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Life Is Lovely with Freebies

Welcome To The Cherry On Top!
Le'me guess!  You came to look at the pretty pictures and grab the freebies?!  LOL!  
Well, I'll get right to it!  Obviously, the first layout is my favourite!  This kit is "Life Is Lovely" created and designed by Celeste at Touched By A Butterfly.  She's my designer in the spot light, today.  How about this kit, Folks?!  The palette is so soft and sweet I wanna touch it!

This layout I used as a scrap lift example over on my Facebook Page. I've been putting up inspiration every day to keep my fans on their toes and keep them scrapping!

My little cutie.  Don't be afraid to use flowers and soft colours with boy's pages.  Especially, when you don't have GIRLS TO SCRAP!!!  Hehehe...

"Life Is Lovely" is not too soft to scrap the men in your life!

Before you get a closer look at the kit, let's get to know Celeste from Touched By A Butterfly a little better.  She lives in good ole F-L-A!  My old stomping grounds!  Wh…


I hope you came for the FREEBIES!!!  Hehehe...
My girl Romajo has a new kit out, "Owly You".  How cute is that?!  I wanted to brew up a little excitement, so I asked our Facebook fans to Like our status and when we got to 20 combined Likes, I'd whip up a FREEBIE.  I thought I'd make two.  One for here and one for over on Facebook. To my complete astonishment, I got those likes in just a couple of minutes!  Awesome!!!
Here's the new, "Owly You" kit.  The colors are so rich and elegant.  Wow!  It's also just $2.25 right now, but it won't be for long.  So ya better just head over to the shop and grab it before it's twice the price.  Click on the preview below and it will take you there.

I made this layout with my loving son and his cousin.  Hehehe...  He was a big time hair puller!  He loved to see the reaction.  I think you can see exactly why  he did this!  Hehehe...  She has forgiven him since.  LOL!

Here are the two FREEBIES.  One is here, on t…

Birthday FREEBIES!!!

Happy birthday to me....

So, I put up a nice cluster frame on my Facebook Page and felt like that just wasn't enough.  I brewed up a page stacker, too.  You may use both together as well.  They are both versatile and they are yours just for being a fan of The Cherry On Top.

I've been stock piling a bunch of CU stuff and finally came up with something to do with it!  Most of this is from Feli and the bling is from Manu Scraps.  They make beautiful stuff.  I buy most of my CU stuff from The Studio ON SALE!  Hehehe...  I also subscribe to the newsletter where they give a freebie every week.  That's right a FREE CU every week.

Here's your FREE stacker.  Enjoy and thank you for being a part of The Cherry On Top!

This is the FREEBIE over on my Facebook Page.  Click on the image and it will take you there.

And here are some things you can do with the freebies.

Don't ever be afraid to use flowers or pink with pictures of men and boys and scrap yourself for Pete's sake!…

BCD's FREE Valentine's Hybrid Project

Welcome To The Cherry On Top!

I'm teamed up again, with Boutique Cute Doll.  Yay!  I love Kel's designs!

The newest release is just lovely with a capital "L".  "Seasons Of Love" is the kit I used to make today's hybrid project.  You are gonna love just how versatile this one is.  No cutsie stuff this time.  This is great for adults, tweens, teens, boys and you could even use these bag toppers/tags on just about any occasion.

Listen, I set this baby up for the upmost flexibility.  I left a considerable amount of white space so you can cut them to the size you need.  I also left the background white, so you don't use too much ink.  Anything to make things easier and save you cash, right?!

OK, let's get down to business!

1)  You've downloaded your FREEBIE from BCD's blog.  You didn't?!  Then click here.

2)  Print out your bag toppers in the size desired.  I used the largest setting on my printer which was 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm and it was pe…

Free Hybrid Card

Good day, my lovelies!
I've got my hybrid card from Paty Greif all printed out and ready.  I want to share with you some tips and my experience with the project.  If you didn't get yours yet, go to my Facebook Page and grab it while it's still there.  My previous blog has a bunch of coordinating freebies.  Head there and get them all!

First, my hubby printed this out on a different printer and boy, is there a huge difference!  Mine is so dull and this one is just brilliant.  So printer quality is huge!

I highly recommend using card stock to print these out.  However, if you don't have any it's no big deal at all.  These were printed out on regular paper and they look great, but the rigidness of card stock will make your project not only more durable, but it will have a better quality to it, too.

Here's the deal with the 3D effect.  You have to really like fussy cutting!  I do!  I do!  I think the card looks great either way, but that little shot of dimension g…

Paty Greif FREEBIE Mania!

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top!
I'm here again, already with a bunch of new FREEBIES, but first you'll have to look at all of the pretty pictures!  Hehehe....  Paty Greif is such a talented, fun designer.  See her newest collection, "Applemania".  It is an absolute blast working with these kits.  Scroll further for my layout inspiration and many awesome FREEBIES.  Print them out and get cooking or make something lovely for a friend who likes to bake.  That's what I plan on doing!

Each preview is connected with the store.  Click on them and get zapped over so you can take a closer look.  Your recipe book will be so cute when use the whole bundle!

I just kept on going with this kit.  There is so much and it's all so beautiful.  I couldn't stop!  Here's my boy and a few favourite shots of him.

Here are a few of my own baking successes.  I am a kitchen queen!

Here's me and my hubby having a great time at Katuit.  That's a yearly parade here in…