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Free Halloween BINGO Printable from The Cherry On Top and Kim Cameron Designs

Welcome to hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

The day is fast approaching or maybe you're celebrating tonight or this weekend?  I hope we're on time!  If not, use this for any occasion to have fun with the kiddies.  Enjoy our freebie this week, check out some other inspiring designs from Kim and The Cherry and have yourself a wonderful Halloween.

Take note that the cards are very simple.  It's not meant to go horizontal.  Only up and down or across in straight lines.  I designed it like this for my young boys with Autism.  It is much more clear this way.  My youngest does not get diagonal, yet.  There are several different cards in the download along with the calling card you see, above.  Use candy corn as chips if you like.

I'm showing off my window, you may have seen in our Halloween edition and Kim's awesome template.  This kit is Hocus Locus and it's the same one I used for the BINGO cards.

Some more seasonal layouts with Kim Cameron Designs is this one u…

Free Paper Stacker with the Owl Card Making Kit

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
Did you grab our Owl Card Making kit last week?  If you missed that one, click on the image.  You won't want to be without it and it won't be free for long.
I'm slowly turning this into a digitalised kit.  For today's freebie, I've got a paper stacker for you.  Keep reading to see some lovely inspiration that owl bet you'll love.  Hehehe...The stacker is at the bottom.

Above are three cards made digitally with the free kit.  I've given png versions of three sheets so you can decide if you want to use them digitally or traditionally.  Just print them out and do as you like as long as it's just for you.  All of our goodies are for Personal Use ONLY unless you contact us and we give consent.

Here's a nifty close up.  You could just right click and download this baby, print and cut and you've got a card.

Here is what the digital versions look like, all printed out.  Pretty sweet, right?!

This is today'…

Halloween Decor Ideas With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a special edition for you, today.  I'm just nuts about home decor and Halloween.  This year, I really wanted to push the bar of Halloween in my little village in Belgium, where Halloween is slowly catching on.  Check out what I did with my picture window, front yard and my costume all with a pirate theme.

I wanted good, day time pictures so you can see the detail.  I only spent $37 for everything this year, including candy.  Most of this stuff is just from the house and garage and my skeleton I bought last year.
Let's take a peep at some of my favourite details with this display.  I dressed my skeleton a touch.  I wanted to buy a cheap pirate custom and dress him, but thought the $30 was already enough.  Last year I spent three times as much on decor.  The hat I bought ages ago and the patch is my kid's he uses for ocular therapy, turned inside out.  Hehehe...  The chest comes from my living room, where I conceal the toys and keep d…

Printable Card Making Kit From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I am so excited about today's blog.  I've been wanting to do this project for months and finally did it this weekend.  As you may know, I love scrapping digitally AND traditionally.  I've got scrappy sisters in both digital realms.  Some are die hards and wouldn't dream of going over to other side while I stay dabbling with both.  Why limit yourself?
This project is for ALL of my creative sisters. Whether you love to get glue and glitter on your fingers or you'd rather caress your keyboard and mouse, these items are perfect for you both.
Keep reading to find out more about these printable digital goodies, turned traditional or hybrid.  All ya need is a printer, scissors and adhesive or a computer and printer.

These three images are examples of cards you can create with my three sheets of goodies.  If you do it digitally, don't forget your shadows to get this dimensional effect.  If your going traditional, use some foam tape or thick gl…

Freebie Friday Mega Link Up With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
I've got so many freebies to share with you, today.  Be prepared to be impressed!  I've also got some of my favourite designers in the lime light and some layouts that will certainly inspire you and make you want to scrap, today.

How about this first layout?  I love everything about it.  Fabulous template?  CHECK!  Gorgeous kit with the most awesome colour palette?  CHECK!  Super photos of those I love best?  CHECK!
Throwing Some Scraps Around has outdone themselves with this stunning collection of digital scrapbooking goodies.  Efflorescence is a master piece and a kit you will certainly want to have in your stash.  Above I used a coordinating template Jodi offers as well.  I often use a photo in place of a paper.  I just love my big photos and you will love the prices for these goodies.

Here was a bit of a free for all.  I love these ripped papers and those mushrooms.  I stuck with the elements that were water coloured to keep a …

More Recycled Christmas Cards. Are You Keeping Up?

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
On Tuesday's we go all out traditional scrapbooking.  I'm back with another up cycled holiday card.  At least one a week, I'm going for and so should you, if you want home made cards for the holidays.  I'm looking for projects that I can actually use or give as gifts rather than sit on a shelf and collect dust.  Projects that keep the environment in mind, are fast and easy to get together as well as free or nearly free.  This way there are no excuses why we wouldn't get scrappy!

This is not an easy thing to do, but I'm showing off my terribly neglected scrap place.  Oh, My Goodness!  It has never been this bad.  I thought I might make you feel better about yours.  Hehehe...

Here's a quick tip on organisation.  As if?!  Looking above, you may think I have no system and rightly so.  I often collect small, rigid containers for my tinies.  Here is a mint tin.  I used a glue dot to adhere an example what's inside, on the lid.  This…