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Graphic 45 Top Hat

Whoo hooo!

Hello there, Fans, Followers and Friends!

I've been up to some paper crafting goodness.  With the gorgeous products from Graphic 45, your creativity can reach some oxygen lightening levels!  Check out this top hat I made for a future Graphic 45 workshop.

I used a cereal box for the base.  It's really just two circles,  a cylinder, some strips of paper, ink, a lot of double sided tape and glue dots.  Then a drop of paint, glitter and some good ole bling!

I always keep the green wire on my paper flowers and wrap it around a thin paint brush for this spiral effect.  Cool, eh?  Do the same to get the paper spirals.

I wanted to keep some goodies around my hat so you can get an idea how small it is as well as see some of the products I used.  It's a collaboration of manufactures like BoBunny, Webster Pages, Graphic 45...

Here is the front view.

This is a good view of the top and the back.  I covered the seems with fabric tape and added blingy dots for more drama.


New Furry Friends

A lovely day to you!
Yesterday, for the first time in my life and my boy's life, we went to a pound.  Like most children, my boys are crazy about animals and I figured there would be some shedding of tears, but I was determined to get some kitties and perhaps another, small dog.
This little fluff ball, affectionately know, for now as Pudding, is yet to be seen.  She is VERY shy.  We managed to scoop her up after everyone was in bed and hold her to us and give her some lovely din dinns on our lap.  She was just lovely and finally started exploring after the dog was locked up in our son's room.  (whispering...I just found her behind my printer.)

While on the other hand, this little devil is not shy at all, which is why we thought she would be great to take home.  Bring the other out of her shell as well.  She is extremely affectionate to all of the people here, but not so nice with the kitten and just a nightmare to our sweet doggie.  
Liam fell in love with a skinny, black kit…