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#19 Weekly Menu Planner from TCOT

Welcome to the 19th week of The Cherry On Top's menu planner!
Planning your meals ahead of time saves, time, hassle and money.  You'll also stay away from those restaurants which will help you lower calories and preservatives.  We've come to a point that we cook so well, restaurant food isn't so yummy any more and we are saving the big bucks!
Another tip:  Make the family drink water with dinner if you're not doing this already.  After a while, everyone gets used to it.  Water is essential to health and can help you in numerous ways.   Especially, if you want to lose weight.  Stay away from sugary drinks as much as possible.  A nice, sweet tea at lunch won't hurt.  I HAVE to drink bottled water or I add lemon, lime or mint to tap water.
Let's dive into this week's meals!
Meatless Monday:  Portabello, Veggie Lasagna
This is SO easy!  If you feel it's not enough, then bring some fresh French or Italian bread home and dip it in the sauce.  Mmmmm...It looks …

TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner #18

Welcome back to another, fabulous, weekly menu planner.

Isn't planning menu's great?!  Save time, money, hassle and eat healthier.  So, here's what's on tap for this week!

Meatless Monday: polenta with veg...

It's a holiday here for us and we'll be whipping up some BBQ!  Ribbs, polenta and corn on the cobb.  Feel free to have the same or bring home some rotisserie chicken after a hectic Monday.  You may want to have some fish with your polenta and corn if you don't want to break out the grill.  I love polenta.  It's a great potato substitute.  Here's a recipe you may want to try.  Polenta is VERY EASY to make!  Add hamburger to your tomato mix if ya gotta have your meat.

Tuesday:  slow cooker stoof vlees
What is that?!  It's basically beef stroganoff, belgian style.  They don't add the cream, but dark beer!  Ya got to let it set for hours.  That's why the slow cooker is the best!  Just dump all of your ingredients in the pot, turn it on and h…

Week #17 Menu Planner

Welcome back to this week's menu planner!
Monday: Simple tomato and pasta
Does it get any easier than this?  Not even a recipe for this baby.  Just some images.  It's pretty small, so I'll help ya through it because it is delicious!  Making fresh pasta is the fastest, easiest, healthiest way to cook a meal.  I always have some kind of fresh pasta in the house because it lasts for weeks.  Isn't that awesome?!  This recipe is for ravioli's, but you could easily substitute tortellini, spaghetti, rigatoni...any fresh pasta will work! If you choose dried pasta, get started earlier on it because it takes 3x the time.  If you are not dig'n on the meatless Monday thing, then buy pasta with meat in it.

Let's take a look.  We've got fresh basil here, but you could put oregano, thyme, parsley, etc. I would definitely add GARLIC and onion. It's all really good and super healthy.  I always keep fresh herbs in my kitchen window sill, both inside and outside.  They c…

Throwing Some Scraps Around Free Quick Page

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

I just returned from a couple of weeks in Spain!  Wow!  What a great vacation it was.  Now, I have a ton of blogging to do.

I promised my Facebook Fans that I would treat them when I get back.  So, I teamed up with Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around and used her new kit, "What Makes You Special".

Boy, have we got some great freebies and awesome deals for you.  Let's take a look at the kit, first.  It's on sale for 50% off which makes it under $2!!!

We are sticking with the trend by including journal cards that are great for project life type of layouts like this one.  My boys in Calpe, Spain.  They climbed the Pinon!  I am so glad I didn't go.  They were inches away from death for hours.  They have no concept of danger, so they loved it!!!  I would have never made it physically or mentally!  LOL!

Jodi always has the prettiest elements in her kits.  I'm shooing off a bunch of them as well as those gorgeous journal cards in this next…