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Weekly Menu Planner #15

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!

I'm probably sitting in Spain right now, sipping on some lovely sangria while enjoying the view of the pools, ocean and mountains.  Finally!  We haven't been on this kind of vacation in years and having two boys with Autism makes life a little tougher.  So, this vacation is well in need.  Hehehe...

I'm writing this one up early and set'n the schedule to post while I am away.  I'll cross my fingers that it works.

Let's get started!

Monday:  Caprese Salad With Grilled Flank Steak

This is an awesome recipe.  I love salads like this.  Use your grill pan and the steak will be ready in minutes.  Mozzarella is so yummy and will fill the tummy, too!  This recipe is easy to whip up and of course, really good for ya, too!  Click the picture to get the recipe.  It's ready fast and don't worry that there is no starch.

Tuesday:  fish, starch, veg
This is a way too, easy tilapia recipe for you.  Ready in mere minu…

Weekly Menu Planner #14

Welcome again, to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu!

Hola ,Amigos! Things are get'n crazy as I prepare for a trip to Spain!  I didn't want to leave ya hanging.  I loved this weeks menu's.  So, I'm just making some alterations to it.  I'll do the same for next weeks because I won't be here!  Yay!  Hehehe...

I hope you have a trip planned for the summer.  We hardly ever leave this place.  With two, young, Autistic children, with terrible car sickness, you can understand that one!  The restaurant in our complex is amazing.  Fresh, daily made, home cooking at an unreal price!  It's such a lucky card to draw.  Paella, zarzuela, apperos...I can't wait!

Monday:  Soup N' Sandwiches (click on the image for the pumpkin soup recipe)

Home made soup is so easy to make.  Wash the veggies that are still sitting in your fridge.  Cut them up in large pieces, throw them in the pot, add some salt, pepper and maybe a touch of veggie bouillon.  (Just watch how salty it i…

Just So Scrappy Hybrid Freebie

Hi there, Happy Scrappers!
Welcome back to The Cherry On Top!
I've got a lot of fans out there who, like me, love Just So Scrappy.  Katie's kits are absolutely gynormous and the colour palette is always pleasing.  Her range is just unbelievably versatile and perfect for any scrapper.  JSS's prices are also one of the lowest in the market.  How else do ya think I knew about them?!  Hehehe...
Just Relax is another, absolutely fabulous kit with a stunning colour palette.  It's classic, rich and flat out wonderful.  Wow!  I had to scrap some of my favourite trips of one of my favourite countries, Germany.  I love it in Germany and we go on vacation there a couple of times a year.  This is Monschau, Germany.  It's very small and well preserved.  An easy day trip for most Belgians.

When I think of relaxing, I have to include pictures of a trip without children!  Hehehe...For sure!  Here's another gorgeous city worth seeing if you are anything into architecture.  It's…

TCOT Weekly Menu Planner #13

Hi!  I feel like I was just here!  Hehehe...Let's just jump right into it!

Monday: fish starch veg

I'm not a super huge fan of salmon, but I know a lot of others are.  So, here goes a recipe for you!  Feel free to substitute your favourite fish with this same recipe and it should turn out just as yummy.  One of the great things about fish, eh?!  Now, what are you going to cook it with?  Rice from the steamer?  Mashed potatoes?  Couscous?  The choice is yours!  Broccoli or green beans would be great with this, too.  Fresh first, then frozen.  Never canned or jarred, ok?!

Tuesday:  Steak, pot, peppers

I love beef.  I have to admit, but beef and shrimp are probably my favourite.  This recipe is very easy as is most steak recipes and fast, too.  I love that!  My kids would never eat the onions and peppers.   So, I slice them big enough to pick them out and typically just cut up some raw carrots or tomatoes for them.  To me, baked potatoes are the way to go here.  If you have time, chu…

Gorgeous Freebies From TSSA and TCOT

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top!

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to blog about Throwing Some Scraps Around's newest release, By The Sea.  Is it not absolutely fabulous?! Of course it is!

I really love working with Jodi's kits.  The colour palettes are breath taking and the embellishments she puts in are always well thought out and very useful.  See for yourself through the two layouts I created with, By The Sea.

Awe, me and Liam.  Man!  I wish I could still fit into those pants!  BWAAAH!

This has to be one of my all time favourite layouts and kits.  I scrap lifted a layout from someone over at The Studio.  I often place sketches and beautiful layouts on my FB Page to inspire my fans.  Stop over and see what's up.

Familie aan zee is Dutch for Family on the the sea.  Always a bit chilly for me.  Can't even get my toes in the water!  Hehehe...

Here's a closer look at the kit.  Don't forget, there are always quick pages for each kit Jodi makes in case you love the …

Awesome FREEBIE From TCOT and BCD

Howdy, Fans!
Sorry about all of those acronyms, but that title would have went into next week!  Hehehe...  I have a feeling you don't care one bit, do you?!  You are here for the GOODIES, aren't you?!  Of course!  Why else would I be making them?!  LOL!
So, you probably saw Boutique Cute Doll's gorgeous new kit, Explore Everyday?  Wow!  It is just fabulous, which is good ole fashioned BCD creativity and product.  Always, always awesome.  So, that means I have to come up with awesome free stuff to go with it.  So do you!  You can make the most wonderful projects with BCD products.
Here's one layout I made with the new kit and it is get'n hits like crazy.  Thanks for that!  When you have a fabulous kit, you get fabulous layouts and projects.  It's that simple!  Really!

Here is a closer look at the kit.  The image is hooked up to the store if ya wanna check it, which I'm sure you do!

If you came from the BCD blog, then you might know about the challenge that is goi…

Week #12 Menu Planner From TCOT

Get'n ready for another week!

Let's plan it and save, some time, hassle, money and eat better.

Monday:  pulled pork sandwiches (or chicken)

Throw all of the ingredients in the pot in the morning and let it simmer all day.  When you come home from work, dinner's ready!  These babies look totally awesome.  I have to say the Hoisin sauce threw me off a bit!  I'm gonna hook ya up with another just in case.

My hubby wrestles up our pork shoulder on the grill and then slices it super thin.  Ooh, la, la!  Make sure to get some fresh buns or bread that isn't full of preservatives.  Even the half baked bread's better.  If it's gotta long shelf life, then it ain't no good!
This next recipe is really easy and a little bit more typical.  The Six Sisters have totally awesome recipes.  Go check them out!

Tuesday:  spaghetti
We are big time spaghetti eaters!  The kids love it.  It's healthy and it fills the gut.  It's also a great way to get rid of older vegetables t…

Free Photo Booth Props

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!
It's gonna be a quickie today!  Hehehe...I really wanted to make some photo booth props for Father's Day because my hubby needs some new pictures of the boys in his office.  LOL!  I looked on line, but couldn't find any free ones.  So, I headed over to, grabbed some pngs and came up with this!
A couple of fans said they would be interested in having these, so here they are!  For you for all of nut'n!  Just click on the image, look to the right for a download prompt at Photobucket.  Enjoy!

I've got tons of FREE stuff on my blog.  Feel welcomed to scroll through and grab all that you can!  It's all for personal use.  You may only share this link, not the products themselves.   Thanks!  Come back tomorrow for the Weekly Menu Planner.

Freebies From The Cherry On Top

Happy Friday to you!!!!!
Hehehe...I woke up this morning to an inbox full of free stuff.  Yay!  I shared most of it on my Facebook Page and put some on my Free Stuff Pinterest Board, too.
I've got two of these gorgeous frame clusters available on my Facebook Page under the Apps section to the left.  Click on the images below to find them there and if you are not a TCOT fan, then for goodness sake!  Become one today!  Hehehe....
(Click on the image to link to my FB Page.)

(Click on the image for the direct download.)
THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. (Click on the image for my FB Page to download.)
That's it!  You just got hooked up to three fabulous FREEBIES from The Cherry On Top, just because!  I love doing that.  Now this is one of my first attempts using my designer CU stash.  These CU goodies I bought from all over, but they are designed by:  Sekada Designs, KAagard and Aveziur and I designed the freebies for you.
Here is what I did with the FREEBIES.


Week #11 TCOT's Menu Planner

Here we are again, with another fabulous menu for next week!

After asking dozens of people, most said they do make lists, but only a few admitted to sticking to the list.  Most people bought a few things that were not on the list, but needed and only a few admitted to winging it!  Hehehe...  Also, there were quite a few comments about forgetting their lists.  I see I am not alone.  LOL!

My hubby and many men that I asked, admitted to being terrible with a list, lists or buying sensible stuff.  I dread sending my hubby to the store.  Although, he does come home with things I would never buy, but love to eat.  LOL!  I let him be the naughty one every now and then.  He says he likes to shopping, but not often.

I actually enjoy grocery shopping.  My list is great for staying on budget.  I never put junky stuff on the list, so we eat better because of it as well. If I really want to give the boys cakes and cookies, then I have to make them.  That is not only a lot healthier, but a whole lot c…