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More Lunch Ideas For The Lil' Ones + Free Printable

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top's Foodie edition.

I've been snapping shots of some healthy, no frills lunch ideas as well as ideas to make it all go faster and smoother.  I have a feeling that it's probably just as crazy in your house in the morning as it is in ours.  I'm always looking for ways to let me stay in bed longer!  Hehehe...

This lunch idea goes pretty quickly.  Just a typical cheese and salami sandwich cut with a cookie cutter to ditch the old, hard crust.  Ha!  A bottle of water, bag of fruit mousse and a washed carrot.

Don't give a bunch of sugary junk for the snack.  I've got some real juice without sugar, a giant fig bar and I recycle those plastic balls from the vending machines.  They're great for in the lunch and the snack box.  Here, I've got nuts and raisins in it.

I very rarely give sugary drinks to the kids.  Either juice or water.  I was giving soya drinks until I saw there was sugar in there, too.

You don't always have to give …

Free Templates Round 2

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top.

These templates are no longer available.

We've got another crafty edition on tap.  Since our first round of free templates were such a success, we decided to make it a thing.  Thank you for all of the attention you have been giving over on Facebook.  It's amazing!  To say thank you for all of the support you've been giving to The Cherry, The Cherry will be giving back to you.

There are six freebies or links to freebies given throughout the blog.  So pay attention! Hehehe...

Here's a look at all of the templates for the Squared series.  Each time someone posts a layout using the template, another one will open.  Come back again to check for more free templates.

Here's my inspiration for the first free template.   This was my Christmas party invitation for the family this year.

And here is the inspiration for the next three, free templates.

This first one won layout of the day at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  It's LouCee Creation&#…

Monstrously Delicious Man Eats

Welcome to a Foodie Edition of The Cherry On Top.

The big game is fast approaching.  Boo!  Valentine's Day is also right around the corner.  We're here to set you up with some food ideas that are total man pleasers and delicious overall.  They are great for any occasion or anyone.  Getting through the heart via the tummy is an awesome way to say I love you as well.

We've got meat, meat and more meat.  Wings, steak, burgers, sam'iches, beer, mac n' cheese, sides, snacks...Check out our hot choices!

Let's start off with eats good for Game Day.

Bacon Wrapped, Chicken Jalapeno Poppers:

This certainly isn't a calorie counter meal, but it is popping with flavour and kick.
Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Lil' Smokies

This is a really easy one.  Another option you could do, is buy smoked or even Italian sausage and cut them in bite sized pieces.  Awesome Game Day food that won't cost you a lot, it's easy to prepare, you can keep them warm and if kids are in attendanc…

The Cherry On Top's Free Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

I've got another scrappy edition.  I figured out how to make templates and I'm doing a test run on them.

All of the templates have been unlocked now.  Yay!

I had taken down the links, but reinstalled them temporarily for Throw Back Thursday.  Grab them now because I'll be taking down the free links for good.

These are no longer available for free.  

Yay!  The fourth and final template from this set has been unlocked.  I'm besides myself with flattery and appreciation for all of you who have been showing off your work with my templates and giving The Cherry props, too.  Thank you all so much.  
All of TCOT goodies are for Personal Use only.  They are not to be resold and no part of the templates or other free goodies from The Cherry On Top are to be claimed as yours.  Share the link only, please.
Thanks for checking us out.  Now, get scrap'n.  You deserve it.

Kitchen Helpers

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Foodie Edition.
I, with the help of family, have been taking pictures of really simple kitchen hacks that have greatly improved my many hours in the kitchen.
We want to eat healthy and we want our food fast.  So, here are a couple of tips that will help move things along faster and more efficiently.
First and really important, plan your meals in advance.  Grab a cup of Jo, a few recipes books or your tablet and plan out 7 or 8 days of cooking.  (I shop on Tuesdays so, I plan through Monday.)  Once you make this a habit, you will find that you're eating healthier, saving money, time and so less hassle.  It really is ideal and I highly recommend you start doing this.  Follow The Cherry On Top's Weekly Menu Planner as a spring board to get you started. 
I've got this free print out for you.  Just frame it up and use those erasable markers to write in what's for din.  My family really appreciates this, too.

Now, for the hacks.  If you do…

The Cherry On Top, The Pixel Loft And Free...

Hey there, Cherry Fans!

I've got another digital blog for you, today.

I'm blogging for The Pixel Loft now, too.  Today, I'm talking about how to use digital templates.  I've researched various software tutorials and have included them along with examples and in typical TCOT fashion, linked up the readers to several different, free templates.

I'll hook you up to some free downloadable products that you can use with your free templates to give it a try.  The tutorials last only a couple of minutes.  It's really, really easy.  If you can't find a tutorial with the software you use, then leave me a comment and I'll see if I can help with that.

The Cherry On Top is here to make you a happy scrapper with some mad skills.  Ha!

Here are the free templates I posted at The Pixel Loft.  Click on the image to get there.

If you're looking for some free goodies to use with these templates than check out The Cherry On Top's, Free Digi Scrap Stuff Board on Pinterest …