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Digital Scrapbooking Weekend Mania With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another Digital Scrapbooking entry!  There are TWO, today and tomorrow and all four are full of freebies.  So don't miss any of them.
There is just so much going on.  One blog is not going to do the trick.
Let's see what some of the other designers have out there for this weekend and what I've done with it.  Most of the celebration will be starting tomorrow.  That IS the day, after all.  Hehehe...Some of us just can't help ourselves.
My gal Paty Greif, has some great sales and freebies, including free Commercial Use.  Read more and get the links.

This lovely kit is free when you purchase anything $5 or over from Paty's store at Pickleberrypop.

Here is my layout. I used a free template from Lissy Kay Designs.  She's got free templates all week and if you are just hearing about this, then you better get over to the forum and get what you still can.

Here is what's up...

This is free commercial use from Paty that you will find on Saturday, October 1st in t…

Phenomenal Freebie Friday With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
Get ready for some serious freebies coming your way.  Digital Scrapbooking Day officially starts tomorrow, but there are aloof awesome deals and megs freebies already out there in celebration.
Perhaps you're not a digital scrapbooker, but you're curious?  We've got a fantastic blog dedicated on getting you started digitally scrapbooking and designing FOR FREE.  To see that blog, click here.
At The Cherry, we love digital and traditional scrap.  However, today is dedicated to digi side.  Read on to see up coming freebies as well as ones already live.  There is no way for us to show you all that's out there on this blog. So, we started our annual, DSD Pinterest Board where you can find hundreds of offers, sales, freebies, giveaways...You won't want to miss out!

This free mini coordinates with last year's free, fall mini.  Put the two together and you'll have a nifty kit.  It will be available on Sunday's blog.

Free Printable Treat Bags from The Cherry On Top and WendyP Designs

Welcome to hybrid Saturdays with The Cherry On Top.

I have two different designers on today's blog. Whoo hoo!  WendyP Designs and Miss Fish Templates.  We'll take a look at their newest releases in action and in good ole Cherry fashion, you'll get a freebie for stopping by.  Today's freebie is really, really awesome and there are two if you read carefully.

Keep reading, get inspired, check out the lovely, new products and get those downloads.

I love these shots of me and my oldest son.  Sure wish he'd want short hair, again.  Hehehe...How about this template?  Pretty cool, eh?  I love all of the spots to show off these super papers.  Keep scrolling to see more templates from Miss Fish.
This is Wendy's kit.  Is it not monsterously magnificent?  You know, it was calling me.  Click on that lovely preview to get to Wendy's store and make this kit a part of your digital stash.

These are your free treat bag printables.  I am in love.  I showed them to my youngest and …

Freebie Friday, A Quick Page With Kim Cameron Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Freebie Friday.

I just love Kim Cameron Designs and she is back in the spot light.  I've got some layout loving, a nifty freebie and a super sale announcement.  So keep reading and enjoy!

I've written several books for my boys.  One of them was about a boy who's afraid to leave his bed to go pee because of the monsters.  I thought this kit will be perfect for my book.  If I can only find it!  Hehehe...

This layout is the inspiration for your freebie, today.  I added the tiny cluster to the centre so my layout would be unique and of course, you can do the same with your quick pages.
Here are some more monster related kits and goodies from Kim.
She is having a mega amazing sale in her shop at Daisies and Dimples.  Last time I was shopping there, she had Commercial Use for $1 and other goodies for $1 as well as 40% off.

Here is your free quick page.   It's Personal Use ONLY.

Thank you so much for making The Cherry a part of your day!
What have …