hearts didn't pop enough. So, I went with the beige.

I used a thick double sided tape for the medium, pink hearts and an even thicker foam tape for the tiny, green hearts.  Notice the dimension it lends to my heart cloud?

Add a few, dots, bling, beads, put in your mix.  You could spray, splatter or stamp before you get started, too.  I kind of wish I would have done that!  Especially, on this plain paper.

I couldn't get my printer to connect so I had to fudge my whole thing!  Hehehe...However, I have provided you with a template to use on my previous blog.  I'll put it here as well.  You can use the template as is or cut out each shape and trace it on to the paper of your choice.

Here are my templates.  All three are just 1,79!

 Heartful Templates from The Cherry On Top

I also just put these wordies in the shop.  Print them out or use them digitally.  Print on sticker paper or whatever paper you choose.  Sticker paper and paper with a slight gloss, gives the best results.  Don't forget to check your printer settings that they are on "best" quality, too.

Ya get all four sheets in png format for just .99 and the beauty is, you can print them out as much as you need.  Ya gotta love that.

 Everyday Wordies from The Cherry On Top

If you do take our challenge and use our template, I'd love to see what you do.  Head over to our Cherry group.  We'd love to see ya there!

Thanks of checking out The Cherry!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hybrid Saturday's Bringing You Closer To Digital Scrapbooking

Welcome to The Cherry's, Hybrid Saturday.

I've got a really fun scrapbooking challenge for you, today.  As you may know, I dabble both with traditional scrapbooking as well as digital scrapbooking.  Recently, I designed these digital templates for in my shop, Kreative Design Studio.  I thought it would be fun to turn the rainbow of hearts into a traditional scrap.

I've provided a free template for you so we can scrap this layout together, traditionally!  I've provided a template with the basic shapes you see on the template as well as how many times you need them.  Keep reading to see how it all comes together, grab the free template, check out some other items in our shop, get an eye full of inspiration and get scrapping!

 Heartful templates from The  Cherry On Top

Here's a few layouts the ladies on my team have made, using the template.  You can see how this can totally be lifted for your traditional scrap.  Besides, I got the idea from a traditional scrap!  Hehehe...

 Heartful Templates From The Cherry On Top
From Dana
 Heartful Templates from The Cherry On Top
From Magalie

Here is the template you can use to help you scrap this layout.  Use our preview and layouts as a guide to help you along.  Simply right click on the image and add it to your downloads.  The size is perfect to fit.  I did make each heart a touch smaller in my digital layout.  You can decide how you want to deal with that.  Either use these as they are or use them as a template to trace around the paper of your choice.
You can always just mat your photo instead of using a frame.

Digital scrapbooking is a completely different experience and I am in no way trying to talk you OUT of traditional scrapbooking, but I am trying to talk you into digital.  I do both and so can you.  I've got blogs dedicated to starting and getting started for FREE.  I'm talking software, goodies, everything.  If you can get started for free, why not try it?

Digital scrapbooking is a lot cheaper.  You can use the same papers and elements over and over.  If you are having problems with your hands or the physical side of traditional scrapbooking is becoming difficult, digital might just be perfect.  Digital scrapbooking doesn't take up any space.  It's all in your computer and maybe your EHD.  There is ZERO MESS and it certainly is a LOT faster than traditional scrapbooking.  There is no glue or adhesive to buy and I suppose in some ways it may even be environmentally, more friendly.  If you're not super with aesthetic, then you can even use digital templates like the ones I design to make your pages perfectly fantastic.  There are just so many reasons to consider it.

I couldn't get my printer to connect!  Ugh!  So, I just used some heart punches, drew the clouds and the the colourful hearts were on a paper and I cut them out.  I'll have a full tutorial for this on my Traditional Tuesday blog.  Not bad, though.  I'd love to see what you design with the template!  Show it and all of your scrappy endeavours in my Cherry group.  We have so much fun over there and we'd love to have you join us.

 Free Princess Bunting From The Cherry On Top

If you are all about hybrids or FREE hybrids, then check back at previous blogs for freebies, hybrids and so much more.  This Princess bunting is free and coordinates with other Princess goodies in our shop.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Friday With Scrapbooking Inspiration and Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

I'm warning you!  This is one blog packed full of gorgeous scrapbooking inspiration and some pretty sweet freebies, too.  Get scrappy this weekend!  You deserve it!

I'm high lighting my gal, Aimee Harrison and Heart Strings Scrap Art.  Bryony is one amazingly talented template designer.  I bet you'll fall in love with her templates and of course, you're already a fan of Aimee's.

Check out some of our most recent freebies, a wide array of digital scrapbooking pages that will certainly inspire you, Aimee and Bryony's new goodies at the Studio and The Cherry's newest templates in the Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio.

I'm going to hold you hostage!  Hehehe...  You're going to have to scroll through all of this loveliness for the link to the freebie, above.  You'll find it at the bottom of the blog.

This is my own layout with Winter Wonderland from Aimee Harrison Designs and using Heartstrings Scrap Art templates with the same name.  That's a shot from my place in Germany, over looking the snowy vineyards and mountains.  I love that wooden house, too!

 Winter Wonderland from Aimee Harrison Designs

Just look at all of these beautiful elements in Aimee's kit.  With the help of Bryony's templates, you too can design a gorgeous layout with the greatest of ease.  How about JJ standing for the camera WITH his patch on?!  I think the snow might have seriously affected his brain.  Hehehe...

 Winter Wonderland Templates from Heartstrings Scrap Art

There is a peek at the beautiful templates.  Hit up that preview to see the shop.  You will be awed!

These are my Entitled templates and below you'll see some layouts from some very talented ladies.

I just love what Hilary did with this!  She used Clever Monkey's kit, Snapshots.  What a perfect combination!   The above templates are sold separately at just .99 cents a piece.  Due to Etsy's tiny download capacities, I can't always keep the templates together.

Scrappy Sister Theresa, always scraps up her little cutie so nicely.

Magalie does wonders with my templates, don't you think?  How fun is this?!

 Puurfect Templates

 Perhaps one of my favourite sets of templates!  It might be because I just love kitties.  They are not just for kitties, though.  Follow that outline and place a dog element where the kitties are and you're set.  Ditch the animals and use it as you like.  Ya gotta love the flexibility of templates.

 PuurFect Templates

Anita is definitely one of my top scrappy sisters.  Her work is just beautiful.  I was so impressed with all of the elements from the template she used.

 PUURfect Templates

Jenna has such super talent, too!  Look at her gorgeous fur baby and her gorgeous page!

 Heartful Templates

These are my newest templates and I haven't stopped "Eeking!"  Hehehe...Just look what some of the ladies have done with these.  Above you'll see Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around's layout. The kit hasn't released yet. Looks to me like she used all of my elements in the template and just clipped in some papers.  This is just amazing!

 Heartful Templates

Did your jaw just drop at Magalie's layout?  Mine sure did when she sent this image through.  The colours!  The photo!  What fun and what passion!  Bellisae, xoxo provided the kit for this layout.

 Heartful Templates

 Dana scrapped up this delightful page with a kit from Akizo.  Pretty awesome!

I promised you freebies and if you know The Cherry, you know that I'm good for them!  Hehehe...Above, you'll see my latest, exclusive freebie in my wonderful group.  Join us over there!  We have so much fun talking scrap.  hehehe...

 free template and much more

Anita designed this whimsical, scrap-a-licious page using a free template of ours.  Click on the preview to get to the blog with the download link.  It's a part of a BLOG TRAIN full of FREE TEMPLATES.  Talk about awesome sauce?!

OK, you have been wonderfully patient.  I hope you have been inspired and that you enjoy today's freebie which you download, HERE!!! Hehehehe...

Happy scrapping!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Free Digital Template Train For January

Welcome to The Cherry On Top and our first ever, A Love For Layout Template Blog and FB Train.  Hehehe...We will definitely have to come up with an acronym for that one! ALFLTBAFT?!  Hehehe...

I'm so stoked that you're here, visiting The Cherry.  I love templates and design them all of the time.  I've been at it for nearly two years now.  My, how time flies.  In the beginning, I was just giving them away because I had no idea what I was doing.  I have learned a couple of tricks now and teamed up with Paty Greif Digital Designer and we opened a shop, Kreative Design Studio where I sell my templates.  I do still have several FREE TEMPLATES throughout this blog.  I have taken the links down for some as well.  If you are totally bummed that you missed all of these fabulous freebies, then by all means, follow us here, on Pinterest and Facebook so you don't miss any more.  I've got a super nifty group on Facebook where I give you first peeks, have give aways and other special freebies I don't offer anywhere else.

Keep reading to get the link for this free template, check out inspiration and see some new goodies in our shop.  I've also got the new hybrid freebie at the bottom.

This is my template for you.  I'm sure you have the perfect picture for it.  Layer up some gorgeous papers in these banners and back them up with several of your favourite papers to add extra depth and dimension to your page.

This is what I've done with the template.  I used Paty Greif Digital Designer's gorgeous Be Jolly collection.  I'm a sucker for traditional Christmas colours and goodies and my little guy looks so darn cute.

Rae has totally done up the template with a kit from Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Country Charm.

Check out all of these beautiful templates from the ladies on our train.  I'm a bit besides myself with all of these free templates.

Allow me to show off  my templates that are in the shop.  Above, You Rock!!! for your photos of gnarly boys, cool dudes and dudettes and pictures with pow!  Just 1.79 for THREE templates!

Revel In Ribbons templates have been pretty successful so far.  I LOVE them!  It's so hard to pick a favourite, but I think I'm going for the one I show off in the preview at Christmas.  Get a glimpse at some awesome inspiration from my lovely ladies.

 Revel In Ribbons Template

Magalie used a kit from Regina Falango and made something so special.  How beautiful?!

And my gal Rae works absolute magic in her designs.  Just look at this gorgeousness!

 Simply Circle Templates

Simply Circles templates are great for your multiple photo layouts or for showing off beautiful papers and they are just 1.79 for THREE!

Ella also does fantastic work.  Making magic with Cherry templates, indeed!

 Puurfect Templates

Here are the newest templates in the shop! They are also just 1.79!  There are psd, png, tif and page formats.

If you are all about the FREE TEMPLATES, hit up this blog and many more.  (There are a couple of downloads linked up to my server which has been down for a bit.  Of course, while I'm on vacation and can do nothing about it.  They will be back up soon.)

 free template

This is a fun template for you and it's free for a limited time.

I used LouCee Creations, Winter's Lace for this.  Check out her blog for fun coordinating freebies.

Throwing Some Scraps Around will be sponsoring my monthly hybrid calendar freebies for 2017.  Jodi's kits are phenomenal.  I feel like some of my very best scrapbooking comes from her gorgeous kits.  She's got an amazing membership deal going on.  A full year of digital scrabooking kits AND templates for just $25!  You should totally go over to her blog, check out her super designs and great templates then bank on this fabulous deal.  (You could type in "Throwing Some Scraps Around" in the search field at the top of this blog and see just how much I use Jodi's goodies and what I do with them.)

Right click and download this pretty calendar.  Print it out or use it for your desk top if you like.

You have been such an awesome part of our day.  I hope we made your day more awesome, too! 

If you get lost or I messed up with the links, jump back to Jodi's blog.  She'll have a list there, too.

HERE is your link for the free template in psd, png and tif files.  HERE is the link for PAGE format.  Yip!  We've got Page format now, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.