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What is Pica and What Should You Do About It

Welcome to another Autism edition of The Cherry On Top.
Every Monday we are looking across the Autism spectrum at various aspects.  We are keeping it simple, to the point, informative and hopefully, helpful for everyone.  We're mostly discussing things we've experienced because we are not professionals per say.  However, we've got over 10 years dealing with the symptoms and behaviour of two boys at different levels of the spectrum.  So, we've got a pretty good arsenal on how to live happier with Autism.
Last week we touched on oral fixations.  Letting you know the signs of potentially harmful behaviour and what to do about it.
We wanted to go a bit more in depth over pica because it's very serious and can cause illness and even death.

Firstly, if you are dealing with pica, let me tell you, we understand!  It may seem like quite strange behaviour to others and it may even be difficult to see or perhaps even be brushed off due to the incredulity alone.  I really needed t…

Freebies, Inspiration, Tips and Petrichor

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We are back with more scrap-a-licious inspiration from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  We got loads of layout love for you, some tips and..dun, dun dah...freebies of course.  Yes, in the plural!
Petrichor is Throwing Some Scraps Around, newest kit.  These colours have such a soft natural feel to them.  So I chose a photo with a lot of nature.  Blue river, green trees on rolling hills along the Mosel River in Germany.  My all time favourite place to be.

Oh, wait!  What's this?!  This isn't natural in composition?  Hehehe...I also thought this kit would be most suitable for a photo with a manly touch.  Especially, when a lot of the colours are repeated in the picture.  Hehehe...

This will be yet another edition for my Aunty's 70th birthday album.  It's going to be a doozy!  So is she!  Hehehe...Rather than create dozens of new layouts just for her book, I use my own layouts and insert her photos.  Saves hours!

Want to get your hands on some fabulou…

How To Digitally Design a Basic Card and a Free One

Welcome to hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.
We've got a free hybrid for you, a free template and a tutorial on how to design a basic card template.
Using PSE11, I opened a new document, duplicated the background and used the cookie or shape cutter to form this light bulb.  Keep scrolling to see the rest and get all of this fun free stuff!

For any kind of card template or base if you will,  all you need to do is copy and paste a basic shape or form.  Here I designed this template lightbulb so that you could clip in all three different layers.  You could also crop off or delete the second layers if you want to use just one light bulb as an element for another project.

Look to my layers menu, on the right, select all of your layers you need to duplicate and copy.  Now, you've got two light bulbs in 6 different pieces. You can see that these are both too big for my background.  Click on all of the layers, except the background and shrink or enlarge to the size where they both f…

Another Fabulous Free Frickie From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Freebie Friday!
We've got another lovely free frickie.  A frickie is so many things.  It's a quick page, an overlay or a frame and it's always free, here.
I used my own Commercial Use stash to design this one.  The designers are, Farrah's Design Scraps, Feli Designs, Zesty Designs, Designs By Brigit and Kim Broedelet.
Let's see what you can do with a frickie.
Stack it up on some background papers, add some glitzy borders, word art...

Blow that bad boy up and add your picture and you've scrapped!

This is your free frickie from The Cherry On Top.  Right click to download, it's a png so the inside will be blank and you put your photo behind the frame.

We've got a couple of other frickies on the blog.  Here they are.  Click on the image to grab them.  They are free, too!

A fun summery frickie using Eqr Aveziur Designs.

A lovely beauty edition from PattyB Scraps. You'll go to my Pinterest.  Click on the image there.

Changing it u…

Free Love You Template From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I feel like I'm slacking for not having posted in a few days.  I've been working like crazy and I have a lot of fun projects on tap, too.  I'm still hanging on some release dates, though.  I thought I'd stick something in here that I know the fans really like and that's a free template!  I designed this one for MagsGraphics Designs fans and they had a blast playing with it.  Now, I'm offering it to our fans.  Keep scrolling to get the free download.

The image is all linked up.

Here is a peek at a future free template.  Isn't it great?!  I sort of scrap lifted it from a design I saw on Pinterest.  Ya gotta love Pinterest!

This is also a future project for you in the shape of a hybrid.  On Saturday, this blog will be ready for you.  You'll get a full tutorial on how to construct this bird house and I'll have the link for the free template as well as instructions on how to get this kind of digital design for your house.

We have…

Autism and Oral Fixations

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We're back with another Monday edition focusing on Autism and sharing ways to help with different aspects across the spectrum.
Today, we are going to touch on Pica and oral sensory of excessive chewing with the goal of learning to identify when oral fixation is a problem and present some solutions.  We will look into both oral defensiveness and hyposensitivity.  Now, I've read quite a bit and I want to combine my findings with our own experience of these to form a sound, well rounded, in a nutshell piece.  Hehehe...

Let's take a quick look at what Pica is.  Next week, we'll dive further in to this because it's a pretty scary disorder and you should really know your stuff to combat it.
Pica is a developmental disability where inedible things are eaten or chewed on, to put it as simple as possible. Our youngest has this and in the beginning it was a nightmare.  He would be caught chewing on sand, rocks, rusty metal, squishy plastic stuff, ju…

Free Planner Pages and Goodies for March

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Keeping up with hybrids every Saturday, we've got inspiration, freebies, new releases, templates and good ole Cherry craziness.  You'll wanna get those fingers tapping and that mouse a clicking with your next digital or traditional scrap project.
Isn't this layout so inspirational?  That's my hubby's aunt and her boyfriend.  She's recently had hip replacement surgery and I've been sending her bright and cheerful layouts with her loved ones in there to try and make her day more bearable.  Hehehe...
This kit is Aimee Harrison Designs' newest February 360 Collection found at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  I used it for this layout as well as your February planner freebies. Keep scrolling to download them for free.
This layout was not all my design.  I used an absolutely gorgeous template from Heartstrings Scrap Art.  Bryony's templates are absolutely amazing.  Keep reading to see some other templates and super inspiration t…

Freebie Friday and a Fun Tutorial

Happy Friday, Scrappers and Creators!
Everyday Friday and throughout the week, we offer free goodies.  We've got you set with a couple of freebies and a chance to get even more through participation.  There's a tutorial on how to design this word art and a link to download the font for free.
Of Knights and Dragons from MagsGraphic Designs is new in the shop and it's super for your knightly photos, wanna be knights, photos of castles or whatever you imagine.  I used some of the coolest, key elements in my layout.  Dragon, castle crown, various swords...and that's just the beginning.

This is the kit at a glance.  Zap over to Maggie's blog, see more layouts, download another freebie (There might be more than one.) and get a better look at the kit.

Maggie is letting me give our readers this free quick page.  Put in your favourite picture and you've scrapped!  Right click and save to your downloads.  It's in png format.

Here's a tutorial on how I did the word …