Saturday, October 5, 2019

Love For Layout Templates Train of Scrapbooking Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, Hoppers.

We're always thrilled to see you.  Peruse our blog for all kinds of digital scrapbooking freebies.  We've got free quick pages, free templates, free printables, hybrid projects, tutorials and even more.  Just like the last hop, we've designed some coordinating templates to go with our free one.  With the entire shop on sale at 40% you'll get them at a sweet, sweet discount.

Today's blog is full of scrap-a-liciousness and yesterday's was also a doozy!  If ya missed it, go back and check out all of the awesome.  Will you find freebies there?  Maybe... ;) Make sure you scroll all of the way to the bottom to find out how to get an entire kit for FREE!  (If you read very carefully through this blog alone, you'll get one free kit, one free collection and FIVE free templates.)

I will not hold you hostage, but I'll try to encourage you to scroll through the blog for other fabulous goodies around DigiLand and more FREEBIES.

 October Free Template

Scroll a bit more for the previous and next links if you need those as well as a link for if you get lost.

How about a bit of page inspiration with today's freebie?

Page By Cindy

Page By Cherry Scraps

Page by Jarmila

Page from Hilary

This page is from Susie.

A lovely page by Rachelle from Bit's N' Pieces.

Another fab page from Hilary

Here are a couple of pages with the coordinating template pack available at Kreative Design Studio.

 Momentos Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Momentos from The Cherry On Top and page design by Jarmila

I used one of the templates for this fun page with Heartstrings Scrap Art's adorable goodies.

 Momentos digital scrapbooking templates
Momentos from The Cherry On Top/Snuggle Saurus from HSA

This is what the pack looks like.  Pretty cool, eh?  So many places for your lovely photos and one of the templates includes a tiny photo spot that fits with the photo reel.  Just copy paste as much as you need if you're ready for such an endeavor.

 Promethean Concepts Kaklei Designs
Go here if ya get lost and leave your gorgeous pages there and if you like, in The Cherry's group as well.  You may post any designers pages and projects you have.  We often post free stuff from us and around DigiLand.  We've got an entire kit for free over there this weekend, too. We'd love to have you join us!


I've got four more packs of new templates in the shop and yes, they are also on sale.  If you'd like to see more page inspiration with them, pop over to yesterday's blog.

 Pumpkin Spice Digital Scrapbooking Templates

We released these templates above, just last week.  The ladies made gorgeous pages!  Yours will be awesome, too.

 Kreative Design Studio

 Free kit in the group

 FB Group

Find these free frames along with an ENTIRE FREE COLLECTION in the "photos/albums" in the group for our monthly challenges.  I left them live all year so go any time and grab all of the awesome free stuff.  They will be gone by the new year 2020.

 FB group

Here's a page from one of our fantastic fans in the group.  She did the frame/September Challenge and used some of the free goodies from the Because Collection.  These cheeks, though?!

LouCee Creations has a freebie on the blog, today.  Pop over and make it yours.  I've got some page inspiration with all THREE of these awesome kits on yesterday's blog if you'd like to see more.

Only $6 for THREE kits?!  That is one heck of a deal!

 Lou's Blog with freebies

Thanks for checking out The Cherry this DSD.  I hope to see ya join our newsletter so you can keep up with all of our activity.  The group is a second best and check out the side bar for all of our other social hot spots.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Digital Scrapbooking Day Celebration With A Store Sale, New Products and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, Digi Dudes and Divas.

We've got another doozy of a blog, today full of gorgeous page inspiration, tips, tricks, promotions, challenges and a heck of a lot of free stuff. I recommend sitting back with something delicious to sip on, get comfortable and dig into all of this rich content.  Whether you are a pro, new or somewhere in the middle, we've got something for everyone so make yourself at home at The Cherry.

DSD is our busiest time of year.  There is a barrage of new goods out in DigiLand, games, sales and of course, our favorite, free stuff.  Scroll through all of this scrap-a-liciousness, take a deep breath and enjoy the weekend's festivities.


There is no time like right now to get those goodies in your cart and maybe add a few extras because we've got FOUR new template packs in the shop with another going in tomorrow.


Something for everyone, right?  Artistic style, traditional...we've got it all for you.

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates

These templates have so much of what I love incorporated in them.  I love paint, splat, scat and grunge.  I also love whimsical and large alphas to fill in.

I didn't put all of the designers in today's blog because it was just a bit too overwhelming. I do have all of the information so if you have specific questions, hit us up in our group and we'll get'm answered for you.

 Artsy Fartsy

Above is gorgeousness from Tammy.

 Artsy Farsty Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Cindy is up to her usual awesomeness.  I might cringe if I had to work with so many different colors, but because of her use of placement and repetition she made it work wonderfully.

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Susie nailed this template with such fun colors and bright and cherry elements.

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking TEmpaltes

Rachelle took a traditional spin with our artistic templates.

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Susie's pictures are so cute!

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates
 Artsy Fartsy

Hilary's showing off her scrappy skills!

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Soft and whimsical from Jarmila.

 Artsy Fartsy Digital Scrapbooking Templates

More wholesome tradition from Ngoc.

On to my favorite pack.  Well one of them.  Hehehe...  I played with two pages and the team killed these!

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

It all started off with that first one I did when I designed my nieces wedding album, which by the way is totally finished and printed.  I did make a video but didn't want to post it until my niece gets the book.  No spoilers, right?

Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Talk about keeping up to date.  We just took this pic this weekend at one of our favorite restaurants in Germany.  It's in the gorgeous village of Cochem.  If you ever make your way over here, it certainly is worth seeing.

I used a fabulous kit from LouCee Creations.  Keep scrolling to find more about it.  I can often get overwhelmed with a lot of patterns unless I put some kind of border in-between the layers, but with this one it all flowed so great.  I'll lend that to Lou's pretty papers.

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

There's a page from the album turned into template.  Easy peasy!

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I want to be this little girl, right here!  She is so cool and sassy and her dress sense is very impressive.  Tammy just awes me with her talent.  She turned the template and I love it even more.

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Cherry Scraps!  You've outdone yourself!  She's taken a fairly basic and simple template and turned it into something beyond fabulous.

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

No kids?  No problem!  Many people scrap their pets unabashedly.  They make awesome scrap subjects.  Though, I might be a bit bias. Chili is such a super savvy scrapper.


Do you start to recognize people's pages by their kids they put on them?  Maybe their pets?  Hehehe...I sure do.  I'd know this beauty for sure.  It's Ellas lovely and her pages are always sensational.  Ella also turned a template for a totally different look and a great way to show off a photo that is vertically composed rather than horizontally.  Great idea, right?

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Cindy went with an alternate pattern use in her page and that's another fantastic idea to try.

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates
 Borderline/Goodies from Sweet Shoppe Designs

Wendy is up to her usual gorgeousness and a beach theme?  Double whammy!

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates
 Borderline/Clever Monkey Graphics

Cindy made me squeal with delight when I saw her page.  How adorable is that flamingo?  The felt gives the critters such a warm, cozy feel.  What an awesome page!

 Borderline Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Can't get enough kitty?  Me either!  Look at all of this lush green.  A monochromatic look is not easy to pull off, but Chili did just that.


Not a feline fan?  How about a canine?  How adorable are Susie's doggies?  What a fun, crafty feel to her page.

I've only posted a couple of pages with the templates.  Just couldn't put them all in this time.  You'll see them on our other social media outlets.

 Shape Up Digital Scrapbooking Templates

I love this pack of templates.  I played with three of them, though the first page is how it all started in my brain.  I knew I needed a page like that, but still didn't get around to scrapping it.  The rest just went perfect with some kits I needed to work with.

 Shape Up Digital Scrapbooking Templates
Shape Up/Autumn Love Aimee Harrison Designs

Look at me!  Wine and rainbows? It really doesn't get much better than that.  Aimee's color palette is absolutely smashing, too.

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates
Shape Up/Aimee Harrison & Lust Because Studio

Aimee joined up with Just Because for this collection.  I had a great pic for this template.  You don't have to do a large photo in there.  You could use papers and just put your picture in the other photo spot.  If you do use the strips as a large photo, try to use one with a horizontal juxtaposition and one with a lot of background.

This is a ruin of a nunnery by our place in Germany.  I'm guessing it's pretty old!

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates
Shape Up/Aimee Harrison's Orchard Grown

This was one of my favorites, but I have to say, the other ladies did it much better justice than myself.  See what they did.

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates
Shape Up/goodies from SSD

Tammy turned it again and totally mixed it up with the papers and patterns and it looks spook-tacular!

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking designs

Does it get much cuter?  Such a great color match up and an adorable babe.  Cassie is a super star scrapper.

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates
Shape Up/retired goodies from LouCee Creations

Theresa has scrapped a lovely traditional style page. I wonder if her mom actually ate all of that?!

 shape up digital scrapbooking templates

Cassie is rock'n it again.  I love the way her layers came out.

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates

Cherry scrapped such a beautiful page.  Remember, if you have questions about the goodies, get in touch with us in the group

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates

Such great fall pictures and a wonderful page from Ella.

 Shape Up digital scrapbooking templates

Here's another beauty you see a lot around DigiLand.  It's Jenn's gorgeous daughter and she's often the subject of her gorgeous pages.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates

I kept these templates really simple.  This way you can use them again and again.  I have this thing with candles and lanterns.  They seem to cozy up the place perfectly when the sun goes under early and the cool temperatures begin.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates
Simplicity/LouCee Creations Foxes Woods

More from our place in Germany and Lou's adorable kit, Foxes Woods.  If you love little critters, you'll love this and it's priced to sell as well.  (the candles are mine)

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates
Simplicity/LouCee Creations Foxes Woods

My boys and some foliage of fall.  Not too breath taking, but it's the best I've got.  I will definitely consider buying more neutral clothes for my children.  Hehehe...They so often do not work with my pages.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates
Simplicity/Aimee Harrison Designs Orchard Grown

Anyone else sick of apples?  We harvested and processed all weekend long.  We had apples, plums, peaches, grapes and a surprise crop of strawberries.  We're set with juice, jam, apple sauce...

Nothing better than growing and producing it yourself.  You know exactly what is in there and of course, provides exceptional health. benefits.  Eating local, organic foods is the way to go.  Not to mention, we didn't spend a penny.

Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates

What an awesome page from Susie. Love the tribute.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates

Magical for sure!  Cassie does magical fantastically.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates

Perfection from Cherry Scraps. Kit template match is awesome.

 Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates
Simplicity/Aimee Harrison Designs

Awe, look!  It's Rachelle's pumpkins with pumpkins.  Hehehe...

 Simplicity Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Here's another little guy we see a lot of!  He's always scrapped up nicely, too.

Simplicity digital scrapbooking templates
Simplicity/LouCee Creations Foxes Woods

I nearly used this template for this kit, too.  Jenn and I might be on the same wave length.  Her page came out awesome.


Don't forget that everything in the shop is on sale.  Even our collections.  The One Word Wonders have done very well so far.  Consider joining the other savvy sisters and add them to your scrap stash, too.


Cherry Scraps scrapped it up sensationally.

 Pumpkin Spice digital scrapbooking templates

 Last week's templates are now 40% off.  Make them yours?  I also put back ALL of the Christmas goodies if you're looking specifically for holiday templates and collections.

 LouCee Creations

 3 page kits for only $6!  Take me there!

This is my page with Lou's other kit.  It's such a fabulous kit.  What fun goodies!

 LouCee Creations

Not sure how long this awesome kit will be on sale for $2.  I'd jump over to Pickleberry Pop right away and see if you can still get this deal.

 Whimsical Steam punk from HSA

I used our EZ2Luv template for this page.  It's going to be back in the public eye next month along with a lot of other template packs.  Stay tuned!

Whimsical Steampunk

Let the free stuff roll!

Hop over to our group and help your scrappy sisters unlock the freebies.  There are three parts to this kit and ya have to play along to get them.  Don't worry!  It'll be fun!

 Cherry Group FREE KIT

If you're not a Cherry resident, you may have missed this free quick page.  Not too late.

 Free Quick Page

Join us in our monthly challenges in our group.  I've just put in October's.
You can download an entire collection by going back to each month.  You're going to love all of the free stuff!  You've got all year to fulfill the challenges, too.

 October Challenge in the group

 Bits N' Pieces

I'll be seeing you again, tomorrow for the Love for Layout Templates train!!!

Love For Layout Templates Train of FREE TEMPLATES!

Thanks again, for making The Cherry a part of your day.

Happy scrapping!

Love For Layout Templates Train of Scrapbooking Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, Hoppers. We're always thrilled to see you.  Peruse our blog for all kinds of digital scrapbooking freeb...