Friday, July 12, 2019

Ecstatic Digital Scrapbooking Templates with Coupon and Beautiful Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I actually took a week off, last week.  I've not done that too many times over the many years of this blog's existence.  Hehehe...So you better believe I'm back with a BIG, totally scrap-a-licious entry. I just told my team I was so thrilled with their pages.  I couldn't stop smiling as I was putting this blog together. I hope you like it half as much as I.

We've got new templates, some serious layout love for them, previously released templates and pages from other designer's goodies.  I've also got a new challenge in the group and a coupon code so you can grab the new templates at a discount.  Enjoy!

 Ecstatic Templates

A scrappy sister sent me a few sketches of what she wanted as digital templates and that's how several of these templates came about.  A few I sketched out myself months ago and finally got around to designing.  This first one was such a blast to design, though I will admit, it took me a long time to get just the right patterns, solids, backgrounds together...then it was smooth sailing from there.  I just don't like a page that is too busy and with a lot of different colors and patterns.  My mind is cluttered enough so I need my pages to be less spazzy.  Hehehe...

I recently came across these adorable pictures of my boys and their cousins, thanks to FB and there flashbacks.  I loved the contrast of expressions when my boys received a kiss from their niece.  Hilarious!  Of course, JJ had his typical "Autistic" expressionless look.

 Ecstatic Templates

These template need a designer with awesome papers.  So you know, I jumped right to my gal Aimee Harrison.  She's got a new collection out that is so bright and fun, I couldn't resist Pineapple Express. If it's totally your kind of 'thang.  keep reading, I've got another page with it.

 Ecstatic Templates

No what I love about templates and maybe you too, is that the designer has taken all of the time for the hard parts!  Hehehe...That is totally what happened on this page.  The template took me a really long to design, but the page scrapped up in mere minutes flat.  I used our Optimism Collection for this page.  I love the masculinity and youthfulness of this collection.


Tammy totally rocked this pack of templates. She played with three of them and as usual, they are jaw droppers.  She also confessed to how fast they scrapped up.  When you see them, you won't believe that she didn't spend an afternoon on them.

Like this one with our little cutie...Is she just not the cutest?!  Those faces!  Find these goodies at the Sweet Shoppe.

 Ecstatic Templates

Tammy used an amalgamation of goodies from the Sweet Shoppe for this one. If you ever have any specific questions about a page, download it and bring it to our group and ask.  The sisters are so, so helpful and always have an answer.  

 Ecstatic Templates

I know, right?!  How absolutely exceptional?!  These colors are so, so beautiful, too.  Ya just know they are from the Sweet Shoppe, again.

Jarmila has worked her magic with BooLand. I'd like to be standing right there!

 Ecstatic Templates

Ngoc used goodies from Aprilisa.  You can find her at GingerScraps.

 Ecstatic Templates

I miss the Blue Jays and Cardinals.  I've not spotted them here in Europe yet.  Though there are some lovely replacements.  I'm in love with the tiny red (orange to me) breast.  He's so darn cute.  I've got so many birds at our place in Germany.  I fill FOUR feeders in the morning and by lunch they are all empty!  Even the crows are starting to hang out at the cafe!

Hilary is a huge Clever Monkey Graphics fan.  You can also conveniently find her at Gingerscraps.

 Ecstatic Templates

If you are like me, a fan of bright colors, then this page from Robin will certainly make you smile and this little lady has me cracking up.  As much as I love the digital part of designing and scrapbooking it really is the photos that win the show for me.  I love photos and they don't even have to be mine.

 Ecstatic Templates

Nearly as much as I love bright colors, I love denim.  Nothing like an awesome fitting pair of blue jeans, right?!  I love what Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces has done with her page.  She used goodies from Just So Scrappy. I so love Katie's kits and collections.

 Ecstatic Templates

I've got a page from scrappy sister Dorian this week.  She's also showing off her little man who is actually quite the big man, now.  Hehehe...I love going back to old pics, though.  Especially, since the boys are so big now.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching them grow and I really appreciate that they are becoming so independent.  Scrapping kids, teens, adults, pets and various occasions makes the hobby so much more interesting.

 Ecstatic Templates

 Ecstatic Templates

I've got a COUPON of 30% off the Ecstatic templates for one week only!
Use code TCOTECSTATIC and save!

 Ecstatic Templates

I've got some new printables in the shop for our hybrid and traditional fans.  If you are a planner fan these might be just right for you as well.  I'm in a few groups for planners and there were a lot of people looking for things dealing with mental issues.  There were also some requests for more masculine content.  After all, guys can have cool planners too, right?!  I thought our Optimism collection would be perfect for these.

 Optimism Printables

So I designed some dashboards in Personal size.  Though you could size them anyway you want.

 Optimism Printables

There are also three pages of stickers.  I designed all the printable pages on an 8x11 inch sheet so they will easily go through all kinds of computers around the world.  There are png and jpg formats for the stickers so if your cutting machine is png compatible, you can run them through there.

 Optimism Printables

I told you earlier I had another page with Pineapple Express.  Here it is!  My mo-la at their place in Spain. If you're a fan of ours, you've seen this view a lot.  Hehehe...Mmmm...Spain!

 Pineapple Express AHD

This is a page using our Colorful templates and what inspired me to make the rest of the pack.  Unicorns and Rainbows from Aimee was used and those are my fabulous peonies, which I recently found out were edible.  So are roses!  I've been making rose water, potpourri...Can't wait to try rose jam, but I've made SO much jam from the berries, it'll take all year to eat it.  

Colorful templates

LouCee also had a fabulous release last week, Sugar and Spice.  I'm so in love with all of this girly delight.  That mason jar of hearts and the little lady are so fab.  I scrapped up my girlfriend's little beauty.

 Sugar and Spice

I've got a few more pages to show off that have come in later.  Nothing wrong with using the same templates or pack of templates over and over, right?!  Scrappy Sister Jenni has been totally abusing both our packs of Planned templates and I'm loving the results.  This is the kind of abuse that I can totally appreciate.  Hehehe...She's another jaw dropping creative artist.

 Planned Again

I've got several new pages in using our Love Always templates.

 Love Always

Just take a gawk at this one!

 Love Always

Ngoc also played with a few of our templates from Love Always and A Reason To Celebrate.

 Love Always

These colors and the setting are so beautiful and inspiring.  I love seeing so much of Ngoc's life.  How awesome of her to share it with us.

 A Reason To Celebrate 1 templates

Danica scrapped her star in some seriously refreshing goodies.

 Love Always

More from Ngoc and A Reason To Celebrate.  You don't have to scrap romantic or wedding pics with our, A Reason To Celebrate collection.

 A Reason To Celebrate Templates 2

Jump over to the group, click on the photos tab, click on the July Album, then read the Recipe in the album's description.  Scrap up a page using our free goodies from all of the previous month's challenges and place your page back in the July album.  At the end of the month, I'll send around a link for this free template for your participation.

Shoo wee!  That was a big one. I'm so glad you joined us and I hope to see you in our group.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Free Scrapbooking Word Art, A Collection Of Celebration, A Sale and Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've returned with a reminder of our 50% off sale that is going on now in the Kreative Design Studio, our extensive new digital scrapbooking collection, A Reason To Celebrate, inspiration, designs from other shops and some pretty fabulous freebies.

Dive on in to some serious scrap-a-liscious!

 Kreative Design Studio

 A Reason To Celebrate

And there you have it!  All of our packs for the new collection, A Reason To Celebrate.  A party pack to help you document parties, proms, dances, festive gatherings, posh evenings out...

The wedding pack has all of the essentials you'll need to scrap that extra special day. Our store description has lists of exactly what you get. 

The paper pack contains a half dozen of wedding specific papers but the other 30 or so are great for any occasion.  I couldn't even get all of the papers on this preview.

There are 12 different templates that will make album design a snap!  

The cluster frames and graphics pack make scrapbooking, card, so fast.  You'll have gorgeous pages in no time at all when you use them.  

The journal cards can be used for so many different things.  Mini albums, Project Life pages, loosely in your pages.  For a souvenir at the wedding itself...Here's my blog on how to make a mini album from journal cards.  Click here for yet another project idea using journal cards.

 A Reason To Celebrate template pack 1

This is my page using a template from the first pack and the collection.  It's also another attempt at me designing a patterned paper.  I love the black and gold together and Manu's awesome Commercial Use chandeliers.

 More Project Simple

I got to thinking, "Wow! I sure do have a lot of pictures to scrap and don't want to go broke printing out 100 pages."  So, I went shopping in my own shop to find templates where I can use multiple photos and found my Project Simple and More Project Simple packs.  (Some of our most popular templates.). They scrap unbelievably quick.  I feel guilty when I spend so little time on a page.  Hehehe...

More of my pages with More Project Simple and A Reason To Celebrate.  The lovely girly bridal party.

 Love Always Templates

The collection and a template from Love Always.

Y'all!  This was another page where I felt absolutely guilty with how fast it scrapped.  I used a template from the second pack and seriously just switched and changed a couple of elements, really.  Then added my pics.  So darn easy!

 newsletter sign up

If you are looking to sample the collection, newsletter recipients receive a free mini, every other month on our newest scrapbooking endeavors in the One Word Wonders series.

 Free Quick Page
Last week's freebie also gives you a sample.

Here's a close up look at the other pack of templates that will go just marvelously with A Reason To Celebrate.  Use them to show off what you love.  Whether it be a place, person or pet, they'll be perfect.

 Love Always Templates

Check out what the team and I have designed with Love Always.

 Love Always Templates

Kim is such a talent.  She paired up the template with goodies from KCB.  Find them at the Sweet Shoppe.

 Love Always Templates

Jarmila made great use of the fun pockets and edging.

Here's another one from me pairing it up with the new collection.  Isn't Throwing Some Scraps Around Commercial Use butterfly stunning?!

With the sale going on, it's the perfect time to buy the goodies you have in your cart.  It'll be the last time for a while that I'll have the shop on sale for 50%.  After THIS FRIDAY, we're going back to regular prices.  
Today is the last day to save 50%.

 Colorful Templates

Here are our newest templates in the shop that might be in your cart.

 Cute Cuttable Templates

I had a fantastic opportunity to host a get together at my home in Germany with some incredibly wonderful scrappy sisters and I scrapped this special event with a new collection from JB Studio and Made By Keuntje.

Do you recognize any of the other designers or me?!

 Free Your Soul

I get a lot of crap from my friends, family and fellow designers about all of the free stuff I give away, but I just can't help myself.  I've never been a wealthy person.  I've been homeless, starving, started work at 13 and life has been nearly impossible financially, most of the time.  It still ain't easy at all, but I'm just a giving kind of person and I know if it weren't for the free stuff, I would have never started digital scrapbooking.  (Use this link to find out how to start digital scrapbooking for free.)So in a way, I'm giving back.

I got such a great reaction from the fans in the group who participated in the choose the next freebie that I wanted to give an extra special token of my appreciation for that participation.  It's what makes the group so much fun to be a part of.  If you're not a part of the family yet, be sure to join us.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  We love to help and along with my scrappy sisters we always have answers.  I and a few others, share freebies everyday, too.  You may show off any creative project in the group.  It just has to be family friendly.

 Free Word Art

Enjoy this extra special freebie from the bottom of my heart and as always, happy scrapping!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Colorful Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Inspiration, New Freebie and A Store Wide Sale

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm so amazed at how different the weather is between Germany and Belgium.  We live only 3 hours from our vacation home in Germany, when traffic is good (which it rarely is when one must driveth through Brussels).  It's been stormy, rainy and cool in Belgium all spring really.  While in Germany someone put the sun on high and blew all of the rain clouds away!  I nearly killed myself mowing the lawn at 10 am!  Hehehe...It was SO hot!  I hope the weather is fair and fine wherever you are and that you'll enjoy the blog we've got for you, today.

New templates have hit the Kreative Design Studio.  I've pages from myself and team as well as store wide sale and a new freebie that our fans chose.  I hope you were one of them to choose.

 colorful templates

These templates started off as a page I made for a Creative eTeam requirement for Aimee Harrison only the collection has not yet released.  I did swipe Aimee's color palette for them and meant for them to coordinate with her collection.  I run most of my templates by scrappy sister, Tammy who pushed me to up the release date.  Hehehe...So my page that started the whole thing is in the wings waiting it's collections release.  I did make two others.  Check them out.

 colorful templates

I wanted to stick with the color fun in the templates and remembered some kind of butterfly inspired kit from Amber Shaw that I didn't use yet.  Any time I scrap with her goodies I'm reminded of just how precious life is.  It's so, so unfortunately to have lost such a shining star.  However, I'm always reminded of her when I see all of her files in my computer.

 colorful templates

I just had to try and get one of these templates to go with my niece's album, which I've decided to just take my time on designing.  The collection, A Reason To Celebrate is all finished and ready for the shops.  It's SO huge! I've got THREE packs of coordinating templates, graphics, journal cards, cluster frames, frame clusters, NINE packs of elements (I know, right?!) and 5 folders of papers.  Shoo wee!

It will all be in the shop for the beginning of next month.

 colorful templates

 colorful templates
Xuxper Designs 

colorful templates

 colorful templates
Antebellum Press 

 colorful templates
 Rachel Etrog Designs

Here are a couple of pages I received recently from other scrappy sisters playing with our templates.
 wishful thinking

 Wishful Thinking Templates

 Planned Again Templates

 Planned TemplatesPlanned Again Templates

 cutecuttables templates

You'll be able to get all of the awesomeness from the shop this week, no problem because we've got a BIG summer sale going on for ONE WEEK ONLY this month.  I'll put another sale up next month, but not with this deep discount.

 Kreative Design Studio

I had another, "You choose the freebie" post in our group.  I hope you were a part of it.  Make sure you're in the group with us.  There are exclusive freebies, daily freebies, inspiration from all around DigiLand, scrap chat, special events...we are a super active group and it sure would be nice to have you a part of it.


This was most voted item. I used our collection, A Reason To Celebrate. 

 Free Quick Page with A Reason To Celebrate

Look for the free mini in the next newsletter.  I'm in Germany where my connection isn't great and the coordinating templates are huge.  As long as I'm here, for the summer, I'll have to send links for them after purchase. I do check my e-mail everyday and will be on the look out to bring them to you as quickly as possible.

 newsletter freebie

I hope we could inspire you, today and that you'll have an awesome weekend doing what you love most.

Happy scrapping!

Ecstatic Digital Scrapbooking Templates with Coupon and Beautiful Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top. I actually took a week off, last week.  I've not done that too many times over the many years of thi...