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Free Christmas Printable Notes From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

The Cherry's wonderful fans on Facebook have spoken and shared their graces through likes, comments and shares for more free goodies.  I love when that happens.

Here we are with the newest free, printable download.  Enjoy these notes of encouragement.  You can use them with your elves if you have them.  We'll be using them with an array of different helpers that should bring a laugh to our little lads.

Think outside of the toy box for your Santa Spies!  Here's what we are using:

The Grinch is on the lookout for their worst behaviour.  He relishes in capturing those bad moments to tell Santa.

While on the other hand, his robots tell of heroic and super deeds.

I used tiny Christmas hats I found at a discount store.  They have clips so you can wear them in your hair and I've also seen some tiny hats that are for on top of a wine bottle that you could use, too.

These notes are left by whomever is on duty that day for Santa.  Enjoy them and the fun th…

Hamburger Recipes

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

This is one hectic week.  Probably for you, too.  With the holidays coming and a couple of birthdays in the mix, I'm swamped.

I just found this awesome link with a reasonable number of recipes to whip up with hamburger.  I always keep hamburger in the fridge or the freezer because there are so many things you can make with it and the kids love it, too.

Check out this link for 25 quick and easy recipes to make with hamburger.  I'm so hungry now!  LOL!  I can't even choose a favourite.

Check out my special feature Thanksgiving Edition.  It's chock full of ideas, recipes and everything you need to have a great Thanksgiving Day.  Freebies, too!!

I'll be back again with more quick and easy meal ideas next week and I'm hoping to get another one in this weekend with left over turkey day items!  
See you soon.

Free Digital Christmas Card From The Cherry On Top

The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!

Things may have already started getting hectic.  Let The Cherry On Top make a couple of things easier for you.  I've got your Thanksgiving meal all planned out.  With recipes, music suggestions, drinks, games, free printables, activities for kids and decor, too.  Click on the image below to go to that blog.

Here are your freebies for Thanksgiving.  Choose a cute or chic style.  click on either of the images below to get to that blog.

You get the utensil and napkin holder as we'll as coordinating name place cards.  Click on either image to get to the blog where you can download all four of them for free.

Isn't it awesome using digital supplies for hands on crafts?!  There are so many ideas out there and you'll find a lot more free hybrid projects throughout the blog.  I invite you to check them all out.
Here are some of my most recent, festive, digital scrapbooking projects, but they are not just for in the scrapbooks.  You …

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Here are the free printables I've designed for you with Digital Goodies from BoomersGirl Designs. I made a cutie style and a more chic design.  Don't ya just love choices?!
This first image is of the utensil and napkin holders.  These are really easy.  Click on the image, download, print and cut.  There is a tutorial at the bottom of the blog if you need it.

Here are the placement cards.  Download them, print them, fold and cut.  That's it!

If you are looking for a different, more traditional set of freebies, I've designed these for you.

Here are the cards for the names of your guests.  I totally recommend putting the names on the cards via your computer.  This brown is pretty dark.  I wanted to use my lovely gold glitter pens, but they were all dried up.  Hehehe...

There are a lot of straight lines to cut, so I used my paper trimmer.  I cut off the extra at the bottom...

Then folded it over at the top...

Then cut the sides and that's it!

I lef…

Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

Welcome to another speedy edition of The cherry On Top!

I've seen by number of views that fast meals are what you all are looking for and I couldn't be happier about that.  I too, do not like spending my life in the kitchen and I'm on the hunt for fast meals that are healthy and won't break the bank.  So, let's see what we've got this time that can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes?!

If you are going to skimp on the time, then don't skimp on the ingredients.  Use good, fresh pasta and sauces with fantastic reputations.  A few cents means a world of difference.

Meatless Monday:spaghetti  (This is one that can be made in less than 10 minutes!)

FRESH pasta cooks between 2-4 minutes depending on what kind of pasta you buy.  If you simply cook your pasta and heat up a jar of spaghetti sauce, you'll have dinner in under 10 minutes.  I've been checking out the ingredients in jarred spaghetti sauce and there is a huge difference.  Look for a sauce where you…

Thanksgiving Dinner With The Cherry On Top

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I'm on the hunt for some delicious recipes as I start planning our meal.  I'll be using a couple of tried and true recipes as well.  If you are new to The Cherry On Top, then I welcome you with open arms to wholesome, delicious, family approved meals that require very little fuss and won't cost much either.  I've also got some sweet FREE printables for you at the bottom of the blog.

Thanksgiving is always a bit tricksy to pull from Belgium, but it's growing easier and easier.  Cranberries are easily found now and sweet potatoes are popping up  more and more as well.  Yay!  Fresh corn on the cob is still a bit challenging, but I've found a store (Del Haize/Food Lion) where they do carry it often.  At least the canned corn is not such a challenge to find.

The turkey can be ordered, but shoo wee!  It is three times the price to a nice bird in The States.  I pay $50 for a bird that feeds 6 people and I have to order it in advance …