Friday, January 17, 2020

Tattoo Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Layout Love, Gratitude and a New BoHo Chic, Free Printable For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Have you ever sat back the next day and reveled in an awesome morning before?  I'm doing that, right now.  Yesterday, I received a lovely e-mail from a fan exuberantly thanking me for all of the generous freebies I put around our social hot spots.  Wow!  That someone would take the time to send me an e-mail like that is a real rarity and boy, is it nice.  Shortly after, an insurance appraiser said the insurance would pay to have our windows fixed after robbers damaged and destroyed half of the doors and windows around our house as well as stole our family heirlooms, cash, totally unforgettable mementos...Then, I received a mail from Ginger at GingerScraps stating that I could be a permanent designer at GingerScraps!  Whoo hoo!  I was so happy, I made chocolate donuts for the kids.  Hehehehe...

Did you know that being grateful is like medicine?  I strongly recommend, telling people all of the little things or big things that you like, admire, love or appreciate about them.  Little complements throughout the day like, "I love those jeans!"  "Your hair looks terrific!"  "When is the last time I told you how awesome you are?"  Not only will you totally make someone's day, but YOU will actually benefit physiologically from it, too!  Spread some sunshine this weekend and everyday.

Every morning when you wake up, be glad ya did!  Hehehe...Think about all of what's right in your life while you slowly wake up.  Mmm...your bed, a roof over your head, AC or heating, running water, a loving pet, safe and healthy kids and or partner...As you're going through your day, take note of all of the awesome that is surrounding you and if some crap starts to seep into your brain, push it out immediately and concentrate on what is good. (Says the recovering Acute Anxiety Disorder sufferer.)

OK, there's your pep talk and daily does of awesome that will be sure to change your life!

I've got some templates that are so NOT taboo.  Though, that might be a cool idea for future.  Hehehe...They were tattoo inspired, but not at all solely for pictures of tattoos.  Some tattoos are beautiful pieces of art and I've wanted one for decades, but have continuously yielded for all kinds of reasons.  I love perusing images of tattoos and they are often the subjects of my templates.  This time it might be a bit more evident.

 Got Ink Templates

None of my ladies scrapped with a tattoo theme and I invite you to do the same.  Take notice of the versatility in them.

 Got Ink Templates
Got Ink Templates a mix of scrappy stuff

 Got Ink
Got Ink Templates and gorgeousness from Aimee Harrison

 Got Ink
Got Ink Templates goodies from Simplette

 Got Ink

 Got Ink Templates
Got Ink Templates goodies from Paty Greif

 Got Ink

I thought I'd share with you, how you can change up the design for this particular template.  I've left the two pieces separate so that you could either form a cross or just a shape.  By slightly nudging up or down or centering you can make this design anyway you like.  I thought some people might enjoy a religious element on their page.  It might be great to scrap someone who has passed or images from church.  Likewise, you can move the pieces to fit your needs.

The differences are very subtle.

Last week's templates were a real success and I couldn't be happier about that!  A huge thanks to all of you that added Only You to your template stash!  I'm seeing a lot of gorgeous pages with them.

 Only You templates

Did you see we've added more goodies to the shop?  There are even more still.  Keep scrolling to see those and make sure you don't already own them.

 GingerScraps Shop

I used our 2 Dye 4 templates for this expressive page.  I took out all of the...neutral colors and elements and designed a page to fit a crap mood.  Hehehe...I wasn't in a bad mood.  That rarely happens, though it is really therapeutic to scrap when ya feel sad, depressed, anxious...scrap therapy really works.  Give it a try?

 To Dye For Templates

These are the other templates I've recently added to the shop at GingerScraps.


I hope you enjoyed the free BoHo Chic collection?  If you missed it, wait a bit and it'll be in the GingerScraps shop soon.  I'll let ya know!  I designed this book marker for you.  Download it and maybe consider sharing our blog link with your friends who might like it as well.  If you need a tutorial on how to work with a book marker like this, check ours out here.

 free printable bookmarker
Free Printable Book Marker with the BoHo Chic Collection

My gal Theresa scrapped up our Day Of The Dead templates with BoHo Chic.  I love denim!

Did ya see our $2 Tuesday deals this week?  I hope you didn't miss!  I've got all of the Tuesday's in January planned and plan on doing them all for February soon, too.  So maybe set a notification to check out what they are each week?  It's totally worth it!

If you're a freebie lover, like myself then you'll definitely want to hit up GingerScraps challenges.  I used this month's Buffet's color palette for the freebies I provided this month which were the Desktop Challenge and one of the templates.  That means there were TWO free templates this month.  

 4 kicks templates

 DEsktop challenge

If my template isn't up yet, then grab the first one and wait a bit for it! If ya missed it...

 Free template

This one is mine.  It might be up on the 15th.

 template challenge

Don't forget yours truly and my friend Sandy from Key Lim Digi Design teamed up for our fruity collaboration for the Designer Spot Light and Daily Download.  We've been giving away freebies every single day this month and there are even more on the GingerScraps Facebook page.

 Daily Download

I was knocked off of my chair when I saw Cindy's page using our Tag!  You're It! templates.  Holy, wow!  She's doing the MOC (month of challenges) at The Lily Pad.

 Tag your it templates

 Tag your it templates

Enjoy all of these fabulous freebies and feel free to give us some love by commenting, sharing and showing us what you do with all of this free stuff in our group.  It's a great way to say, thanks.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Freebie Recap, Page Starters, New Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Layout Love

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's going to be tough to top off last week's blog.  It was packed full of amazing new products and half a dozen freebies.  If you missed it, go back and check it out.  I'll do a little recap of the month's events since there are so many and I'll show off our newest pack of digital scrapbooking templates found in the GingerScraps shop. Don't forget!  The shop's on sale 40% OFF!

Thanks so much for being here and enjoy today's presentation.

 Only You Templates

 Get a good ogle at the beautiful pages from my awesome team!

 Only You templates

Only You Templates and Dreaming Of Winter

 Only You templates

 Only You Templates
Only You Templates and Goodies from MarieH Designs

 Only You Templates
Only You templates and Xuxper Designs

 Only You templates
Only You templates and goodies from JoCee Designs

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has a new kit out.  We both scrapped with it.  Scroll further to grab her freebie.

 Only You Templates

 Only You Templates

 freebie from TSSA

 Are Time templates

 Only You templates

 Only You templates

 Only You Templates

 Only You templates

 Only You Templates

I love finding our templates on various social media.  I found this lovely page a few days ago, using our Winter Chill templates.

 Winter chill templates

 Winter Chill templates

Here's last week's releases.

 Toujours Templates
Toujours Templates (Always)

Here's a new concept.  Want to find out more?  Check out the video!

 Toujours Page Starters

Here's our contribution to this month's Desktop Challenge, a free template!

This month's buffet's colors were so fun I used them more than once.  There's still another freebie waiting in the wings, so stay tuned!

 for kicks templates

This is what the 12 Days of Christmas freebies looked like.  It certainly is beneficial to be on our newsletter list.  Hopefully, we'll be getting this in the GingerScrap shop soon.

These free graphics are still available for free, on last week's blog.

 Free Graphics for BoHo Chic

If ya love free stuff, then make sure you're doing the Daily Download!

 Daily Downlaod

Another coordinating freebie for you!

 Freebie from the Gingerscraps FB Page

 Sweet freebies from JoCee!

 JoCee Designs club

 Freebie from Jo

If you follow along in the group, you may have seen a few of these ads for $2 Tuesdays at GingerScraps.  It's a great time to save big on a few items from our shop, there.  This was last week's deal.  I can't tell you next week's, but I'll give you a hint.  If you love luscious ribbons, you're going to love the two packs of templates.

 TCOT @ GingerScraps

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry.  Next week, we'll have more new templates, inspiration that'll have you itching to scrap and more freebies from around DigiLand.

Happy scrapping!

Tattoo Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Layout Love, Gratitude and a New BoHo Chic, Free Printable For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top. Have you ever sat back the next day and reveled in an awesome morning before?  I'm doing that, right no...