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On The Ice Freebie And Then Some

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We're get'n all scrappy up in here!  Today, we've got Magsgraphics back in the spot light.  She's got a fabulous flurry-ous, new kit out, On The Ice.  There's also a free frame you can get over at Scraps N' Pieces, some super chilly inspiration and..dun..dun..daah...a freebie from us, of course.
Let's jump right in!
My first layout I made with On The Ice was this one.  Ah...more photos from when I lived in Charlotte and it was cold enough to snow.  Hehehe...I know Maggie loved this layout and had me turn it into a quick page for her.  I'm not sure what her plans are for it, but when I know, I'll let you know.  Who knows, it may come in the form of a freebie.

This is just a sample of On The Ice.  It's an entire collection.  Each piece is only $1 for a limited time.  So, zip over to S N' P and snatch them up!

Think outside of the theme.  I've been iceskating one time in my entire life and hated it.  Hehehe...There …

Free January Planner and Stickers From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We are back with more fun, festive, free goodies and this time in the form of a handy planner.  The plan is to have every month ready for you a couple of days before the new month or earlier if possible and each time it will be totally different.  A new colour palette that goes with that month and different  types of inserts.
This time we've got stickers and a pocket insert.  Next time it will be something else.  I haven't planned that far ahead, yet.  Hehehe...
Most of these goodies uses products from GS Creations that you can purchase at SugarHillCo.  They come in the form of templates and you can put in your own colours, textures and design to your liking.  It's really fun.
Keep scrolling to get your free stickers, two pages for planning and the pocket insert.
Download these stickers and print them out on sticker paper.  If your lucky enough to have one of those handy cutting machines, you're so set!  It's been on my Christmas list for y…

Closet Organisation For Him

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We started our Dirty Laundry Series months ago and there is still so much to cover.  We're taking a tiny detour with this entry on some helpful tips for putting your laundry away.  It's one of the things our readers hate the most, according to your comments.
Just a few things to consider once your laundry has been washed, dried, folded and maybe even, cough, cough...ironed.  Hehehe...  I've been called a good, little Belgian for all of the ironing I do, but I can't hold a candle to some of my neighbours who iron sheets, handkerchiefs and even underwear!
I only iron outwear that is actually wrinkled.  If it comes off of the line or out of the dryer somewhat, unwrinkled, it goes right in the closet or in the drawers.  Most of my ironing is pants and dress shirts from my husband.

A very helpful way for me to get my clothes from the laundry room to where they belong in the house is by the hanging rack.  The clothes from the line go straight onto h…

Sleigh Bells Ring Alpha Freebie and a Hybrid Calendar Idea

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Here's our finished hybrid calendar project and boy did we wait until the last minute.  hehehe...  Printed out just hours before Christmas Eve.  At least it's finished.  I couldn't help to notice that some of the other family members seemed to also have wanted one.  Next year, I'll make duplicates for each family.
Scroll through our months and see the finished project at the end and get the link to our free Sleigh Bells Ring alphabet.
If you have a great hybrid calendar idea, share the link in the comments.  We'd love to see it.

I used all photos from 2015 to make the calendar.

 I did my best to get the photos that were taken in the month's page.

I chose mostly silly photos because this family loves their laughs. 

One of my favourites!  These photos were taken at an aquarium type of park.

Fun in France.

The dreaded month after such a lovely summer vacation.

 A very special occasion!  70th birthday party!

Great photo!

Last years Christmas party…

Day 12's Freebies From Sleigh Bells Ring

Welcome to the second to last day of the Sleigh Bells Ring freebies.  Hehehe...
There is still an alpha tomorrow.  Today, I've got the gorgeous goodies from Alexis Design Studio, again.  They've got a new kit in the shop, Celebrate and it is so perfect for my Aunty's 70th Birthday book I'm making for her.
I have a template for this kit using the below layout as the inspiration also available today.  Yay!
The last day of the Sleigh Bells Ring kit, the template as well as a freebie we've designed and offered by Alexis Design Studio.  There are other links in the blog where you'll find even more free goodies from Alexis Design Studio.

I sketched out the template for the above layout months ago and finally got around to actualising it.  I loved it so much, I've turned it into a template.  Keep in touch to get it when it becomes available.

I really wanted this beautiful picture to be the feature on this layout so I kept it simple.  I tried my hand at blending and add…

Day 11 of Freebies for Sleigh Bells Ring

Welcome to the 11th day of freebies from The Cherry On Top.
We are almost there!  11 days of mini's and a free template so far.  Just one more day to go and the alpha.  I know a lot of our fans are all about the free stuff and we've got some links for even more awesome freebies from Touched By A Butterfly.  Our Christmas freebies are gone!  You're too late!  Make sure to follow us so you don't miss out next time.
Touched By A Butterfly asked their fans to enter a colour palette that would be great for Christmas for a chance to win a kit, we did and we won. This is the palette we choose.  Looks a little familiar, eh? Hehehe...How could we resist!
Keep scrolling to find Touched By A Butterfly's current freebies, our layout inspiration and grab your link for Day 11.

I used a free template from Scrapping With Liz for my layout, pimped up in Cherry fashion.  Added Cherry blingage.  Hehehe...And this picture is pretty special because these four people are rarely together, sa…

Gift Giving, Christmas And Autism

Welcome to another special edition of The Cherry On Top.
If you are a new arrival, we've got two boys with Autism at very different spectrums.  It has certainly been a learning experience for us as for with anyone who is living with Autism.  In Cherry style, we like to offer our experiences as means to enlighten others or show people that they are not alone with the struggle.

We'd like to share some tips on gift giving for Autistic recipients as we've found useful as well as let you know how it could be this busy, magical and festive time of year.  Perhaps you are attending a party and or are bring gifts, too.
If you know the child or person very well.  Then you probably know exactly what they will like or what their interests are.  Just get yourself ready for any kind of reaction.  Even one that may not be so positive.  My youngest may drop the gift and shout that he hates it only three days later, he will call it his favourite.  Some kids need time with their gift.  Especia…

Day 10 of Sleigh Bells Ring Freebies

Welcome to some more scrappy inspiration and freebies from The Cherry On Top.

We are certainly in the spirit of giving.  For us that's a year round kind of spirit.  The Cherry is dedicated to finding our fans free digital downloads of all kinds and designing some of our own.  That's just a part of what we do.  We also share nifty craft ideas that keep a friendly budget in mind as well as the environment.  Recipes are all about keeping healthy, saving money and time as well as using everyday ingredients.  On occasion, we have entries on Autism in hopes of educating, informing and including those who may feel like they are all alone with their struggles.  We have everything posted on our Pinterest boards for easy searching.

Thank you so much for joining us.

We're featuring Paty Greif Digital Designer and her newest kit, Twinkling Golden Night.  We used it to design our tags from our most recent up-cycled gift idea.  We've got the collection scrapped up in two very different…

Day 9 of Freebies and a Free Template

Welcome to day 9's freebie and the new, free template edition.
I was so surprised how fast we got to 10 comments.  Thanks so much.  Comments are tough to come by, lately and we certainly appreciate them.  
Today, we've got more layout love, new kits, new templates to show off and of course day 9's link and the unlocking of the free template that coordinates with our free Sleigh Bells Ring kit.
The kit Cart Designs has a brand new collection at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio, Through The Woods.  This kit is full of cozy, soft colours and textures with a splash of nature.  It's really fabulous.
My hubby and I sitting by the fire in Landal Parks in Germany.  We love going there with the family.  Always clean and Germany's food always fills the belly, nicely too.

I scrap lifted this one.  Not sure how cohesive the feel is.  I love the top part and the sweater inspired ornaments.  The little wooded scene is cool, too.  How cute these elements are.

This is a fabulous template…