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Throwing Some Scraps Around & Freebies

Is it Monday already?!
Hey there fans!  Welcome back To The Cherry On Top.  Today's blog is filled with inspiration, tips, mega clustering, some designer information and of course, FREE stuff.
Throwing Some Scraps Around is one of my favourite designers.  Can you see why?  Hello, Gorgeous!!!  I won this kit and to show my gratitude, I made a layout featuring one of my favourite pictures of Jeffrey.  I got offered a job on the CT right away.  Ha!  Of course I didn't have to think about it.  Scroll further and see some other fabulous kits by Throwing Some Scraps Around.
This may have been one of my first mega clusters, ever.  I'm still ok with the way it turned out.  I'm not a great cluster-er, but there is improvement.  How do you do it?  I don't know!!!  I just keep building and building and tweaking and tweaking.  Sometimes I just can't get it right.  It has a lot to do with balance and texture and getting those shadows just right.  I don't know much about sh…

"Our Tweet Katie"

Good Day!
"Our Tweet Katie" is a new kit from Touched By A Butterfly.  It's super, super special because every penny sold for this kit will go directly to help Katie.  Yay!  The Creative Team has been working feverishly for Katie. We're making her a photo book of our layouts as well as spreading the word.  I've been out there spreading the word, too!  You know how much money it costs to have special children in special situations?  I know for sure!  I have a hubby with a heart condition and two kids with Autism.  My youngest goes to a special school and has three different therapists.  It costs a lot more when they need medical attention and medication as well.
So, help us out, by helping Katie.  You can read all about Katie and the fund raising on a link I'm providing.  You can "Like" her Facebook Page, share it around as much as possible.  That's almost as good as buying the kit.  The sales have been pretty good so far, but they could be bett…