Up-Cycled Envelope With Inserts

Welcome to an up-cycled edition of, The Cherry On Top.

I love making something fabulous out of nothing.  Every year we receive an envelope full of coupons from local businesses.  I've been keeping them for years, thinking that it would come in handy one day and I finally got around to doing something with it.  I made a mini memory keeper of a trip I took with my parents to Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Below you see the flyer as it comes in the mail.  A fold up envelop with the square inserts.  Pictured, is the front and back of the enclosure as well as an insert.


Above, to the left, is the original and to the right, you can see how I used it as a stencil.  The paper it is printed on is quite flimsy.  I used card stock from Simple Stories.  Below, is more card stock from the same kit.  I used the insert as a template for the same reason.  On the red sheet, I used washi tape to serve as a frame and add rigidity.  Keep in mind that the envelope cannot hold too, many pages.  Especially, if you choose to use a lot of embellishments.

Once your pages are made, embellish as you will.  My book has quite a lot of embellishments and didn't close perfectly.  Hence, the frilly string tied around.  You may choose to adhere the string in some places so that it doesn't fall off.  I tied it a bit loosely so that all one has to do is gently lift open the and pull the inserts out.

Of course, you  could adhere one page to the bottom of the envelope, then make an accordion style insert that stays together.  There are so many things you could do with something like this.  Put your  imagination in action!

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