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Surf, Sand, The 4th & Free Stuff From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to a super scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

The Digital Scrapbooking Studio has an absolutely gorgeous collaboration for the summer.  Surf, Sand And The 4th is a sensational mix of mega talented designers and fabulous goodies that will make you melt AND it's all on sale at fantastic deals!

I got to play with three designers collections and kits and I'm bringing them here for your further inspection along with..dun, dun stuff.  Bounce around to all of the hot spots from The Cherry On Top and grab the free goodies.

This first layout is designed with A-Manda Creation's collection.  Patriotic colours and beachy elements for all of your sea side photos and memories.  This layout was a bit of a hit.  So, I thought I'd turn it into a free template for the fans.

Here's a look at A-Manda's collection.  Click on the image to get to the Studio for a further peek.

Next up is LouCee Creations.  More fabulous goodies that reflect all of the goodness we lo…

How To Design An Avatar Or Siggy

Welcome to another enlightening, scrappy tutorial on avatars and siggies.
An avatar or siggy is your personalised icon for the internet Whether it be a forum, game or even your signature for e-mail.
You can design your own siggy in many software programs such as Power Point, Photoshop, Corel, My Memories Suite...Grab a digital alpha or use your own fonts provided in your software to design your name or whatever wording you would like for your siggy.

Embellish with downloads from a digital scrap kit or from legal images you find on various sites like,, shutter stock, dreamstime, etc...I always work with digital scrap kits.  The quality is guaranteed with most of them and private use is never a problem.  You can also find plenty of free ones if you know where to look.  Like here, our Pinterest board has tons of free goodies and our Facebook Page, too.

If you feel you are not creative enough to pursue this endeavour, there are options for you.  You can purchase an avata…

Seriously, You Need To Ditch The Softeners

Welcome to yet another informative series in Dirty Laundry.  We are talking softeners this time and oh, my!  What I have found is very disturbing, but enlightening as well.  Shoo!

Just what are softeners?  Why are they so dangerous?  What are softener alternatives?

There is an abundance of information out there.  We'll bring it all to you, right here, in the smallest nutshell.

Softeners are a chemical compound that prevent static cling and soften fabric. Synthetic materials hold odor and hence, a big reason people reach for softeners perfume.  Another great reason to go cotton, right?! Just as with detergents, companies are not required to mention toxic chemicals in their products.  Here is list of the toxins found in softeners and the effects they've been know to have. From irritants to nerve damage, be informed.

Keep in mind, you are wearing these clothes coated in toxins every single day for nearly every single minute.  In other words you are continuously surrounding yourself a…

Hybrid Calendar Project

Welcome to another fun, paper/hybrid project with The Cherry On Top!
I've teamed up with Dagi's Temp-Tations for this one.  She's got some sensational Calendar Topper templates that just released and we've been playing.  What a fun, easy way to create your very own personalised calendar?!

When you click on the above image, you'll get whisked away to Dagi's blog where you'll see more inspiration from her team.  They've done it completely different and it looks amazing!  Of course, you can take these wonderful templates, replace the month with a title and use them as a regular template for a layout.
I kind of mixed those two together for my project.  For me, I want it to look nice and I want it fast!  12 layouts is already time consuming enough.  I took a downloaded  image of a yearly calendar and simply cropped out each month I needed and pasted it on my calendar page.

This page was made using Albums To Remember kit, Winter Penguin.  You can find ithere.

Free Succulent Summer Template

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.
A-Manda Creation is back in the spot light with this absolutely gorgeous new release, Succulent Summer.  This colour palette is brilliant and the elements most thoughtful.  Full of gorgeous flowers, greenery, lace, butterflies and so much more.
I am totally in love with all of these worn papers, too.  Excellent thought in the patterns and alway a fabulously quality kit and collection.  If you want to see more click on the image below and head to Amanda's shop where you can find Succulent Summer and all of her other terrific kits.

You can also find here goodies at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
This template is no longer available.
Our Facebook Fans totally hooked us up with some major loving and sharing and so earned this free template.  I went as literal as possible from the layout to the template.  Enjoy both tiff and psd versions of this template.

If you are into free templates, you've come to the right place!  We've …