52 Reasons Why I Love You, Printable Freebie

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Today, I'd like to give you ALL of the 52 Reasons Why I Love You cards.  I want to make sure you have them all so you can put the nose to grind and finish this before the due date, which really isn't that far away.  I'm shaking a bit myself because I've not done nearly enough for how late it is.  Ahhh!!!!

Without further adieu, you can find ALL of the blank cards and reason 1-52 below.  I'm so, so glad so many of you played along with the challenge.  Please, feel free and show off what you've done with them either here in the comments with a link or in our scrap-a-liscious group on FB. 

Reasons 46-52 can be found here.

Reasons 37-45 are right here.

Reasons 28-36 are here.

19-27 can be found here.

1-18 you can find here.

Here you can find the BLANK cards.

I've got a video to assist you!

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Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm so thrilled it is the weekend.  For us, we can finally sleep in.  The kids can lounge around in their pajamas and we can enjoy our time together.  We don't have to rush around to Karate or the Chess club or the gym.  The weekend is typically a very needed time to unwind, relax and have quality time with each other.  I hope it is the same for you.

Does the weekend provide time for you to dive into your hobbies or other things you love to do?  It is essential to make time to do the things you love and enjoy like reading our blogs?  Hehehe...You deserve time for you so make sure you designate it.

I really love designing goodies and creative things.  This weekend I'll be finishing up some more templates and scrapbooking with gorgeous goodies from Aimee Harrison.  Hey!  I did the same thing last weekend.  Ha!

Kick up your feet, take a deep breath and enjoy today's blog full of scrapbooking inspiration.

It appears that there are not enough artist…

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train for January

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I've got another Free Commercial Use pack for you with winter in mind.  I don't know what it is like where you are, but here in Belgium, it is abysmal.  It's been grey, windy and raining for months.  We've not seen the sun in ages.  Quite the change from where I grew up in sunny Florida.

Perhaps the snow if falling and you're sitting close to a cracking fire. Maybe you're on the other side of the planet, enjoying a bit of warm sunshine.  Either way, I'm really glad you've stopped by.

Here's this month's new goodies.

You'll receive three, chilly windy swirls, a fun, whimsical snowy frame and my favorite, a snowy blustery paper overlay.  Download here or by clicking on the image.
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Project Art Scrapbooking Templates and a Few Free Collections

Originally published on January 4th, 2019.

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I first, want to wish you a totally scrap-tactic New Year!

I plan on changing things up just a touch for the new year. I'll continue hosting a monthly scrap challenge in the group. I've got more details for that further down. Of course, I'll still keep designing fun digital products such as templates, printables, kits, cuttables...and some other new stuff. I've got a plan to give my newslettersubscribers something totally awesome this year, too. Make sure you're all signed up because you won't want to miss out on that one.
Today, I've got some interesting, new templates in the shop and a peek at an upcoming, free collection as well as the Scrappy Sisters free collection. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our page inspiration, too.

Grab the new templates, here. Here is what I and my awesome team have done with them.

Beautiful work from Ngoc. She's amazing!
Just look at all of this gorgeou…

Inspiring New Templates and Amazing Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.