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Valentine's Mini Made In Minutes and it's Free

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Saturday is our day to feature hybrids and today, we've got a great one.  One of my biggest issues as a digital scrapper is getting my designs from the screen, into my hands.  I'm finding it a bit unfulfilling keeping everything on the screen.  We've got a great solution for that.  It's free, fast and really easy.  What more could you ask for?

So keep reading to find out how you can use February's Cute Cards to create a mini album for your Valentine, for you or someone special.  If you are wanting the png version of these cards, click here.
You could use them digitally, like we did here on this digital layout.

We're even providing you with the free quick page.  All you have to do is plug in your photos.

You could just print this out in a 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8 format.
Or you could make a mini.  See how we made two different minis with the Cute Cards.
First, download the Cute Cards and print them out. Make sure they are the size you want.  Print…

The Cherry On Top Links Up With The Digital Scrapbooking Studio's Winter Collection

Welcome to another huge, fantastically awesome, scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.
Hehehe...I know, I know!  I have to consider decaf!  Hehehe...
We are totally kik'n it, today with scrappy inspiration, TWO hybrid projects, a couple of tutorials and a freebie, of course.
I'm jumping right in with the hybrids using A-Manda Creation's collection, I Love You A Latte. Isn't that the cutest name for a kit?  I immediately thought card and later thought, "Ooh!  This card could easily be turned into a tag."  Oh, how the mind works at warped speed.  Hehehe...
Here's a peek at the hybrid card.  Amanda has a template in her collection that you can use to make it and I've got the tutorial and some photos on just how to do it.  It's really, really easy and won't take you long at all.
This is the template I designed and the examples I made. If you don't see Amanda's in the shop yet, they will be there soon.

Here is a look at the collection.  Isn't i…

Transferring Shadows With A Template In PSE

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Today's blog is totally kick'n!  We're throwing out an awesome tutorial, beautiful inspiration, some helpful tips to improve or enhance your projects as well as announcing two chances to win a free template.
Sometimes a kit, whether digital or traditional, speaks to you.  Alexis Design Studio kit's always do that to me.  A kit is really, really good when you scroll through those lovelies and are immediately inspired.
This time I had a template I needed to work with and knew exactly what kit would fit the bill for it.  The template is a fabulous blended cluster of awesomeness from PHOTOcowgirl and a stunning collection from Alexis Design Studio.
Keep on reading to see how we altered the template, to view our nifty tutorial on transferring shadows in a template with PSE and find out how you can win  templates like this one so you can apply our tips.

Below, is PHOTOcowgirl's new blended template.  It features two magnificent blends in the back…

Tea, Coffee, Inspiration and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Getting scrappy and hybrid, again.  Also looking at more gorgeous collections from Alexis Design Studio, First Coffee and Spot of Tea.  I've got inspiration, previews, a free hybrid, free template and a tutorial on how to put it all together.

I tried sticking with hybrids on Saturday's, but they are getting backed up!  Hehehe...There will be another hybrid on Saturday, too.  So, come back and see what we've got lined up.

Just look at these fabulous colours.  I felt a bit of a manly touch with this kit and scrapped up some sweet pictures of my father.  I wasn't sure about this template matched up with Alexis's kits, but I thought it might be a challenge.  I wasn't thrilled with the look, but kept adding and adding, as I often advise when you're not pleased with a layout and thought the end result was pretty good.  Once you've put hours into a layout, it's hard to just delete it.

This is a preview of the kit, but there is an…