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Easy, Cheap Meal Ideas

Thanks for coming to visit The Cherry On Top!
Today I'm starved and thought I might share with you some meal ideas.  One is super duper easy to whip up and you might just have all of the ingredients in your house at least most of the time.  The other is a popular Belgian meal that I thought anyone would love.
Let's start off easy!  I grabbed these pictures from the internet.  My pictures of food usually look ...not so yummy.  Hehehe...
This is pasta carbonara.  I only recently started making it, but it is so popular even with my extremely picky, Autistic, sensory sensitive children.  As you are preparing your pasta to boil, you start on the sauce.  First, fry up some bacon pieces.  Chop'm up if they aren't already, then put them to the side.  You can use many different things to make this creamy, cheesy sauce.  I've used cream cheese, herbed cream cheese and sour cream, although most recipes call for heavy cream.   Seeing how my hubby has heart complications, I go…