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Free Printable Hybrid Project From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to a super scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.
We're combining two passions to create something special this spring.  We've got a fabulous hybrid project, layout inspiration, craft inspiration, a tutorial and some serious hook ups to free stuff.
Hybrid crafting is taking digital elements, printing them out and creating something you can hold in your hands.  Talk about cheap therapy?!  Hehehe...We've got several different projects you can make with one, free digital printout.
This is the kit used in the project.  Hoppy Easter from BoomersGirl Designs can be found at Daisies and Dimples and will be offered at a special price on Wednesday, April first and it's not a joke, I promise. BoomersGirl Designs puts an already released kit at the wacky price of just $2 on Wacky Wednesdays.   

Here's a traditional digital scrapbooking layout I designed using BoomersGirl's Hoppy Easter kit as well as half of BoomersGirl's, double template, Wild Berry Skies.  Click …

Weekly Menu Planner #36 With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another foodie edition of The Cherry On Top.

We're here to bring you fast, healthy and inexpensive menu ideas that most families run to the table for.  We do all of the planning so you don't have to.

Check out what we have for you this week.

Monday:  Shrimp or chicken creole

I've got a great link for this recipe.  Click on the image to get to the recipe with an easy printable, too.  This meal is made in minutes.  Chop up your veggies or puree them if you've got picky eaters.  *I never thicken mine in.  Just a preference and time saver.  Use chicken if shrimp is not a viable option.

Tuesday:  spatzle, cabbage and sausage

Surprise!  I was flabbergasted to see my incredibly picky, sensory issues child, give me two thumbs up for this side dish.  It's a German dish full of crazy flavour and made fairly quickly.  I've got a recipe card for you because well, I can never leave well enough alone and always have to change and add ingredients.  I will provide you wit…

PattyB Scraps The Freebies With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

I've put PattyB back in the spot light, again.  She's got a fabulous new kit, Fabric Of Our Memories and it is sensational.  She's also very cool with he freebies!  I've included an enlarged image so you can get a great peek at how lovely this kit is.  I love texture in my projects and layouts and this kit definitely has that.

This unique shade of blue is also beautiful.
Here's what I've done with the kit so far.

How about this nifty shadow box?  An excellent element to add to your digital stash.  I love scrapping with those.

Here's a look at another new kit, What Friends Do and a layout from The Cherry On Top. With a favourite photo of mine.  Three super, sweet ladies!

PattyB has a freebie on her blog and I've got one for you, too.  Click on the image  to download.

Here's PattyB's freebie.  Click on the image to get to her blog so you can make this baby yours.

As usual, all of our freebies are fo…

Cubed Template Freebie From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We've got more #free #templates to give away.  Thanks for everyone's participation on The Cherry On Top's Facebook page, which is how we got the first template unlocked.  If you're not familiar with how this works, we get the ball rolling when we hit 30 likes, shares and or comments.  When someone posts their project or layout using the current, unlocked template, then we get the next template up until all four in the series have been released.
We keep them free until we need the storage space for more free goodies.  We'd love to keep the freebies up longer, but since everything is free, there's no money for purchased, larger storage space.  That's why it's crucial to get the freebies while they are hot because they can't stick around long.
This round of #free #templates started off as a personal stash, but I figured I'd share it anyway.  I wanted a set of templates that were super generic and versatile.  Ones that wou…

Paper Camera Project With Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We've got a fantastic paper project all set up for you thanks to Paper Craft Inspiration Magazine. Isn't it just fantastic?!  I spotted this baby on Pinterest and tried like heck to download the templates, but couldn't find the proper links.  I took matters into my own hands and took their tiny version and basically blew it up and turned it into both a cutting template as well as a digital template where you can insert your own digital background/papers.  Yay!

Here is my really simple rendition of the project using the digital template with A-Manda Creation's, kit, Cache Me and The Cherry On Top's brag book for Cache Me as inserts. I used a couple of extra owls for my pages.  As you can see, you need minimal supplies.  (The Cache Me brag book will release soon.  However, Amanda has a lot of other brag books that you can check out here.)


*paper cutter
*optional:  scissors and embellishments

There are so many…