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Paper Shoe Tutorial

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Tuesdays, we do traditional scrap projects.  Today's scrap are these darling paper shoes that you can use as a gift holder. In good ole Cherry fashion, this project is very quickly put together and might not cost you a penny depending on your scrap stash.  I didn't purchase any extra materials.
Keep reading to find this free template I found on Pinterest and take a look at the tutorial to see how easy it is.

I'll be giving you a lot of tips through out the blog.  This was my first time making these and there were a few tricky spots as well as things that could be omitted and or improved.

Go to this link to get the free template.
I cropped out the image of just the template, then I blew it up until the image just fit on the paper.  I believe it was around 135%.  Print out your image of the template and cut it out.
Tip:  It's important that both sides of your paper are nice because they both show. As you can see from my first  image, the white rea…

Free Princess Cup Cake Toppers

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Saturday's we do hybrids.  These are cup cake toppers for your Princess Party.  You could use them as stickers or for in a journal or planner if you like.  Print, laminate, cut them out and glue gun them to paper clips...Just as long as you use them for Personal Use.
They coordinate with our entire Princess Collection you can find,  throughout the blog, in different parts.  The kit will be coming along eventually, but until then, we have clusters, page stackers, Cute Cards and other crafty things you make with the collection.

Cut out the shapes and adhere them to a tooth pick with a tiny glue dot or tape.

If you want to see more of the Princess Collection, click here.
Thanks so much for giving us some of your time.
Happy crafting!

Freebie Friday With Kim Cameron Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Freebie Friday.

Yesterday, we had a mega freebie fest.  Make sure you pop over there and see the three freebies you missed.  Today, I've just got one for you along with some sweet inspiration using Kim Cameron's5 O'Clock Paradise kit.  I can't stop playing with this kit!  (Last time I looked it was just $3.59!)

First, I scrapped up these fun photos my hubby took of me and the kids our favourite, margaritas.  This kit was calling out for a margarita.  Me, too now that I'm seeing it, again.  Hehehe...
Liam looks so gosh darn cute in this photo and his shirt matches the kit, too.  Ha!

I also wanted to scrap beach photos because the kit is great for showing those off as well.  Don'cha think?  I am LOVING that hula dancer in the right corner and all of those yummy looking mixed drinks.

Over in the new Cherry group on Facebook, I have a game where this is the prize.  I'd like to make it a weekly thing.  This new group is dedicated s…

Throw Back Thursday With Freebies and The CT Hot Spot

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Throw Back Thursday.
It's been very challenging getting all of these projects and blogs in because my husband has broken his neck.  He's kind of ok, but he is incapacitated which means I have to do absolutely everything and have a lot less time for the blog and the projects that go with it.  If you've been missing out on some traditional scraps, I apologise for this and hope things will get better soon.
Today, I've got a killer blog set for you!  Look out for tons of scrappy inspiration, absolutely gorgeous kits and a couple of freebies, too.
In the beginning of this year, I was introduced to the CT Hot Spot.  It is an absolutely amazing place. It is a bit of a dream for most of us in the Digi Scrap World.  There is an active forum with amazingly dedicated and talented members.  There is also a gallery full of some of the most talented layout artists in the business.  The blog stays current, informative and inspirational as does the Face…

Free Minecraft Inspired Door Hanger

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.
If you hang out with The Cherries, you know we've been working with Minecraft inspired printables for a bit now, thanks to an obsession of my own children and the popularity of the posts relating to it. Check out our newest addition, this door hanger and see the others you may have missed.
My oldest was all over this.  He couldn't even wait until it came out of the printer!

I have a few suggestions for you.  Print and cut on very rigid paper or print on standard printer paper and laminate it for even more durability and a slightly water resistant advantage.

When I used really rigid paper, I cut across the outside edge into the circle and then cut the circle out.  This way you can use this door hanger on any kind of knob or handle and it's the simplest way to cut out the circle.  It won't look so great if you do this with standard printer paper.   Unless you laminate.

Right click and save this image to your downloads.

Our f…

Freebie Friday, A Frickie And More

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
Throwing Some Scraps Around has a fantastic kit, I know you are going to love.  Down In A Hollow has a touch of whimsy and a gorgeous colour palette.  Check out inspiration, get the frickie, see what you can do with it, take a look at the kit and see what freebie Jodi has on her blog.

I often try to get some similar colours in my photos and layout.  I immediately thought of JJ and his orange shirt. Hehehe..This series of photos is so cute.  I only ever scrapped one of them before, this time I've got them all.

Frickies are so much fun and very versatile.  I've got several free ones throughout the blog.  You can always visit our Freebie board on Pinterest to see all of them.

You can blow up your frickie and add a photo as your background like above or you can shrink it up, layer it up and use it as a cluster frame.  Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

See!  Shrink it up, add some lovely layers in various sizes and widths.  Maybe add a …