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Scrap'n @ Tiny's Hobby

Hey, Ya'll!
I finally got around to scrapping another traditional book.  I got started with this project at Tiny's Hobby Shop in Kortrijk, Begium.  They have all kinds of workshops year long and if it were closer I think I could have my own parking spot!  Hehehe...
We had explicit, detailed direction for the project, but as usual, I did my own thing.  I don't want my album to look like anyone else's and because the class was in Dutch, I wasn't sure how much I would be able to follow.  Everyone finished their book by the end and only had to put some embellishments and pictures in.  That hardly ever happens!  Hats off to our illustrious instructor (who turned out worked with my neighbour from across the street).
We got the ENTIRE Simple Stories collection 24/7.  As you can see when you scroll down, it was one heck of a collection.  We were totally spoiled.  Don'cha just love that?!  I can't wait to go back again and get scrappy with Vicky and the other fanta…

Waterpark +

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!
I can hardly wait to get started today.  Take a look at this kit.  Is it not fabulously breath taking?!  So vivid and alive with color.  I could just cry.  Ok, I may be a bit hormonal today, but this kit makes my mouth water. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with it.  I also love when I can blah, blah about kits that are a great value!  This one is just $2.79.  If you are working with Euros like I am, you can hardly get a croissant for that price!  A-Manda Creation has a wonderful collection of bundles and kits all at fantastic prices.  Head over to her store and be ready to be amazed.
Without further a due, her is Waterpark a Collaboration.  The image is hooked up to the link.  Who loves ya, Baby?!

Here's the first layout I made with Waterpark.  I slightly scraplifted this from a layout over on my Scrap Ideas Board at Pinterest.  I get loads of inspiration there!  Come join me there by clicking on the red and white P over to the lef…

Father's Day Feature

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry On Top!

I have a lot of FREEBIES for you today!

Father's Day is a very special day for people all around the world.  We had our Father's Day, here in Belgium, already.  So all of my research is done, but I'll share it with you incase you still have to plan it. These are great, last minute ideas that you can make in a pinch.  Good for those of us who wait until the last minute or are tight on cash.  Hehehe...

First, why not try printables?  I was amazed at how fast and easy they are to put together.  A-Manda Creation has A-mazing printables.  I've had the pleasure to work with at least a half a dozen of them for totally different occasions.  Birthdays,  Cinco De Mayo, St Paddy's...  The Father's Day printables are really great and cheap.  Click on the image to get to A-Manda's Etsy shop and get yours!  Here's just one  example:

And she has a FREEBIE you can find on her blog as well as really low prices.

Still not impress…