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iNSD and The Cherry On Top on Pinterest

Leave a comment here or contact me via FB or e-mail at if you would like an invite to post on the board.  It's totally free, but you do need a Pinterest account.  There is just so much going on, it's a nice one stop place for folks to see what's go'n on.

Weekly Menu Planner #6

Weekly Menu Planner #6

Save money.  Save time.  Save the hassle and plan your menu's!

Monday:  shrimp or chicken scampi

Click on the image above to get an unbelievably easy recipe.  You will shake your head when you find out just how easy it is to make this from scratch.  Replace the shrimp with fish or chicken if you like.
Tuesday:  breakfast for supper

This is such an easy way to make eggs.  You can make everyone's the way they like it, too!
I love to brown some thinly sliced potatoes, garlic and onion.  Then make a hole in the potatoes and place an egg in between.  Of course, drown it in hot sauce and cover with bacon and cheese.  Awwwwe......!  Hehehe...
Wednesday:  Jambalaya
I'm giving you the reins a bit here.  I've linked you up to the page with a ton of different recipes.  However, this link :…

Just So Scrappy, Glorious Day

Hey, Y'all!  Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Today I've got Just So Scrappy in the spotlight.  Now, prepare yourself.  You are about to see some seriously gorgeous stuff!  Hehehe...
First, I've got some really sweet layout love to show off.  Yip!  That's me!  I'm sipping on some lovely Mosel wine.  It's made right there on the river in Germany.  I love this region of Germany.  It's peaceful, small and not too far from where I live in Belgium.

Another layout with Glorious Day.  This day was indeed, glorious!  This picture was also taken in Germany.  Bernkastel to be specific.  This village is totally worth seeing.  You are gonna think you are in Epcot Center!  It's just too good to be true.
Dat's Genieten means...Ah, the life!  That's a loose translation.  Literally, you would say, "That is enjoyment".

Click on the image below to get to the store and click JSS on FB to visit the Facebook Page.

If you know The Cherry, then you know I've got…

Weekly Menu planner #5

Whoooo Hoooo!

I can't believe we are already on #5!  I thought I'd do this for two months to see what kind of reaction I get and so far, it's pretty good, but there is always room for improvement.

I'm gonna start the week off with meat, starch, veg.  This way if you have left overs from the weekend, you could eat them here.

Monday:  meat, starch, veg

We will be having chipolatas/sausage, mashed potatoes, carrots (mixed in that stump recipe from a previous menu) and gravy.  It's a favourite of the kids and when made from scratch, very healthy.

Do yourself a favour and do NOT use margarine or other nonfood fat.  Stick with butter and olive oil.  They are both actually, healthy and when consumed in moderation, even good for you.  Start taking the time to read the ingredients on the food you purchase.  If ya can't pronounce it or have absolutely no idea what it is, then by all means, do NOT buy it!

I'll help ya out by providing a homemade gravy recipe and tell y…

Romajo's Bunny Hop

Howdy, Hoppers!!!
Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

I've got a couple of goodies for you thanks to By Romajo Scrap Shop.  Enjoy the freebies, leave me some love and check out my other links where I have more treats!
My first on is some really cute, free word art.  Click on the image and it's all yours! ALL FREEBIES HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN.  CONTACT ME IF YA JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.

This pretty banner can by found on my Facebook Page.  Become a fan by liking the page and ya get even another goodie.  You will love it over there and wished you were a fan a long time ago!

Here's another FREEBIE from another CT member.  Click on the link and head to her part of the hop!

I made this card last year.  If you like it, just right click and save it.

This is the Easter card I will be using this year.  I combined both of my freebies and used just a couple of other things from the kit in the shop.  I'm Pinning it on to my board, "Free Digi Scrap Stuff".  Click on the preview below, and simp…

Weekly Menu Planner #4

Welcome, to yet another Weekly Menu Planner! #4

We are on a two week Spring Break and we will be in Germany for part of that.  In celebration of me being in one of my favourite countries, how about a little cuisine from Germany?  Let's keep it simple!

Monday: meat, starch, veg (Choose your own if you don't like German cuisine or follow the recipe and just don't use the kraut.)

A typical dish is sauerkraut, potatoes and pork.  Chop your potatoes up rather large, chop carrots if you would like more veggies, add whatever pork meat you would like.  I like to use a mix.  Think about some thick, lean bacon, a tiny ham still on the bone, a thick slice of ham, sausages...kilbasa... (If you don't like pork, substitute those yummy veggie dogs!  They won't need to cook long.)  Then pour your sauerkraut over the top and add enough water or bouillon to cover the dish.  I would make it in the slow cooker on the slowest level and let it cook while you are at work or you can simmer…

Made By Keuntje Debut at The Cherry

Welcome, Friends and Fans!
Today, I am debuting Made By Keuntje!  She's another uber talented designer I work with.  As you can see by this first layout I made with her newest Easter release available at Scrap Takeout.  This colour combination is definitely a favourite of mine.  Is it not just gorgeous?!  Top it off with one of my all time favourite pictures of Liam!  Ha!

This second layout is showing the festive side of the kit.  Don'cha just love when a kit has this kind of versatility?!  Yes, please!!!

This is a closer look at the new kit, "Easter Fun".  It's definitely on the eclectic side which makes a perfect match for me!  Hehehe...Click on kit images to get to the shop.

Next, I wanna show off my favourite kit from MBK.  Robot Love!

Again, I used the kit in two totally different manners.  The first one is cartoonie, cute fun.  Another super fun photo of my spaghetti mushed, Liam looking very happy!  Don'cha just love all of the original elements?!

My second …