Monday, September 16, 2019

Copper Spice Digital Scrapbooking Collection and Page Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I released some new templates on Friday, Round N' Round.  They are still sale sale through this Friday when you use coupon code: RNR30 in our Kreative Design Studio. I used one of them to scrap this pretty page with a new store collaboration found in the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

Check out some pages and get inspired.

 Round N' Round templates

The colors!  Aimee is a genius when it comes to colors.  I always love the colors she uses for her digital collections and she's a pro at papers, too.  When I need a lot of awesome design papers, Aimee is my go to designer.  On a side note, she also includes glitters in all of her collections.  So if you are wanting to amp up your glitter collection, you might want to consider this.

Our dog just got his hair cut and it looks like he's wearing pants!  Hehehe...

Ngoc is giving another example of solids on a pattered or design paper.  She also used Aimee's new collection, Copper Spice.

 Round N Round Templates

If you are digging the colors from Aimee's collection, Copper Spice then you'll probably LOVE Heartstring Scrap Art's as well.  I scrapped it up with a future template.

 Copper Spice
Copper Spice from Heartstrings Scrap Art

That's the view from my bedroom balcony at our place in Germany.  I prefer the view when the mountains are lush and green, though.  Hehehe...

Aimee has to be one THE most generous designers I know.  Pop over to her site and check out all of her gorgeous freebies.  She spoils her newsletter recipients as well.  Just look at her newest freebie with Copper Spice.

 Aimee Harrison Designs

We're keeping it short, today.  If you miss out on Friday's blog, I recommend you go check it out.  We've got a lot more page inspiration and more tips with the new templates.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Round N' Round Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's the most perfect weather to be settled in my office space with a hot cup of tea and my Photoshop Elements.  Rain and cooler temperatures are bringing me in.  So sorry sandals that we must yet again, part and for SO long.  Hehehe...

Are you happy with the thought of bringing out your favorite boots and scarves?  Not me!  Though, I am getting better at dealing with colder temperatures.  The jump from the sunshine state to soggy, grey Belgium wasn't the smoothest of transfers, but it gets better everyday.

A lot of today's scrapbooking inspiration mirrors outside's falling leaves and pumpkins perched on porches around the neighborhood.  The apples, pears and plums are ready to eat and the hazelnuts are littering my drive way.  The squirrels will be thrilled!

You know me.  I just love layers!  Showing off gorgeous papers are also something I love to do on my digital scrapbooking pages and today's newest pack of templates are great for both of those.  Check out Round N' Round and read over a few tips that might help enhance your pages to perfection.

The ladies have done stunning work and I think you'll agree.

I'll start off with my pages and walk you through some techniques we've used that you might want to conserve using as well.

You'll begin to notice pattern in my pages with these templates.  As you also might know, I've got this thing with busy pages.  When there are too many colors or too many designs, my brain spazez out!  Hehehe...I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it's like a flashing light meaning, "change me, now!"

It did take me a bit to get my papers just right with these templates so I didn't get that overwhelmed feeling and to help give me pages a more cohesive feel, I used the same color stroke around each layer.  It was like, "Ahhh...that's better."

Our doggie just got a hair cut and was the victim of yet another photo shoot.  Did ya see Aimee's roodborstje?  He's so cute.  One of my favorite birds.  They are so dainty and sassy, too.  I have one that gives me hell when the bird feeder is empty.  He jumps up and down and makes so much noise.

This collection might look familiar.  I knew I was going to go back to it. I love it so much.  The colors are so bright and fun and the froggies are frog-tastic.  (Frog-tactic spell check, really?!). You can see I added the same color stroke again.  You can always copy paste the layer and increase the size a smidge and clip in a paper if you prefer.  It will add more texture to your page.  I've got a video on how to add a stroke, change the size and color....if you need.

I've used this pretty kit before, too.  Bada BOOM colors that awaken the soul!  I'm teasing dear ole mom with a bottle of her favorite, Peach Bellini.  Which is not a favorite of mine, but I'm keeping it cold for her incase she stops by.

Check out my outlines, again.  I added some paint, stitches and scat on the sides to give my page a little more depth and interest.

Tammy gal kept her layers in a solid color and used a design in the background.  That certainly is an awesome way to keep the busy down.  Like the use of a record for one of the circles, too.  Perfect!

Cherry baby always rocks her pages.  Whoo whee!  How about these fabulous colors and that texture rich background?!

Autumn Night By Dandelion

Ngoc added some depth on her top circles and clustered up a gorgeous grouping around her frame.

 Better Together By Jennifer Fehr

If you love dramatic shadows, Ella is you're gal!  Her pages present depth in a uniquely fantastic manner.  Her layouts just come right to life and jump right off of the page.

Fox Holes and Fall Leaves from Thrifty Scraps

A repetition of patterned paper will also simplify the look of your page, like Jarmila did.  Most of the ladies added all of the clusters in the template, but I didn't.  The beauty of templates is to make them your own.  If there is something you don't like, just ditch it.

Funny Indeed by Clever Monkey Graphics 

Silly, sill boy!  Hilary's scrap star seems to not mind the camera one bit.  Pretty cool with the dark background and bright colors.  With the repetitive use of like colors, you can also give a more cohesive look to the page you are working on.

 Serendipity from The Cherry On Top

Theresa is a printer!  She is known for her double pages.  I'm also a fan of coordinating, side by side pages in my books, but it isn't a rule by any means.  She used our newest One Word Wonder kit, Serendipity.  Check out how she broke up her patterned papers with solids and her repetition of papers.  Came out just great!

  Serendipity from The Cherry On Top

What a fun font in that one.  Boys having fun!


Another tip I think worth mentioning if you do add these templates to your scrappy stash, is picture choice.  If you choose a photo or photos with like colors of your kit or collection you are working with, your page will also look less busy.  Keep that tip in mind for any page you are working on.  I love when the colors in my pictures match the kit or collection, but sometimes it just doesn't work out, right?!

Have you seen Dana from Made By Keuntje's awesome new, Commercial Use freebie?!  She is so talented!

 MBK freebie

Last week was a freebie blow out!  If you love freebies, pop back to last week's blog or previous blogs.  Don't forget our group and page where share freebies, daily.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Serendipity Digital Scrapbooking Collection, Free Quick Page

Hello, Cherry Fans!

Thanks so much for popping by the blog.  As usual, we've got a lot for you, today.  There is a new One Word Wonder kit in the Kreative Design Studio.  Check out the page inspiration, the free coordinating template, the two free coordinating freebies, page inspiration from other digital designers and I've tucked in a few more random digital freebies at the end.

 Serendipity Ellies and Template

There are actually 92 elements, but I couldn't get them all on the preview and the template isn't in there either.  I've got a detailed list of every element in the pack, over in the shop.

 Serendipity papers

Designing digital backgrounds is so much fun.  I'm trying out some gorgeous Commercial Use from one of my favorite designers, GS Creation.  That gorgeous floral design with a hint of gold glitter gives such a nice luxurious touch.


The first three pages are from yours truly.  I went with a soft, floating whimsical look for my first page.  That's me hanging out in Beilstein, Germany.  Great view, eh?!


For this page I used the dark side of Serendipity.  I'll tell ya that Theresa's page, further down the blog definitely inspired my page.  That black background and the gold stars look amazing.


What a super color palette!  The hint of gold really sets everything off so nicely.


This is Theresa's page.  Isn't it totally awesome?!  At first, I didn't even know it was my kit, there was so much gold.  Hehehe...I love how she switched up the word art.  It was how I was going to do it in the beginning.


Jarmila also went soft and whimsical with her page.


And Ngoc used a project life style with very pretty clusters. 


I wanted to experiment with some of the elements that anchor a page and then contrast that with floating elements.  I added a bit of stroke to my word art to make it stand out better.


Hilary matched up Serendipity with our Love Always templates.  Nice match!

 Free To Subscribers

Above, is this month's free sample.  Newsletter recipients have been receiving a free sample of each of our One Word Wonders kits.  There's only one more to go.  If ya don't want to miss out on exclusive freebies and our new products as well as pretty page inspiration, brought right to your mailbox weekly, then join us.  We'd love to have ya!

 Free Quick Page

This is your new free quick page.  Just pop in a picture and you're set!  We did all of the hard work for you, but we did enjoy doing it.  Hehehe...

I have a coupon for the Serendipity papers and elements.  Use code: SERENDIPITY30 on both products.

 Happy Trails

Just in case you missed out, this was our previous release.  A huge thanks to all of those who added Happy Trails templates to your repertoire of scrap stuff.  I did offer this free journal card on the blog. It is still available for you.  

 Frogg'n Around at Gingerscraps

Now I'm showing off some more gorgeous goods from Aimee Harrison Designs.  I fell in love with this collection's colors and those adorable froggies.  I also came up with another way for you to use Aimee's awesome borders.  In a previous blog I showed how to use them to design your very own bookmakers in just a few minutes.  They make an awesome gift idea or party favor. Check out the step by step tutorial, here.  Grab Aimee's kit from GingerScraps.

 book marker tutorial

Here's another exclusive from Aimee Harrison, Wine and Dine.  Was this collection not calling my name?  Hehehe...This is one of our all time favorite spots to hit up when we are at our place on the Mosel River in Germany.  The view here is unbelievable, the wine is great and food so fresh, ya just can't believe it.  It's just Rosie and her hubs and they do it all.  We've been going here for years and they never let us down. 

When you're outside enjoying the gorgeous nature, you can hear the chef pounding the schnitzel!  Hehehe...We giggle every time we hear it.  I highly recommend that and the forrel (trout).  Delicious. Visit Rosie at Zum Calmont in Bremm and save me a spot.  She knows where I like to sit.  Hehehe...

Aimee Harrison Designs, Wine and Dine

Here's a few other freebies from my friends and other spots I like to frequent.  Add them to your stash and become a fan.

 TSSA Freebies

Gorgeousness from Jodi!  Scroll through her fan group and find other beautiful freebies.

 Creative Fabrica

This is a link to Creative Fabrica.  Another spot I shop in and of course, I grab the freebies, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I've got a lot more in store.  I STILL need to show off the wedding album I made, in its entirety.  Hopefully, through a video.  I need to publish the finished tutorial with that Prefect Page kit I started ages ago and I've got such an awesome free printable on tap, I can't wait to share it.  Don't miss out!  Join our group and or newsletter where we keep our awesome fans up to date.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Trails Travel Themed Digital Scrapbooking Templates and a Free Journal Card

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I don't know about you, but I'm so bummed to see the summer on its way out.  Belgium and Germany doesn't exactly have the greatest weather and I so love the long, warm, sunny days.  Putting away the sandals and bringing out the boots totally brings me down, but these new templates brightened my day and I hope they do the same for you.

Thanks to some fabulous Commercial Use products from Wishing Well Creations and GS Creations, I could make some really fun, large shaped templates for you.  I had such a great time designing these, that I made an extra one.

Keep reading to see how I and my fabulous team used the templates and check out my, off the page idea with them as well.  It's in the form of a freebie

The first four pages I've done myself.  I couldn't wait to play with ALL of them.  They will make a totally awesome travel album, paired up with some of our other goodies.

Goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

I knew that when I designed this page, it would be THE one that most of the ladies would play with and I was right.  That never happens!  Hehehe...It seems, I'm not the only one who is just crazy about notebook style pages.

We've got two packs of planner/notebook themed templates and I designed another pack that will be hitting the shop soon.

 Planned Tempaltes

 Planned Again

I may have went a little nuts with my next page.  In Belgium, scooters are used a lot.  My hubs has one and I used to ride around one as well.  I've got my eyes out for an electric model for in the near future. I used Paty Greif's kit, Flamingos for my page.

 Happy Trails Templates

I used Puffy Styles to get this more dimensional look of my scooter.  These are recent pictures of silly ole me in our visit to Beilstein, Germany.  It's only a few minutes away from our place, but we never stopped there.  Boy, was it worth the trip.  It's tiny, but beautiful and there is a ruin of a castle at the top of the mountain (that you have to climb) with a look out tower and a restaurant where I could most pleasantly indulge in a Paulaner from the tap.  Mmmmm...

That's me enjoying the hike back down the mountain after a liter of beer.  Hehehe...

 Happy Trails Templates

If this collection looks familiar it's our collaboration, Adventure Awaits with Made By Keuntje and Throwing Some Scraps Around.  There you can see the castle ruins, stunning views and the hubs and I.  The airplane is all mine.  Whoo hoo!  I simply added an outline and a few basic shapes over the cooking cutter shaped airplane in PSE.  I thought with the map background and map design on the plane, it kind of blended nicely.  You might choose to decrease the size of the plane and increase the size of the notebook with pictures.

 Happy Trails Templates

The suitcases are also all mine.  I'm ok with the results.  To make the funky beetle a little more Cherry, I added the roof rack and suitcases.  I used On The Road from Kim Cameron Designs.  That's my oldest and his best friend on the way to the south of France a few years ago.

You can move the word art all around your page and change up the colors and outlines with patterns or whatever you choose.  I kept it all separate for the most versatility for you.

Most talented Cindi played with our templates.  She used goodies from Just Because Studio.  You can find them at Gingerscraps.

 Happy Trails Templates

Jarmila turned the template into a more, classic look.  Simplette's goodies shown here.

 Happy Trails Templates

 Happy Trails Templates

I just love the school twist Hilary gave her page with the template using goodies from Meagan's Creations at the Sweet Shoppe.

 Happy Trails Templates

Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces used a cute kit, too.

 Happy Trails Templates

Tia gave it a more traditional twist.  Can't ya just feel the paper?  Melissa Lerin's kit, Kenya.

 Happy Trails Templates

Tammy worked her magic with goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

 Happy Trails Templates

Let's just say this is a sneak peek of something coming from us, very soon.  Theresa scrapped it up.

 Happy Trails Templates

 Happy Trails Templates

Ngoc is showing off Amanda Yi's and Wendy P, Around the world.  Most appropriate a match! 

 Happy Trails Templates

This is my last page and I wanted to show you another idea for these templates.  Since the shapes are so large and kind of the feature, you could manipulate them singularly and make your own Personal Use elements for your pages.

I used Aimee Harrison's beautiful collection Tree of Life.  You can grab it at Gingerscraps.

 Happy Trails Templates

I simply scaled down the globe and fit on this 3x4 journal card.  I wanted to play with the concept of actually using the template for the flowers and leaves.  Tammy used actual flower and leaf elements on her page, way up there.  She also changed up the journaling.  Just think how beautiful your globe will be!

 Free Journal Card, Happy Trails and Tree of Life

Here is the free journal card.  Simply click on the preview to download and enjoy!

I hope you'll take advantage of the special price for these FIVE templates.  It's discounted for one week only.  

Feel free to jump over to our group if you have any questions about the pages or digital scrapbooking in general.  The ladies over there are super happy to help.  If you're curious about digital scrapbooking, we can get ya started in a matter of minutes and for free!  Find out how on this blog entry and join our scrapalicious group.  We'd love to see you there.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Copper Spice Digital Scrapbooking Collection and Page Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top. I released some new templates on Friday, Round N' Round .  They are still sale sale through this Friday...