Free Highlands Printable Book Marker From Aimee Harrison and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I just love Hybrid Saturday.  It's something so different than the norm.  Combining digital and traditional scrap is something that appeals a lot to me.  To me, it's just smart combining the digital aspects of scrapbooking with the traditional ones.  Different projects call for different kinds of methods, right and with all of these fantastic different kinds of cutting machines like Cricut, downloading digital files, printing them and cutting them, leaves you with a lot of options and the ability to use that awesome flower over and over again.  Stay tuned for our downloadable, cuttable designs for pages and cards and check out the ones we've got in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.

Here's an example of one.  Our Florida Page Starter Kit.  You can find a free coordinating goodie that go with it, here.

 Florida Page Starter Kit, print, cut and scrap

Get good at all three styles!  Digital, traditional and hybrid by following along at The Cherry. We'll show ya how and share a lot of free stuff so you can try it, too.

I designed this book marker to go with Aimee Harrison Designs new release, The Highlands.  You can pick it up over on her blog.  Now keep in mind, I get up a lot earlier than Aimee.  If it isn't ready on her blog, it will be later.  Hehehe...

 Free Printable book Marker Highlands

These were the pages I've done coordinating with the Digital Scrapbooking Studio's Store collaboration.

 Aimee Harrison Designs and Lissy Kay Template

This one is from Butterfly Dsign.  Her goodies were beyond fabulous!  Hop over to the Studio and check them out.  The prices are CHERRY!

 Butterfly Dsign
 Butterfly Dsign and a free template from Kmess

This is from Kim Cameron's portion and my Circlicious templates.

If you are all about awesome deals, like we are then you have to jump over to Create For Less and check out there goodies.  They are having Craftoberfest, a hand made Halloween costume contest and a Halloween Spooktacular there.

 Create For Less

I chose these goodies from the sales event.  They wold make excellent additions to your scrapbooking and paper craft stash.

This two tray organiser is just over $15. The other organiser is just over $7.  That's peanuts!  They've got this Sissix Starter pack for just over $45 and I love the pearlised card stock and finger guards.  I don't know about you, but I always burn my fingers with the glue gun.  Hehehe...True story!


We blogged yesterday and included some links to free stuff you may have missed and you can read about a game with a prize we're playing in our group on Facebook.

I'll be back next week with a really great tutorial you won't want to miss.  We're mixing a digital background with traditional elements.  How cool is that?!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry and happy scrapping!

New Templates, Halloween Inspiration and More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got new templates in the shop, pages and pages of inspiration and of course, some links to some freebies.  There are all kinds of new collections in and around DigiLand as well as contests at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio that might interest you.  I've also got a new video uploaded.  Keep reading to find out more.

Get your mojo in high gear after checking out the blog and get scrapping!

 Hallo-What templates

Our newest set of 4 templates are pretty awesome when it comes to versatility.  If you're really not into the ghoulish festivities, ditch the themed ellies and put in your very own.  We've got several pages here without the Halloween theme and they look smashing.

 Hallo What Templates
Hallo-What Templates and Happy Halloween from Paty Greif

Isn't that page so much fun?!  Paty is just great at whimsical design.  The borders along the side are bringing those layers to your attention, adding volume and depth to the page.

 Hallo-What Templates
Hallo-What Templates and Marie H Superstitious

Above is Marie's page using her revamped kit, Superstitious.  How unique?   My mom is so superstitious.   I never even heard of half the stuff she talks about and despite all of the rolling of the cabbage, she still hasn't been swimming in it.  Hehehe...

 Hallo-What Templates
Hallo-What Templates and Paty Greif's Happy Halloween

Anita's page is fabulous as usual.  What darling little ones in such an out of the box pose.  Great thinking, Girl!

  Hallo-What Templates
Hallo-What Templates and Ghoulies from Just So Scrappy

Hallo-What Templates and Ghoulies from Just So Scrappy

We've got some new ladies on the Creative Team!  Above, are Rachelle's pages.  She's done such a super job what fantastic photos of the fam.  Ya gotta love double pagers!

 Hallo-What Templates

 Lisa was casting spells on her pages, too.  Above and below are her designs with the new templates.

 Hallo-What Templates

Marina's page is so much fun.  Check out the grizzly look on the boy's face!  Ha!  Then the hammy, cheeky little girl.  Hehehe...Just love fun photos like these.  What better reason to scrap?

 Hallo-What Templates
Hallo-What Templates and Amber Shaw's Halloween Party

What a splendid fall background in this page.  Shelly really kept to the template.  Keeping it nice and simple and using everything as is.  That kind of scrapping makes your pages go along much faster and you still get great results.

 Hallo-What Templates

Hallo-What Templates, World Art World By Jennifer, Hallo Halloween

On to other new goods around DigiLand.  Like this amazing collection from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  I got to work with several different designers kits.  The first one is from my gal Aimee Harrison.  I paired it up with Lissy Kay Designs new templates, The One.  Loving all of these luscious layers.

The One from Lissy Kay Designs and The Highlands from Aimee Harrison Designs

This here page is from Butterfly Design.  She had so many splendid goodies in her part.  I could hardly decide which ones to use.  Hehehe...

 ButterFly Design
Highlands from ButterFly Design and a free template from Kmess.

This page is SO special to me.  That's me with my sister-in-law and my bro with my hubs.  I haven't seem them in 15 years!  They finally took a visit to Europe from Florida.  Good thing it was nice and hot when they got here, though not Florida hot.

Kim Cameron's Highland Romance is this fab kit I used along with my Circlicious Templates.

Even more new goodies are waiting for you!

Just look at all of this water colour gorgeousness! That's me and the hubs all dolled up with babysitter waiting for us to leave.  First time in 12 years, folks.  We had a great time at a friend's wedding.

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has out done herself, yet again.

 Celebrate Our Love

How about some more newer and new designs from your favourite digi shops?

 J2 Reach

How is that for something completely different?  Art journal style definitely isn't a regular part of my repertoire, but ya have to give it a go now and then, right?  The Urban Fairy certainly is an awesome designer for this style, too.

MagsGraphics also has a new collection out, Wicked Adventures.  Can you guess the theme by the name and my page?  Hmmm...It actually is a Somewhere Over the Rainbow theme, but I really wanted to scrap this beautiful pic and needed a kit with a lot of green and yellow.  Perfect!  I paired it up with Dagi's Temptation's, Scrap-Tastic templates.

 Wicked Adventure

Let's stick with different for the next two pages.  The Digital Scrapbooking Studio is having all kinds of contests this month as well as their challenges where you can find great freebies and play along.  The Next Designer and Layout Artist contest are live in the forum and I'm playing along.  Speaking of playing along, there is a place to do just that.  You'll get the same challenges we do only you're not a part of the competition.  How fun is that?

Of course there is a perk to doing the contest, like free kits and prizes.  This is my first challenge in the traditional competition.

 Fall Fresh

I've also decided to do the Artistic Style category.  I need a push to do this style and this is a great way to do just that.  How about a fabulous mini from The Urban Fairy, Blue Skies?  Isn't it a great back drop for these lovely photos of my friend's beautiful girls?

 Blue Skies

Have you played with our free template from Friday yet?  If so, pop over to the group and find the status with the preview of the free template from the Love For Layout train and add your page in the comment.  The page with the most likes will receive an item of their choice from my shop at Kreative Design Studio.  We'll see how many entires there are by Monday.

 Free Template from The Cherry On Top

I got this free template playing along with Kim Cameron's annual Zombie Run.  Join us over in her group if you haven't yet.  I've still got a free template there and you can get the next challenge pack.

 Free Template from Kim Cameron

This will be the freebie on tomorrow's, Hybrid Saturday blog.  Download, print, cut, consider laminating and mark your favourite book.  I'm actually in the middle of the second book of Highlander.  This marker will be perfect!  Gift idea?  Tag? Border for a pretty page?  So many things you  can do with it, right?!

FREE book marker printable on TOMORROW's blog.

I've been uploading videos to my You Tube channel.  I just put one up Wednesday where I scrap the free template I designed for Kim's group.  Check it out along with a few others.  Process videos and quick tips in PSE along witha  few older videos for paper craft.  I'll be adding traditional scrap videos eventually, too.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry, today!  We'll see ya tomorrow.

Happy scrapping!

Another Digital Scrap to Traditional Scrap with Lissy Kay

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're back with another challenge, nifty trick and step by step tutorial on turning a digital template into a traditional or hybrid page.  It's done in just a few short, easy steps.  Keep reading to find out how.

Have you ever seen an awesome digital page and wondered if you could pull it off traditionally?  At The Cherry, we LOVE that challenge and sometimes it IS a challenge and other times it's really quite easy.  Maybe easier than ya think.

If you've got a cutting machine or like fussy cutting, hybrid scrapbooking might be just for you!  You print out exactly what you want.  That awesome paper can be printed out again and again and that fabulous flower that ya just can't wait to use, is yours, as many times as you like, in just the size you need, too. Doesn't that sound just dreamy?!

Hybrid scrapbooking is scrapping smart.  It's about taking all of your favourite elements of scrapbooking and combining them to make the ultimate pages and projects.  Learn all three of these scrapbooking techniques and blend them all together to design total awesomeness.  Save time and money as well!

Here's a digital page I was asked to break down and show how to pull this off traditionally.  When you look at it step by step, it's really not that difficult.  Of course, it is easiest digitally, but if you're not into that and love the glue and glitter then see how it's done, right here.  

We're doing this in phases to keep the blog short-ish.  We'll be back with the next installation, next week.

Here is my finished, digital page using Lissy Kay Templates.  A digital template, as you can see by my screen shot, is a layered file. For a digital layout, you go piece by piece and either clip in papers and or replace the elements or embellishments with those from a kit.  You can just use all papers and insert some kicking effects to bring more dimension and interest to a page, too.  That way , you don't even need a kit.  You could as fas as creating anew document, add colours and make your own papers that way to use on the template.

Here we go with the tutorial:

Check out how I selected all of the layers in my template/page and de-selected the frame.  Then I just hit the delete button to get rid of everything except the frame.

Boom!  Now, I've got this really great framed outline.  

Make sure you clear the layer style if the piece you want to use has a shadow.

You could take this one step further and clip in a paper of your choosing by using command G or choosing clipping mask with the right mouse click. This is how I do it in PhotoShop Elements and with my Mac.

Now, size your image to how you desire and SAVE.  If you've got a nifty cutting machine, consider what format you need for it.  PNG format works in many programs and it's an option in PSE as well.

Something else you may want to consider is inserting background papers and or photos before printing and scrap all around that.  This way there is NO FUSSY CUTTING.  Layer and embellish traditionally, until your heart is content! How easy is that?!

Print out your outline and get scrapping!

I'll leave ya with a couple of templates from Lissy's shop in case you're interested in trying this out for yourself.  Digital templates usually costs less than a fancy coffee at the corner shop.  So, you may want to give them a try. The ones I chose here, are similar to the one above.

Think of how gorgeous your pages can be!

 LKD templates

 LKD Templates

 LKD Templates

If ya don't get anything out of using templates like this, consider using them as sketches?  Save them to your idea board on Pinterest when ya need the mojo for your pages.

We'll be back with more step by steps for our page.

Happy scrapping!

Free Gaming Poster from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry on Top!

I'm just dying laughing right now.  I put this blog all together, photo wise, but managed to forget EVERYTHING else!  OMG!  What an absolute spaz.  My head is spinning with all of this DSD stuff.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Hehehe...

Anyway...yesterday's blog was totally amazing!  So many freebies and my inbox from yesterday was bursting with even more freebies from around DigiLand.  Hops from GingerScraps are now live and well as from Plain Digital Wallpaper.  I still need to do those!

Make sure ya go back to yesterdays blog and see everything you missed.  There's another FREE round of templates.  Yay!

I've got two young boys and they are game obsessed.  Everything goes around games.  It's a bit disturbing, but like most things, I'm sure it's just a phase.  I thought it'd be fun to design a few posters for my son's room.  We are making plans to turn it into the ultimate gaming room, on a budget, of course.  Hehehe...I'll make sure to take photos of our progress when we start.

 free printable poster

This is our free template from yesterday.  Ditch all of the Halloween elements if that's not your thing and you can use this extremely versatile template for any page you have in mind.

 free template

Here are a few more examples from the hop.  This is Jodi's from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  I LOVE it!  Don't you?

 TSSA blog

Dana from Made by Keuntje also had an awesome template.  I'll be using this more than once, guaranteed.

 free template from MBK

Don't forget about our amazing sale at Kreative Design Studio.  EVERYTHING is 50% off and you've only got two more days.  It's the last sale of the year.  Treat yourself!

 Kreative Design Studio

Excuse my spaz-olla moments, please.  Hehehe...Enjoy all of this Digital Scrapbooking Weekend hoopla and happy scrapping.

Digital Scrapbooking Day Celebrating With Free Templates and Much More

Howdy, Hoppers!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's stop in A Love For Layout Templates Digital Scrapbooking Day's Special Edition.  Why don'cha just sit right back, get comfortable, take a deep breath...That's right!  Inhale...1,2,3 and exhale...1,2,3 scroll through our delightful, fun filled, freebie frenzy blog.

In typical, Freebie Friday fashion our blogs are a touch lengthy, but well, well worth it!  You're not supposed to just fly through and grab that free link, like some sleazy one night stand. Hehehe...Enjoy all of our layout love.  Get a look at our designs and get familiar with what we do here, at The Cherry.

Besides, I've got this blog sprinkled with FREEBIES!  So you have to take your time to find them all.  I've got NINE in total.  That's right!  NINE FREEBIES!  Including more free templates you may have missed if you're not one of our loyal followers.

Below, is your template.  You can get the link further in the blog and pick up the other free templates, mini's clusters...Relax and enjoy.  You deserve it!

Hilary did a splendid job on her page with our free template.  What will you do with it?

By the way...Our shop is on sale at 50% off until this Sunday!

Here are just a few things you can find in the shop.  There's a lot more!  Now, don't scroll too fast or you'll miss out on all of the lovely details.
 Circlicious Templates
 Luv Your Selfie Templates
 Dog Daze Cute Cards Dog Daze Papers and Ellies sold separately

 More Project Simple Templates 
 The Basics Templates Luv U 2 Pieces Templates

 Trolla Bolla Papers and Ellies sold separately

 papers and ellies sold separately

Which one was your favourite?  I really love the Luv U 2 Pieces templates and are our Trolla Bolla Collection.  They'll make a great combination and with most goodies being under  $2, you can't go wrong.  Papers are sold separately from the embellishments.

Here are some more new collections and freebies around DigiLand.

MagsGraphic Designs, Haunted Collection

 freebie on the blog

 Tot freebie in Maggie's group

 Freebie in MagsGraphics Fan Club

This is the page I designed with Maggie's collection and a really fabulous template from Made By Keuntje.

Haunted from MagsGraphics and Howl-O-Ween template from Made By Keuntje

This is a peek at a future template from The Cherry and LouCee's gorgeous Collection, Moroccan Nights.  If the browns and golds have you missing summer already, this kit is just perfect.  Rainbow bright and cheery with a touch of exotic spice.

 Moroccan Nights
a future Cherry template and Moroccan Nights from LouCee Creations

 Moroccan Nights
                                                  Moroccan Nights from LouCee Creations 

I just love Heartstrings Scrap Art.  How about you?  She's got amazing templates and collections like this one, Adventure Is Out There.  I'm crazy about boy or masculine themed kits.  I paired it up with our Men In Mind templates.  Look!  No flowers!  If you find scrapping manly pages a bit challenging, check out our templates.

Men In Mind Templates and Adventure Is Out There

 Men In Mind Templates

 Adventure is Out There Adventure Is Out There

Here's another free template in the hop.  Did ya grab Dana's yet?  I really LOVE it!  Look what I did with it.

 Made By Keuntje

That's my page and me!  Hehehe..Hi!  Hehehe... I loved Dana's paper so much, I merged all of the hexies and cropped in this one gorgeous paper, then used a black paper for the background and photo matting.  Scrap yourself!  I know, I don't find it easy either.  Though, I have to admit, I really like seeing my scrappy sisters and not just their pets, kids and exotic vacations.  Hehehe...

 Made By Keuntje free template

Oooh...banners, pretty papers, a fabulous frame and eek!  That foxy fox!  

Check out Made By Keuntje's Commercial Use, fur and feather babies.  She's got tons more goodies in her shop and check out this exclusive coupon for Cherry fans.  Whoo hoo!  50% OFF!

 Made By Keuntje CU


New to The Cherry?  We've got all kinds of social spots to make it easy and fun to keep up with us.  This first FREE MINI scrapbooking kit can be found in our very social, Facebook group.  Share your crafty, family friendly projects with us.  We love ooohing and ahhing over them.  Got a question?  Surly one of us will have an answer!

 Cherry Group Freebie

This free mini is for newsletter subscribers.  I know, it's asking a lot to open that e-mail.  You are SO busy, right?  We totally make it worth your while.  Unlike the blogs, I give you the latest in a nutshell so you can quickly get on with your crafting and creating.  It's not like you have anything else to do?  Hehehe...I'll be sure to put the link in the next newsletter if you are not a subscriber yet and I only put out newsletters once a week.

newsletter freebie, sign up at the top of the blog or on or page

Just look what lovely pages you can make with the mini's.  Man!  Ya get'a glimpse at another future template.  Lucky you!

Are you into traditional scrap?  Well, we sure are!  Every Tuesday, I've got a blog dedicated to all things traditional scrap and craft.  Get out the glue and glitter, Baby!  I even put free stuff on that blog now and then.  Recently, I put these templates in the shop and was asked how to turn it into a traditional page.
 Hip2bSquare templates

Here it is!  I often challenge myself to turn a digi page into a traditional one.  Check out our Tuesday blog if your up to the challenge, too!  Step by step tutorials a plenty and always fast, easy and inexpensive scrapping.

 Free template

What?!  That's not enough freebies?!  Ok!  Ok!  Here are a few more recent-ish free templates.  Click on the images to get them.

 free template in Kim's group
 free template 

This is your freebie for tomorrow. We go hybrid on Saturday and have a freebie for it nearly every week as well.  My boys are big time gamers.  If your's are too, they might like this poster.  I used our gaming templates from the shop to design it.

 Tech Templates
You certainly deserved your new, free template!  Thanks so, so much for scrolling along with us.

I'd love to see ya at the shop for our BIG SALE and in our group as well.  Show us what you've been scrapping and crafting.

Happy hopping!
Here are the other stops in the hop:

 Next Stop


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