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Free Summer Bucket List Printables From The Cherry On Top and Paty Greif Digital Designer

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got a real treat for you, today!  Paty Greif has a totally awesome, new collection available at Pickleberry Pop and you are just going to love it. She's got a ton of goodies in there to make scrap super easy and fast, too.  I scrapped and I scrapped and I scrapped some more.  Though, not only for fun summer beach photos, it sure is perfect for them.  Scroll through all of my inspiration, take a look at some great templates from Lissy Kay Designs, check out our fantastic, fun, free printables and get some links to keep those kids busy this summer.  Don't forget, a kid with something to do is usually a behaved one.  Arm yourself!  Hehehe...

Check me out with another double layout.  I'm thrilled my husband took so many photos to our beach visit.  We don't go to the beach that much because it's usually windy and cold.   As you can tell from the colour of my son's lips, this time was also cold, but they couldn't resist.

How c…

Free Digital Template For Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
Today, we've got a simple coordinating free template for Paty Greif Digital Designer's newest collection, Summer Blush.  Paty's kits are full of fun, colour and the best doodle cuties ever.  I scrapped this collection like crazy.  When you come back tomorrow, you'll find a lot more layout love, more templates and some more freebies, too.
There is a lot of versatility with digital templates.  I merged the four centered squares and clipped in my picture.  It's so easy that way!  You could choose to use each box the way you like.  I often even reshape squares for a customised fit.
Take a look at some of Paty's new collection, grab it while it's on promotion, download our free template and get scrapping!

Just imagine how cool your Project Life will be with these cards?!

All of these amazing goodies are awesome for scrapping fast and easy.  Collections are THE best way to get a cohesive, finished look in your projects…

Throw Back Thursday FOUR FREE Templates

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday.
Today, I'm bring back the links to four, free templates.  They were my very first templates and they are still pretty sweet.  Jump over to the blog where they were originally posted to get the link.  
This is me, my youngest brother and my mom.  I was such a tom Boy in my Miami jersey.  Ah, shorts and short sleeves at Christmas.  Hehehe...

These are my very first templates.  I made the links live again for Throw Back Thursday, but will take the links back down in a few weeks and hopefully, get them in my shop in a couple of months.  THESE ARE NO LONGER FREE.  They are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop, KreativeMindsDesigns.

Here are a few examples for you. 

If you download the templates, leave us some love, +, share and Pin as a way to say thanks.

All of our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY.  They are not to be resold or claimed as your own, thanks.

I'd love to see the layouts you design with these templates.  Join us in our group on Facebook wh…

Scrap Up an Up Cycled Greeting Card

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday.
I scrapped up this card a while ago and forgot to show it off.  I wish I would have thought to have taken a before photo.  Duh!  Hehehe...  We'll take a bit of a close look to see how you can recycle nifty cards and use the stash you already have.  Scrap up something lovely, fast and save some dosh.
My mom still sends cards!  Hehehe...  I don't know if she knows, but she often gets them back again.  Greeting cards are so super for frugal scrapping.  I keep nearly all the cards we receive.  You can use the wording in titles, keep the sentiments that are nice and cut and paste them in another.  I've made a couple of photo albums out of recycled cards, too.  See some here and here.  Greeting cards are typically, very rigid, like this one and sometimes they have totally awesome features, also like this one.

Loved the edging of this envelope style card and I made it stand out more by inking over the embossing.  The pink flower, lattice paper was an …

Free Father's Day Printable With Throwing Some Scraps Around

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry.

We are knocking out a couple of birds with one blog.  Hehehe...I've got some manly inspiration using Throwing Some Scraps Around's new release, Dad.  I've also got a boat of load of coordinating freebies including a sweet, Father's Day printable. 

I used a template from Brenian Designs for this layout.  You can find all of her templates here.  I scrapped up dear old dad on his last visit to us which was years ago.  Boo hoo hoo...Good thing I took so many pictures.  Don't want the kids to forget their pappy.

These torn papers are so cool.  I love the very realistic effect it gives to digital layouts.

I scrapped up my hubby for this one doing what he does best.  Hehehe...I hope you like this cluster because it's a big part of the freebie.  Keep scrolling to see it.

This is what the elements look like from Jodi's collection.  The colour palette is just perfect for masculine photos.

Her quick pages are simply stunning.  Ad…

Join Our New Facebook Group and Get This Free Template

Welcome to Freebie Friday at The Cherry On Top.

I Love You Beary Much, but you know that already, right?  Hehehe...That's Paty Greif, Digital Designer's collection.  Last week, I made a free teacher appreciation printable with it.  Scroll further to get that link so you can download.  Today, I'm showing off a free template using inspiration from this layout.  Find out how to get it and see what's in store for tomorrow.

I've been in a group, Scrapbook Layouts, on Facebook for a few months now.  I love it there so much, I wanted to started a group similar to it, but offer games, fun, tips, tutorials, share links and give out more free, exclusive goodies for those who participate in the group.
I've found most groups are just page dump offs. Creative Team members post their layouts and leave again, like a sad one night stand.  Hehehe... I really don't like those kinds of groups.  You don't even know who is looking at your pages and there is not a lot of commun…

Throw Back Thursday With MagsGraphics and Freebies

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday at The Cherry On Top.

Every Thursday we bring back a fabulous kit or collection and show off the coordinating freebies for it or make those links live, again.  Today, I've got a reminder of our most Pinned and downloaded template, a look at some amazing $1 deals at GingerScraps from MagsGraphic Designs and this old photo of my family at my oldest brother's wedding.  I'm the one in purple and as you can see it was a rainbow wedding.  I think I was 15.  I've never seen my family look so dapper, all at once and I've never seen it, again.  Hehehe...Ironically, my brother married a Lisa Marie and of course, she received our last name.  So now there are two Lisa Marie Troch's.  Hehehe...

Check out this bright and bold kit, Ocean Adventure from MagsGraphics.  The vibrance and joy all captured in this kit for watery vacations or the beach.

That's my oldest, now 11.  He was so mesmerised by the water.  I didn't get one shot of him loo…