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Build A Book Challenge And A Prize

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!
I entered the Build A Book challenge from The Scrapbooking Studio.  We had a couple of weeks to finish 20 pages for a scrapbook.  I did our most recent trip to Spain.  I used all kits from one designer in hopes of giving my album a cohesive feel and I also used the same font throughout the book as well.  I chose A-Manda Creation, not only because she's an artist at The Studio, but her kits are really full, awesome, quality kits that are very well thought out, too.  
I think this would be a great cover for my album.  It's the view from our apartment balcony.  Don't ya just love the way the sea and sky match the kit?!  I ended up using the Americana kit a lot.  Although, the intended theme is Fourth Of July, you can see that it works for anything.  I love that!

For my first double layout, I went with a really fun, bright Water Park kit from A-Manda Creation.  These colours are choice and the ellies are perfect.

In the beginning of the challenge, I w…

Weekly Menu Planner #28

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's weekly menu planner!

Let's dig right into it, shall we?

Monday:  Fire Cracker Chicken
Is this image just not beautiful? Man, it makes me hungry just looking at it!

Click on the image to get the recipe.  Feel free to cook the rice the way you always do.  I love my rice cooker.  Remember basmati and Thai rice are the best for health reasons and they cook quickly, too.  Stay away from long gran rice.  The varieties of rice are just insane.  Be adventurous and try out a new one!

Tuesday:  Huge Salad
That's right!  Don't be chinsy on the good stuff either.  I'm no fan of Iceburg lettuce. I like romaine and rucola.  Chop up some onions, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes,  croutons, ham, chopped chicken...The most dangerous thing you can add is your dressing.  Make something fresh!  An Italian dressing is always easy and healthy.  You may find a lot of recipes for this and they put in sugar, but DON'T do it.  Stay away from sugar as mu…

Throwing Some scraps Around Inspiration And A Freebie

Hey there, Happy Scrappers!

Throwing Some Scraps Around is back in action and creating as wonderfully as usual.  It's so fantastic of Jody to continually let me play with her kits and give you FREEBIES, don'cha think?!  Not to mention how insanely inexpensive her kits are.  Click on this image of her new kit and go see what I'm talking about, AFTER you've check out the inspiration and grabbed your freebie!

Here, you have how I started with this kit.  These colours matched my favourite, Spanish dress perfectly!  Yay!  Hehehe...  Now, take note of the cluster on top.  Not bad, right?!

Ya better hope not, because it's your FREEBIE!  Hehehe...It's a cropped cluster.  Something totally different.  Now, you may be asking yourself, "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?!"  I've got you covered, of course!  Silly!  Look below at the next two layouts.  I used this cluster in both.  In the last one, it's ALL I used!

Go BIG and bad with your clusters!…

Week #27 Menu Planner From TCOT

Welcome to Week #27!

I'm changing it up a bit just to try something different.  I get bored easily and that's why I make so many kinds of different foods.  Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, Belgian, Spanish...It's all very good! OK, you won't find too much Scandinavian or English fare here because lets' face it, I'm just not THAT brave.  Hehehe...

Meatless Monday:  Leek and Potato Soup

I just whipped up some hardy, leek and potato soup. It took me 8 minutes to prep it.  OK, it's not faster than opening a can or bottle and pouring it in the pot, but EIGHT minutes?!  That's pretty darn good and I'm a terrible chopper!  Hehehe...  With soup, you can go big.  I chopped 3 leek, 4 potatoes (peeled), a small onion and 3 smaller gloves of garlic.  I sautéed the garlic, onion and leek for about five minutes in some olive oil and butter, then added the potatoes, salt, pepper, water (just until ingredients are nicely covered) and mixed, dried herbs.

There are a…

TCOT Weekly Menu Planner #26

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner!
I've been researching the Paleo diet and have found it very interesting for our family.  My hubby is a heart patient, both my boys have Autism and I've always had digestion issues, so I thought I might take on some of the ideas from this diet.  
It certainly hasn't been easy and a lot of peeps are not at all into this kind of eating.  So far, my two issues are, I'm ALWAYS hungry and that's because of number 2 reason.  I always feel like I'm in the kitchen preparing or cooking.  I really feel it's just a matter of making it routine and I've had few digestive issues since I started even though I haven't gone hog wild.
I actually feel a bit guilty about sharing recipes that totally goes against, what seem to be good reasons for cutting particular food out of our diet.  I'll put in a couple of notes and links to explain or replace some ingredients that ya may want to try illuminating from your cab…

Free Lego Goodies and Ideas

A super, happy day to you!

Since there is little reaction in Liam's class when it comes to outside of school, I often arrange mini parties.  We had an awesome Lego party last year, just for the fun of it and I'll be doing it again, in a couple of weeks or sooner.

I got to thinking of this great kit I just worked with from Boomer's Girl Designs.  It's perfect for this party!  I might make a few more things for those who are coming.  Maybe some book markers or cup cake toppers.  If I do, I'll be back with those as well.

These lovely items will be FREE for two weeks and then they are going in the shop.  So do not delay.  Download today!  Hehehe...

Here's the layouts I made with the kit.  There is also a girlie Lego kit, too!

Really fun, right?!  Fabulous colours and cute kids, too!  If you want to scrap your own layouts or make your own party stuff with this great kit, then just click on the image and it will take you to the store where you can purchase it.

I created t…