Advent Calendar Idea and Free Box Template

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I'm totally having a "duh" moment.  Why on earth did I schedule this here and not before December first?!  Last week I blogged several paper ideas and totally forgot about this one.  It was quite an endeavour, but one that I really enjoyed and I can keep using it over and over again.  I just had to share it with you in case you missed it the first time.

 Advent Calendar With free Box Template

Follow the links to the blogs to get the free template and step by step tutorial.

 Advent Calendar with free box template

There are several different ways you can stack or place your boxes.

 Advent Calendar idea with free box template

Here's the template.  Click on the preview or link there under and get to the blog with the download.

 free box template

Of course, you can use these boxes for anything and maybe you are needing a box for something this Christmas or any occasion.  There are several other blog link ups on these blogs to other great projects that you can use.  I know on one of them, I have another free template to make envelopes.  I always end up with more cards than envelopes!  Hehehe...

Oh!  I may as well also leave you with another box project I did that you might want to put on your to do list.  Click on the picture to get to the step by step tutorial.

 stacked boxes

I put this free, printable card on Saturday's blog if you are interested.

 free printable card

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Beautiful Free Printable Christmas Card from Aimee Harrison Designs and The Cherry On Top

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Yesterday, we offered a new freebie and gave some links to even more free stuff.  Today, I've got a really, really pretty Christmas card printable for you using Aimee Harrisons gorgeous, new collection, Of Sugar Plums.  Aimee's designed several new, fabulous Christmas collections and this one for me, is the cherry on top.  Hehehe...

Keep reading to find out how to get this card, check out the tutorial and see a few of the newest goodies in the shop, Kreative Design Studio.

 Of Sugar Plums
 Download this card further in the blog.

The goodies/embellishments in this collection are just ga, ga gorgeous!  It could be my love for purple, but this super dark, passionate pinky purple is just mega fab.  I scrapped my dear mo-la. Please pardon the poor quality of this one.  I accidentally deleted my original, layered format and I had saved this one at 600, but boy do ya see a huge difference.  No more saving for WEB for me.

 Of Sugar Plums

If you want to knock out some birds with the same stone, then duplicate your layered version and make some changes for a totally different look to fit your needs.  You can see the clustering is pretty much the same.  I added Aimee's beautiful word art and all I have to do is insert our new (hahaha) family, Christmas photo.  As you may know, my boys have Autism.  The youngest falls much lower on the spectrum and photo taking is anything, but easy.  We'll see how it goes.  Typically, the shots are more for a comedy or future family anecdote.  Hehehe...  Stay tuned!

 Of Sugar Plums

I've made a few subtle changes to my original layout for today's free card.  Notice them?  Good Lawd!  Do not aperitif before blogging.  Mental note!  Hehehe...

I always recommend printing on best quality, on good, sturdy paper as well.  If you've got semi-gloss or gloss, definitely use that.  The difference, in my experience is huge.  Also, let your project dry as long as possible before manipulating it.

I always give a tutorial for my hybrids and this one is just a few, very easy steps.

-download the free printable
-fold in half
-cut off extra sides

I had my hubs choose a cutter for me.  Never again!  Hehehe...  Look at the size of this thing!  It does cut marvellously, though.  I need a table just for it.

See how easy it is?  Fold and cut and your card is ready.  Of course, if you're savvy enough, you can enlarge or shrink the card to your preference.

I want to show off the newest items in the shop, briefly.

First, our newest set of templates.  Designed for serious flexibility.  I'll make a video showing you the many different ways you can change them up to fit your needs.  Stay tuned, again.  If you want to see pages with the templates, check out yesterday's blog or the gallery on Pinterest or the shop.

This mini was free a few weeks ago.  If you missed it, make sure you are following us around and getting our newsletters.  Then you'll never miss out.  I also added a sticker sheet to the download incase you want to scrap traditionally.   I used these cards in an alternative manner, to scrap up a mini album.  I've got a video as well as step by step, picture tutorial.  Click here to see them.

 Choose Joy Scrapbooking Mini

Our new, Christmas themed templates have been selling wonderfully.  Join the other savvy shoppers and add them to your downloads, too.

 Very Merry Templates

 'Tis The Season Templates

Yesterday, I mentioned this mash up challenge in a fun, new Facebook group.  Find out how you can get two of these extraordinary templates for FREE.

 Digiscrap chat and challenge group

Don't forget to leave a comment with your desired goody from our shop and get a chance to win it!

 The Cherry Group

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Happy crafting!

New Scrapbooking Templates, You Could Be A Winner and New Freebies

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Whoo hoo!  We made it to Friday and we've got great new templates, new pretty pages with new collections from around DigiLand and as usual, free stuff.

We've just put these new templates in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.  Photo Love scrapbooking templates are mega versatile templates.  I've left all of the squares on their own layer for complete flexibility.  Use the spots for papers or photos, merge where ya want and embellish on top.

 Photo Love Templates

Four fabulous templates on a 12x12 format in formats, psd, tif and png.  Never tried our templates before?  We've got dozens of free ones on the blog.  Scroll through and find one that suits you to see the quality and craft of our goodies.  I've got a link for a free template more towards the end of the blog so keep on reading.

 Photo Love Templates
Photo Love Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Can ya recognise the awesomeness of Tammy's pages?!  That's her's up there. ^^^^  She's mega talented.  Mine is the one below.  Tammy and I both, used the spots for papers only and she didn't even bother with photos!  Hehehe... Never let a template dictate a theme that doesn't work for you.  That is the beauty of templates.  Change them up to suit your needs.  I even blog different ways to change up templates on occasion.

I had a rare opportunity to see my brother and his wife this summer.  I hadn't seem him in 15 years!  My hubs took this pic of them at our place in Germany.  That's the Mosel River in the background.  Breath taking, eh?

Photo Love Templates

Rachelle is a star, super scrapper!  She's done a double and she used our Free Falling scrapbooking kit.  You can find the kit here.

 Photo Love Templates

 Photo Love Templates

Andrea and Chris are showing off other ways to use those spots, which is exactly what I wanted you to see.  You could select the layers/squares you wish to use for one photo, merge those (don't forget to get rid of the shadow) and crop your photo in.

 Photo love Templates

I just love how Chris scrapped in that long photo!  She really took advantage of these squares and was able to show off a lot of pictures.

 Photo Love Templates

Rochelle also scrapped a super page with my gal Paty Greif's, Santa's Helpers collection, which is on sale for 30% at GingerScraps.

 Photo Love Templates
 Photo love Templates and Santa's Helpers

Aimee Harrison has two new collections out this week and they are SO fab!  This one is Jolly Ole Santa Clause and my little guy thrilled with his Pokemon stuffs.  Aimee's word art is so unbelievably fantastic.  If you're like me and not really into all of that journaling, her word art is perfect.  I often use them as titles, like I did here.  I did have to add that touch of green paper behind those deer so it stood out a bit better.  I wanted to make it look more like a present, but it just didn't seem to really add to the cluster. It made it too, busy.

 Jolly Ole Santa Clause

 Let's roll on to those freebies!

Have you taken the ride on our train of free templates?  Do ya love templates as much as I do or are you new to templates?  I've got a lot of tutorials on the blog as well as videos to get you started using templates. It is SO easy and you will save a lot of time, too.  

 free template

This is  my page with the free template and the DigiScrap Parade's free Bold collection.

 free template from TCOT and Bold from the DigiScrap Parade

I like showing off the versatility of a collection like this.  There is a lot of pink in it, but also a lot of yellow and blue.  You can just as easily scrap up a girly page as a page for guys.

                                   Bold from the DigiScrap Parade

There is a really fun challenge group on Facebook that you may want to consider joining.  I'm a contributor there and these two templates will be available for free when you join in on the mash up challenge. If they are not up yet, give it time. They will be and they won't be available free for long.

             Free in the challenge group             free in The challenge group

The templates are a part of a pack of templates that will be available next year.  They have a nifty artistic flair to them.

coming next year to the shop

If you like free stuff and you like The Cherry's products in the Kreative Design Studio on Etsy, then head over to our group and place the link to your favourite product from the shop and you could win it.  Last time I looked, no one entered a link so you have a HUGE chance of WINNING!  Hehehe...

Join us in the group.  We'd love to see you there!

Did you see our Tuesday blog?  I did a little something different and I really enjoyed writing a blog like this.  I'll definitely do it again.  It's already got a pretty good reception.  Yay!  Thanks if you were one of those readers.
 10 Fab Paper Projects for Christmas

Recently, I gave out a free mini.  Did you miss it?!  Darn!  Sign up for our newsletter so that never happens, again.  We give our readers freebies all of the time.  You deserve something for allowing us into your mailboxes and absorbing your very precious time.  Thanks!

I've designed a pretty, coordinating free word art for you.  Click on the image to download.  If ya like the Choose Joy mini, you can grab it in our shop.

 Choose Joy Word Art Freebie

Have you been downloading all of the amazing freebies from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio?  Click here to find out more.

 Advent Freebies from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Tomorrow, I'll have a free card using one of Aimee Harrison's totally gorgeous collections from this week.  You will not want to miss it!

Did you know The Cherry won an award?  Whoo hoo!  Top 100 scrapbooking blogs!  Click on the image and see the others on the list.  Consider following some other scrap-tastic blogs.

 Top 100 Scrapbooking Blogs

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10 Fabulous Christmas Paper Crafts

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a different kind of blog, today.  Like many of you, I'm also a huge fan of  I've had my gallery there for many years now and way before I started designing myself.  You can shop, get inspiration, tutorials and super ideas for your crafty projects.  Don't forget about gift ideas.  Whether you plan on making your gifts or giving a gift card or goody for your scrappy friends and family.

I chose just a few projects that I thought were fairly simple to replicate, lift or aspire to craft or scrap.  Personally, I'm a bit of a tight budget scrapper.  I rarely spend more than a few hours on a project as well.  I'm always on the hunt for simple, inexpensive and quicker projects.

I've taken each one of these projects, enlarged the image and I'll quickly walk ya through each one, giving ideas, alternatives and of course, links to help you even further.
How absolutely fabulous is this light, bright page?!  It may have felt lost if that tree weren't backed up on this simple, design paper and where the journaling is, it is plain.  Otherwise, the journaling wouldn't pop like it does now.  Consider washi, word strips, paper strips and keep building up to your desired look.  Picture placement is pretty versatile with this kind of base.  Move a bit left, right up or down and it will still look great.  Consider a mat under your pic if you think it looks too busy or your photo is not popping enough.

I love making my own cards.  I've got several blogs dedicating to making cards from older cards.  I'll share those link with you later in the blog.

Look at the simplicity here.  A large, design background, a plain mat and more design on top of that.  Check out your washi stash or use up scraps from your favourite Christmas paper.  Tiny patterns or plain will give you the best results.

Wow!  Wow!  I dig the not so traditional colour palette with this next one.  Think of all of the scraps you might be able to use up and unlike the first page, you can go a bit more crazy with your strips, word strips, washi...It doesn't have to be as calculated too, so you can save time in that department.  I'd highly recommend matting your photos so they stand out on what might be a busy background.

Inspired yet?  I sure am!  I really do love traditional scrap pages and this one epitomises one.  Don'cha just love using large photos?  Especially, when they are this nice.  Even the dog got in the shot.  Awe!

This is really a super example of how to use those papers with a large design on them.  I'm not so great at finding the right layout with them.  This page is a great example on how to use large design paper.  Staring with the largest for the base and then layering up with smaller design paper for a contrast.  The border usage is great, too.  Simple clusters at opposing corners and you're scrapped.

More fabulousness?  I'll say!  I've got a few blogs dedicated to top hats.  Tutorials and free templates so you can make your own.  Think of any occasion, not just Christmas.

Here are a few of the hats I designed.  You don't need a lot of supplies at all and you can totally let your creativity run wild.

 top hat tutorial and free template

 top hat tutorial and free template

This ornament would be a great gift idea.  You could use it as a tag as well.  Consider using a photo in the center for an alternative idea.  Just a bit of your scrap paper and few small embellishments and you'll have crafted up something super.

The basic concept is great.  Think of other shapes that would look good.  How about a tree or gift box?

This page is so super versatile.  You could place your precious pics in anyone of those spots.  Use design paper with a smaller print for the prettiest results.  Just a couple of small embellishments and really love the pocket idea.  Consider using journaling in place of one of the squares?

This card is the perfect example of how just the right embellishments and going large can make scrapping look totally awesome and not take up too much of your craft time.  A couple of layers and really fab embellishments, and your card is nearly ready.  The scalloping and stitching is the cherry on top.

I'm leaving you with two of my own Christmasy creations.  This is my invitation this year.  I will make a confession as well as give you an idea.  This started off as a quick page, where you simply place a photo in the spot.  In place of the photo, I've layered up a few papers and added my important information.  In another Christmas blog post, I re-scrapped a few pages for a nifty up cycled gift idea.  You can click here to see it.  Consider scrapping your invitations either digitally, traditionally or hybrid. It will certainly save you time if time is an issue.

Design your own cards, save money and use up those lovely scraps.  Click here to see another blog from The Cherry and use those scraps to make something gorgeous this Christmas.
 re cycle Christmas cards

I'll leave you with a few great products that will make your craft time even more enjoyable.

There are holiday deals, gift guides and FREEBIES at, too!  If you want to check out the gallery, click here.

Have you got someone on your list that could use a planner?  This one from Create 365 is really awesome AND it's in the clearance section.
If you're like me and love bang for your buck, THIS  is it!  An entire collection from Bella Boulevard and it's on sale for just 14,99.  It was nearly 50!  There are several collections at this super price.  Find the one you like best.
BoBunny is definitely a favourite of mine.  They've got these nifty wood shapes for under $5.  Paint them to match, spray, glitter or bling them up.  I've got a lot of these wood shapes and they are light and small so you can use them in most projects. Did you see how I used them in my top hat from Graphic 45?

I sure hope we've given you ideas and inspired you to get crafty.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.