Friday, August 18, 2017

A Sneak Peek, Scrapbooking Inspiration and Freebies from Around DigiLand

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Get a look at our up coming release, Trolla Bolla, possibly win it, sign up for our newsletter for awesome freebies from the collection, see some new releases from your favourite designers and get ready for some serious downloads for your digital stash of freebies.

Where else can ya get all of that in one spot?  Why The Cherry, of course!  Enjoy my scrappy sisters.

 social media templates

Wouldn't it be awesome to WIN this huge collection?!  
Leave a comment here or in our group for your chance at winning The Trolla Bolla Collection.

We've been giving away free mini's that coordinate with The Trolla Bolla Collection.  This week was the second instalment and there are still 2 more to go.  Make sure you sign up so you don't miss out!

newsletter freebie #2  sign up right here, in the side bar

Let's take a look at some new goodies going into the shops today.

First, is my gal, Aimee Harrison.  Last week, she released a kitty inspired kit and this week it's time for the doggies.  We have both a cat and a dog as well as chickens.  Haven't seen a chicken themed kit yet.  Hehehe...

I used a free template from Laurie's Scraps that I downloaded from GingerScraps Challenge Forum.  Look for the link further down, under my page.

You may have noticed, that I use Aimee's word art ALL of the time.  She designs some of the best word art I've seen, around DigiLand.  Just look how cute!  I'm not the best journaler so her word art helps me tremendously.

 Wooftastic Word Art

 free template

Here's another free template you can get in Ginger Scraps forum.  See what I've done with it and join us in the forum with your own page.

 free template

This is MagsGraphics free template with her awesome kit, Space Race.  This kit is definitely at the top of my list of favourites.  Out of this world colours, fun elements and the journal cards are cute, too.  My oldest looking seriously silly.  Hehehe...It is what he does best!

 space race

Speaking of MagsGraphics, she's also got a new release coming out some time today, Outlander Love.

Just look at this wonderful colour palette.  Are you not swept back to the olden times of Scotland?  I'm busy with the Outlander collection, as you can see by my photo. I'm on the second book.  Though the main character is not my favourite, I just love the rest of them.  Leave a comment with your favourite book series if you like.  I'm always up for a good book!

How about this template?  Is it not totally fabulous?!  That's my super scrappy sister, Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  They have received quite a response in our scrappy circle and they will look great in your digital stash, too.

 Come Together Templates

 come together templates

Lissy Kay has been plugging away with new templates despite the health problems at home.  She's got some fabulous new templates in the shop.  Click on the image or the link below it to support your friend, Lissy.

 framed frames templates

Made By Keuntje and several other designers from Pixel Scrapper have a hop of free Commercial Use.  That's really awesome, don'cha think?  I love Marisa's contribution as well.  Hop over to the Pixel Scrapper and download the Commercial Use.

 free commercial use

I love Cutie Pie Scraps and not just for the freebies.  Her kits are so wonderfully colourful and fun.  Just what The Cherry relishes in.  Go over to her social spot and grab the latest freebie.

free quick page

My gal Andrea has a fun freebie on her blog using our stacked badges templates.  Check them out here.

 Built Up Badges Templates

My gal Grace...OH!  I like the sound of that.  Hehehe...She's another one of my favourite, super scrappy sisters.  Look at what she's designed for you.  Simply click on the image or the link below for the direct download of her uber cute cluster freebie.  Thanks, Grace!


Kathy is another mega scrapper in my circles and she's been designing lovely printables with Aimee Harrison Designs goodies.  Click on the preview below or the link there under and download the many sheets she has for you, over on Aimee's site.
 free printable

I'm assuming that you're here because you love freebies. right?  Of course!  Hehehe...How's this for some mega freebie fun?  Blue Heart Scraps has been offering coordinating freebies in her group on Facebook.  Zoom over and join us in the group for scrapbooking inspiration, chatter and freebies.

 freebies galore

Last, but not least are these free printables from the blog.

 free printable

 free printable

Jump back and download those printables.  If  school already started, you can at least use the last day of school one or cheat and photograph the kids with these for your scrapbook's sake.  Hehehe...

We don't start school here until September first.  I don't know about your kids, but mine are dreading it.  They are both starting at a new school, pretty far from home.  It's a special school dedicated to Autism.  We are so, so lucky to have gotten them both in the school.  We are over the moon and also uncertain of how it will change things. It's quite a commute there and back and my little guy is prone to car sickness.  It will definitely be interesting.

I'd say you've been updated and loaded with a lot of new scrapbooking freebies.

Next week, I'll have a free quick page for you, from The Trolla Bolla Collection.  You won't want to miss.

Thank you so, so much for joining us here at The Cherry.  I'd love to have you in our group, too.

Happy scrapping!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Newsletter Sign Up With Scrapbooking Freebies For The New Trolla Bolla Collection

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's finally on it's way!  A newsletter for Cherry fans can be sent right to your inbox.  What a super way to keep up with all that is happening at The Cherry.  You can bet that the newsletters will be full of scrapbooking inspiration, freebies and exclusives coupons for subscribers.  Expect new, fun abbreviated renditions of our blog then visit the blog for more layouts and even more news, new releases, tutorials and freebies.  This way you won't miss a beat!

Sign up right here on the blog in the side bar or on our Page on Facebook.  I've got a new collection, Trolla Bolla coming soon to the shop and I'll be giving away mini kits in the first few newsletters so you can get a sweet taste of one huge, seriously bright and joyful collection with templates, quick pages, clusters, borders, printables and more!  

Sign up for our newsletter, check out Aimee Harrison Designs new release, view more awesome templates from Lissy Kay Designs, admire our pages, new flexible templates in the shop and look at some of the freebies from around the web.
This is the first newsletter freebie.
Find this first, free installation in our newsletter.

 More Project Simple Templates

I've made more Project Simple Templates.  They are just so useful.  Show off multiple photos, papers or journal cards easily with these templates.

Clip in your photos, add a few clusters here and there and you've scrapped!

 More Project Simple Templates
 More Project Simple Templates and LouCee Creations, On The Beach 

 More Project Simple Templates

This is the above template without the frame in the centre.  Go big, go small, ditch the outer frame, plug in photos or papers....There are so many options!

Dana from Made By Keuntje scrapped up this lovely summery page of her kids at play.

 More Project Simple Templates
More Project Simple Templates and A gingerbread Ladies Collab.

I used this template to design a Christmas invitation in the most funnest of ways.

 More Project Simple Templates

I showed off this page already using our new templates and Kim Cameron's Belly Flops kit.  I've been scrapping this kit like crazy.  It is so bright and fun!

 More Project Simple Templates

Ya just know I've got another page from Aimee Harrison Designs.  I showed this one off already and I've got a new one for you further down.

On this page I used both photos and papers in the my squares.  Select all of the layers except the background and shrink up the squares and slide them on the page where it fits your desires.

 More Project Simple Templates

Here's the templates we released last week.

 Up In The Air Templates

My super scrappy sister Magalie scrapped up this gorgeous page with Up In The Air Templates.

 Up In The Air Templates
Up In The Air Templates and ScrapAngie's Floral Freshness

Here's my new page with Aimee Harrison Designs new kit, Puurfection.  Kitty's and purple?!  You know I'm all over that one.  She's got some more really, really great word art in this collection, too.  I used one of them on my page.

Pay close attention to the forum in Go Digital Scrapbooking's site.  The Creative Team has been working like crazy to promote our dear Lissy's templates.  She's been having health issues that are interfering with her design time and we don't want her awesome fans to lose interest.  We've been showing off some of Lissy's super, older templates with fresh injections of new kits and collections from around DigiLand AND we've got challenges and prizes to win in the forum as well.

I've designed several FREE QUICKPAGES using my PuurFect Collection and Lissy's templates.  Join us in the forum and win!  Keep scrolling to see the quick pages I designed and that YOU could win.

Tinci Designs free template and Puurfection from Aimee Harrison

 Tinci's Fan Group, Freebie

There are going to be many Lissy Kay templates floating your way and some in the form of freebies.  We're bringing back some older freebies you may have missed as well, like this one below.  I scrapped it with LouCee Creations new collection, On The Beach.

 On The Beach
 free Lissy Kay template and LouCee Creations, On The Beach

Yet another free template to look out for.  It's also an older one, but it is splendid!  I used it to scrapbook the Digi Scrap Parade's newest collection.  Just beautiful!

 free Lissy Kay template and August's DigiScrap Parade's collection

I received a few freebies from Kim Cameron through the Pool Party event at Daisies and Dimples and joined in the challenge there.  This was my page following their directions and using some of the free goodies along with the Belly Flops collection.

I announced it in my fan group so make sure you are following us there.  It's a super scrappy spot to show off and admire scrapbooking pages both digital and traditional, chat scrap, ask questions, find exclusive freebies from us and others around the web and join in on challenges, too.

 Belly Flops

Here's a page with a free template from Lissy Kay and a free mini from Magical Scraps Galore Fan Club.

 free mini kit

Here are some other freebies from around DigiLand

 MBK free template

Here's a fun free template found in the challenge spot at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

 free template

Newsletters are a super source for inspiration and freebies.

 Mommyish newsletter Sign up
 a free template from Mommyish's newsletter

Thanks so much for hanging with then Cherries.  I do hope you sign up for our newsletter and follow us in our favourite scrap spots.  You can find them in the side bar.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

First and Last Day Of School Printable from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've still got a few weeks of summer before school starts, here in Belgium.  I know many kids in the States have already boarded the buses and are hitting the books.  I've seen so many posters in the first day photos, I thought I'd design a free one for readers to pimp up those pics.

Just right click and download these posters and use them for your kiddos.

Typically, we have hybrid printables like these every Saturday, but in the summer we turn things down a bit and mix it up a little.  hehehehe...We will be back to our regularly scheduled program when school starts here, in September.

My boys are starting at a new school, this year.  I'm definitely way more excited than they are.

Thank you for stopping by our creative place.  I hope you enjoy these printables.

Here are a few more related blog entries and products from our shop that might interest you:

 Dog Daze stationary
 In the shop, Dog Daze Stationary

 Printable Unicorn Planner Inserts

 free planner printables

 free baby bingo printable
    Free Baby Bingo Printable on the blog      Newsletter, free digital mini

Hope the school year is kind to you and your children!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Summer Fun Scrapbooking and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm back with another entry for this week.  I have just SO much stuff to show off, I thought I'd break it all up a bit.

I've got new templates in the shop, that I know you're going to want in your digital template stash, some more new releases and a few more freebies, too.  Whoo hoo!  I've also got a few screen shots on how you can change up some templates.  I love putting new life into older templates and customising templates to fit my needs.

Here's a look at my newest templates, Up In The Air.  I just love pages with floaty, drifty types of elements in them.  It brings air, life, dimension and lift to your pages.  What better way to get that than with these templates?  Our shadows can be your guide.

 Up In The Air Templates

 Up In The Air Templates

My sweeties playing in the sand and water.  They just love it.  Even got the little guy to look into the camera.  Bonus!  Keep reading to see what kinds of coordinating freebies you can get to go with Lou's kit.  I think it's still just $1 a pack at GingerScraps.

 newsletter freebie

Here's another page using the new templates and Paty Greif's new Unicorns collections.  I'm over the moon about this combination and if you look carefully, I used Paty's colour scheme for my templates.

 Up In The Air Templates

I couldn't wait to try out this kite page and of course, Paty's kit was the perfect match.  Clouds, unicorns, stars, moon, balloons...Just what these templates are calling for.  Don'cha think?

 Up In The Air Templates

My gal Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around scrapped up this gorgeous page using Up In The Air Templates.  Such a pretty, natural and neutral palette with this pop of pink.  I love how she used that sun behind the clouds, too.

 Up In The Air Templates

Here's another page with the kites used as picture frames.  Cool idea, eh?  Tip:  Using like colours for the background and the kites, gives a blended look and a chance for those pretty pics to pop and steal the show.

Up In The Air Templates
Up In The Air Templates and goodies from Just So Scrappy

I love what Hilary has done with the next two pages and our new templates.  A Disney twist!!!  How fabulous?!  The dark background and the bright splashes of colour look great.

 Up In The Air Templates

More multiple photo fun and the cutest clusters, too.  Of course, I'm always a fan of boy pages and this kit looks super for that.  Hilary really used these templates literally and her page is awesome.

 Up In The Air Templates

Look at this pretty, refreshing page.  All of these natural goodies and the wooden background look super.

 Up In The Air Templates

This page totally makes me smile.  Banners, balloons, bubbles...I love all of those kinds of elements and they go super with these templates.

Up In The Air Templates
Up in The Air Templates and Spring Garden from Party Greif

I used Up In The Air templates for this page using Aimee Harrison's Peridot, monthly collection for August.  As you can see, I used some of the photo spots and I didn't use the clouds.  I used the template loosely.  Keep scrolling to see a touch of the process.

 Up In The Air Templates

See how I ditched the two photo spots and clusters?

Look how I deleted nearly everything, but the spots?  Hehehe...I did keep the clustering in mind as I used the template.  It was a great way for me to get started on my page.  Templates are often just an idea I borrow and then customise it to fit the needs of my page.

Moving on to a new collection from Aimee Harrison and some lovely templates from Lissy Kay Designs. 

That's a recent photo of the hubs and I ready for a friend's wedding.  The first time our niece played babysitter to the boys, too.  It worked out great and all of us had a super duper time that night.

All In Heaven is Aimee's newest collection and as always, it is fabulous.  There is an underlying theme for this kit as you might be able to puzzle from the name of the collection, but as you can see it is bright and full of life and great for any kind of page or project you may have.

 All In Heaven
All Framed Templates from LKD and All In Heaven from Aimee Harrison Designs

Here's a little tip on how to scrap fast:  Make a great cluster, click on a few of the elements you'd like in another cluster and copy paste, making some slight adjustments for variety and perfection.

Lissy Kay's Creative Team is working extra hard this month to promote Lissy's templates to help bring in some revenue towards important surgical procedures.  Nothing like helping out our scrappy sisters through scrapbooking!  Lissy Kay has really fabulous templates that I know you are going to love.  Pop over to her shop, grab a few of her templates and help a friend.

 All Framed Up

Throwing Some Scraps Around is reintroducing Girlilicious.  If you've been a fan of Jodi's you may have this already in your stash.  She's upgraded the kit and it's doubly super!

I scrapped myself using a free template from Krismess.  


I used girlilicious to make an avatar for my niece.
Jodi has a coordinating freebie for you in her Facebook Group.  Head over there and download it.

 freebie from TSSA

Here are some of our newer goodies in the Creative Design Studio shop at Etsy.

 Dog Daze Stationary

 Unicorn Planner Printables

Here are some of the newer freebies from the blog.

 free template

 free template

Yesterday's freebie from The Cherry and LouCee Creations

 freebie hop from The Lilypad

This freebie is also an older one from the blog.  Check your stash.

 freebie hop from The Lilypad

I'm hosting August's Challenge in Kim Cameron's Fan Group on Facebook.  Anyone who plays along and posts a page as required get this template for free.

I hope I could inspire you, today and that you enjoy the freebies.  Take a look at our side bar for all of social spots and follow us.

Happy scrapbooking!