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Graphic 45 and ME! An AMAZING Opportunity!

A super, happy Saturday to you friends, fans and family!
I had a fantastic afternoon, yesterday.  I attended Scraptastic in Belgium.  It's an all weekend event of various paper crafting and just good ole' creative fun.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fortunate I was to attend an event like this.  Juggling it between two handicapped children and my ill husband wasn't easy, but I had perma-grin throughout the entire workshop.  Seeing the owner and her beautiful family all standing there in front of the class, welcoming  us, was very, very special, indeed.  I just have to share with you, the project we feverishly constructed as well as photos of friends I  made there.
This picture comes from the Scraptastic site.  Gorgeous, eh?!  Of course, no one finished their project, but that's nothing new.  I've never attended a workshop where I finished a project.  No worries!  It's just great to be there among fellow scrappers and creative beings.

I'll be sure to …