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Printables and Ideas

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!
I'm taking a slight side step from my digital obsession to bring a special blog featuring printables.  I've only just begun using them.  Amanda from A-Manda Creation introduced me to them.  I was a bit pessimistic about it in the beginning, but when I saw how easy, fast and cheap it was, I was hooked!  I shook my head with incredulity at the ease of it all.  If you know me, you know, the easier the better.  Fast?  Even better still. 
I'm here to show ya exactly what they are, what you can do with them, alternative ideas and of course, hook you up with some links so you can try  it out, too.
Below you will see a 4th of July set from A-Manda Creation.  These are the bubble wrappers.  Just print, cut and wrap them around your bubbles.  It literally takes only a few minutes.  Great for picnics, weddings, birthday parties...You name it and there is a printable for it!

How about a little token to put in your kid's lunch box to let them know you…

A Hybrid Gift From Boutique Cute Dolls

Happy holidays!  Thanks for stopping by The Cherry On Top.
Yay!!!  I'm teamed up with Boutique Cute Dolls this week.   We've got a super hybrid project for you!  Hurry!  Grab your scissors, glitter and goodies because you won't want to miss out on this one!
It's what's pictured below.  Just click on the image and download.  Then come back here and see how I put it all together and pimped it up.  Place a photo of the gift receiver in each designated space.  When the gift giving is over, get all of the tags together, fasten and give again!

Here's is ideally how it looks.

Cut out your tags, after printing them on decent card stock.  Maybe something with a nice underside or adhere them to scrap card stock that matches, like I did.

Get some of your favourite embellishers and get set!

I simply dabbed a few drops of glitter glue to get a splash of bling and dimension.

Plop on a few pearls for some serious pizazz!

Just one drop of glitter glue and a rhinestone.  Bingo…

Boutique Cute Dolls and ME!!!

A very happy day to crafters and scrappers across the globe! I made my blogging debut for Boutique Cute Dolls! What an honour working with such a talented designer and design team.  For my first BCD entry, I talked about Boutique Cute Dolls newest release, “Always Remember” with focus on photos, aesthetic and simple observation. I chose a couple of layouts that high light just what I’m referring to.  Janyelle has included two photos of what looks like a very special day.The one in the centre, framed, drawing your eye first. The second, taking a back seat, yet its presence also noticeable for its fun and the use of the large bracket. The photos are a huge part of this layout. Not only because we’ve all been to a wedding or have been in one ourselves, but we understand the importance of this very special event. A layout like this is a sweet reminder of the magic of marriage. Is the frame not a symbol of the rings and eternity as well? A subconscious choice? Maybe, but still excellent. Espe…

Easy, Cheap Meal Ideas

Thanks for coming to visit The Cherry On Top!
Today I'm starved and thought I might share with you some meal ideas.  One is super duper easy to whip up and you might just have all of the ingredients in your house at least most of the time.  The other is a popular Belgian meal that I thought anyone would love.
Let's start off easy!  I grabbed these pictures from the internet.  My pictures of food usually look ...not so yummy.  Hehehe...
This is pasta carbonara.  I only recently started making it, but it is so popular even with my extremely picky, Autistic, sensory sensitive children.  As you are preparing your pasta to boil, you start on the sauce.  First, fry up some bacon pieces.  Chop'm up if they aren't already, then put them to the side.  You can use many different things to make this creamy, cheesy sauce.  I've used cream cheese, herbed cream cheese and sour cream, although most recipes call for heavy cream.   Seeing how my hubby has heart complications, I go…

Graphic 45 and ME! An AMAZING Opportunity!

A super, happy Saturday to you friends, fans and family!
I had a fantastic afternoon, yesterday.  I attended Scraptastic in Belgium.  It's an all weekend event of various paper crafting and just good ole' creative fun.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fortunate I was to attend an event like this.  Juggling it between two handicapped children and my ill husband wasn't easy, but I had perma-grin throughout the entire workshop.  Seeing the owner and her beautiful family all standing there in front of the class, welcoming  us, was very, very special, indeed.  I just have to share with you, the project we feverishly constructed as well as photos of friends I  made there.
This picture comes from the Scraptastic site.  Gorgeous, eh?!  Of course, no one finished their project, but that's nothing new.  I've never attended a workshop where I finished a project.  No worries!  It's just great to be there among fellow scrappers and creative beings.

I'll be sure to …