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Huge Retiring Sale and Awesome Freebie

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Trying to play catch up after several small weekends away and now I'm trying to type on a European keyboard and it is going very slowly.  Hehehe...Anyway, today we are doing a flash back of a fabulous older collection from The Studio, Cafe In Paris.  Several of the designers there have gorgeous collections that are on sale at rock bottom prices.
We'll take a close up look at a couple of the designers goodies via layout love, we'll set you up with the links to grab these super duper deals and we'll give ya a couple of nifty gifties because it's just what we do.
Starting off with my gal LouCee from, LouCee Creations, Across The Miles.  This kit really hit home with me because of course, most of family and friends are in the States while I'm in Belgium.  This is one of the few times my parents came to visit.  The boys just don't know what to do when they come, they are so excited.

I've got a couple of previews for you.  You can ch…

Free Easter Cup Cake Wrappers From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back for hybrid Saturday with more coordinating goodies from last week.  We had this really cute Easter basket last time and today, we've got cup cake and Easter Egg wrappers for you.  They are so easy to use and assemble.  Just right click and download which ever printables you like, print, cut and adhere.  You'll be ready in just a few short minutes.

I thought it'd be great to give you some plain cup cake and egg holders so you could use them for any occasion.  Right click to download.

This was my first attempt at creating a template for cupcake wrappers.  In PSE, I opened a blank document, duplicated the background, used the cookie shape of the thick circle, then cropped off the part not needed to get the basic shape.  Then I used April's goodies from our own design and GS Creations lovely templates to decorate the wrappers.

I didn't know which way the design was to suppose to go and my first attempt was backwards, but realised …

Don't Take Those Templates So Literally and A Free One

Welcome to Freebie Friday at The Cherry On Top.

We've got the last template from the Caterpillar series.  Whoo hoo!  Let's check out some super scrappy sister inspiration and grab that new download.

If ya scroll through our blog, you'll see we often blog about templates.  They make scrapping super easy, they save a ton of time and they are also great for when you're creative mojo is running on low.  In the beginning of my digital scrap, I didn't even know how to use templates.  I used them as a sketch.  Then finally a scrappy sister told me about control "G" hehehe...I'm still learning very, very slowly, but I am moving forward and when I find new tips and tricks, I share them here, with you.

One way you can use this template is by showing a lovely landscape like Poki did here, above.  The interruption in the photo is not intrusive and each box runs smoothly into the next.

Below, a larger photo was used and the template works great for that, too.


Happy Me, Free Quick Page

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We are back with more fabulous freebies and goodies from MagsGraphic Designs.  Scroll on down for inspiration, tips and your free quick page using Happy Me from MagsGraphic Designs.

Such a warm soft palette.  It'd be great to scrap up pictures with a masculine subject, too.  A touch of nature and boy, do I love those squares!  I layered the basic square element with coordinating papers from the kit.  Then I copied the background of my layers in PSE11 and clipped in all of the other coordinating papers from the kit.  Tip: It goes so much faster when you design your layout like a template and clip in your photos and papers.  Otherwise, you're stuck cropping and recropping until you get the perfect fit.

When you get a cool template with all of those squares, there's so much you can do with it.  Tip:  You can put a picture in each square, in a couple of squares or don't use any pictures in them, like I did here.  Show off all of those fabulous pa…

Getting Kids To Do Their Home Work

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are continuing on the subject of homework from last week, where we wrote about IEP's and how they can help, professionally diagnosed students limit homework and adjust in class work if necessary.  

We'll share some research we've found about homework and tackle those homework issues you may have at home.

There has been a lot of research done on the effectiveness of homework.  In a nutshell, homework for elementary aged students provides very little educational gains on average.  The numbers are out there along with numerous reports on this.  As an educator, it saddens me that some educational experts are not taking this in.

My oldest son comes home, every single day with homework and has been since he's 6 years old.  This makes him extremely bitter towards school, which already is a terrible situation.  The shouting matches and tears were just one part of it.  As you may also experience in your autistic or ADHD kids, it can take ages to do …

Hybrid Saturday, Easter Basket

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturdays!
We've got this frolic, paper Easter basket for you, some ideas on what to put in it and a couple of other fun, Easter projects.
Download this free template for the basket, find out how to put it all together, enjoy our festive ideas and get creative this weekend.

This project is an absolute breeze.  Made literally, in minutes and with very few supplies.
-  template -  printer -  paper -  scissors -  glue or adhesive -  goodies for inside
-  download the template by right clicking on the below image -  print to your desired size  -  cut all along the dark edges for both the basket and handle -  fold over the four tabs where the dashed lines are indicated -  adhere the tabs to the inside of your basket -  adhere the handle to either the inside or outside of your basket -  I suggest cutting the template so that you don't see the black lines.

How easy is that?!  A couple of extra tips.
-  the heavier the items inside, the …

More Templates For Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday at The Cherry On Top!
We are back with yet another fabulous Caterpillar template this week.  Keep on scrolling to see all of this beautiful inspiration from me and a few of my top Scrappy Sisters.  Then grab your download and get scrapping this weekend.
Here's an example of how you can use today's free template.  I used Aimee Harrison's kit, Bookish and my kitty.

Here's another example of how you can use the template from today.  I used again, Aimee Harrison Designs, My Happiness.  This collection is beyond fabulous and I'll tell you, I left out all of the many girly elements and still came up with something boyish and fantastic.  How awesome is that?!

This is last week's template and of course, you can still grab it!  We leave up our freebies as long as possible.  

This was the first free template in the series and it too is still available.  You can use all of these templates as quick pages if you like.  How cool is that?!

Check out what …

Free Time Line Cover From Paty Greif and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
It isn't Freebie Friday yet, but we've got a sweet one for you.  Paty Greif Digital Designer has teamed up with Just Because Studio to create a fabulous collection, Good Luck.
Keep scrolling to see the inspiration and grab that free time line!

I couldn't resist playing with the collection after I designed the time line cover.  I like to have my images coordinate on my social sites. This collection is on a promotion, but not for long.  So head over to PickleBerryPop and grab it.

Hop over to Paty's page and pimp up your wall photo with a festive, fun design!

You can find this one on Paty's blog!

Come on back on Friday for more freebies and Saturday for a new hybrid freebie.  I'm thinking bunny-ish.  Hehehe...

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry!

How an Individualised Education Program Can Work For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

On Mondays we talk Autism.  We realise how difficult it is to get condensed, easy to read, geared for a general population and possible solutions all wrapped up in one cohesive, short post.  That's our goal on Mondays.

I've done a touch of research on IEP's (Individualised Educational Program) because we also use the Belgian version of this in connection to homework.  I'd like to bring to the table, the information I found on the necessity of homework according to research and provide tips on minimising stress due to homework, exams and lengthy assignments, which through an IEP can be configured.

Let's start off looking at what an IEP is. An Individualised Educational Plan is a plan or program developed to ensure that a person with a legally identified disability receives specialised instruction and related services.

That means that the person has to be professionally evaluated, eligibility needs to be decided by qualified professionals, …

My Happiness, Hybrid Freebie Saturday

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

You are going to love today's hybrid project.  I'll be showing off Aimee Harrison's, My Happiness 360 Collection.  Is it not just a breath of fresh air with mega sunshine?!  Such vivid colours, full of life and inspiration.

Aimee's 360 collections are super for your journals and planners, too.  See what we did with last month's here.  It's awesome.

I paired up Aimee's, My happiness with a fabulous template from Heartstrings Scrap Art to design this layout.  As mentioned in an earlier blog this week, I used scrapped a good friend's daughter to show off all of this wonderful pink.  She's such a cutie.

This background made a neat, homemade quilt feel.

Can you even believe this is the same kit?!  I absolutely love when a kit has versatility like this.  There were a lot of non pink goodies in this collection.  So, if you're an all boy scrapper, no worries.

This layout was designed using one of our free tem…