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New Templates and Scrap-A-Licious Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top,
We've got  new templates in the shop, pages and pages of inspiration, you new, free calendar for January and more free scrapbooking goodies you're sure to love.  That's what we do on Fridays at The Cherry.
You Lift Me Up
I've sketched out these templates months ago and finally finished them all up.  I was aiming for light and airy colours and elements both long and wide and this is what came out.  I was by no means aiming for a baby look, but it did come out that way.  Hehehe...I must say, none of the pages have babies in mind.  Not like that's a bad thing.  These templates will be great to scrap up the little ones.
Check out what we did and make our templates your own.
You Lift Me Up and Perchance To Dream from Kim Cameron Designs
I went totally literal with this template.  I checked out my finder on my computer for balloons and many different kits came up, but I chose Kim Cameron's, Perchance To Dream.  Isn't it just perfect?  …

Your Christmas Present and Links to More Free Great Scrapbooking Goodies from The Cherry On Top

Happy holidays!
Times are so mega crazy and I bet they are for you, as well.  Do me a favour.  Sit back, take a deep breath and give me your best and brightest smile.  Exhale and repeat.  Hehehe...Enjoy today's blog by relaxing and actually reading it.  I keep it light, bright, positive and in a nutshell.  You'll appreciate it so when you don't rush through it.  As you should be doing with most of your daily endeavours.  It has changed my life greatly by doing this.  Concentrating on what I'm doing and living in the present has made everything more enjoyable and I'm even happier than I was before, which I didn't think was possible.  Ha!
I've got a nifty gifty for you and a present is all wrapped up and waiting for newsletter subscribers, too.  If you are signed up, make sure to check your inboxes on SUNDAY.  As promised, next year is going to be pretty great for blog readers and subscribers. Stay tuned!
You'll find the link for your gift at the bottom of t…

Free Printable Christmas Cards and Envelopes from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm a bit out of synch with today's blog due to a last minute idea I thought I'd share with you.  Saturday is my usual day for free hybrids, but I thought Saturday might be too late if you needed these cards before then.  I'll be not doing a Saturday blog, but Freebie Friday will still be live as will my newsletter only I've got a Christmas gift for recipients.  So, I'll be sending it out on Christmas day.

I could not find inexpensive Christmas cards, again this year.  So, I quickly made some myself.  They are for the kids to give their friends at school and anyone else I may have forgotten.  There is always someone I forget!  Hehehe...

These adorable little penguins fit sweetly on their 3x3 card and I've designed a custom envelope you can slip them into if you like.  You could just even hand out the square and not have a card, but more of a post card format if you so choose. 

Feel free to resize if you like and add any kind of gli…

Free Ugly Sweater Printable and Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I've got a fun printable for you, today.  I used my new Ugly Sweater templates to design them.  I mentioned in yesterday's blog that I'm hosting an Ugly Sweater party.  FYI, there are actually people out there that think this is not at all fun.  So, keep that in mind when planning one.  Hehehe...
I've got the link at the bottom for the free printable, but stop and take a peep at my new templates and some other Christmas freebies from around the blog.
 Free Ugly Sweater Place Cards Printable
These are the templates I designed.  You'll get the free printable offered here, three different templates as seen in the preview and I put in FOUR different Ugly Sweaters in png version for you to play with using our Sleigh Bells Ring Collection from our shop.

 Ugly Sweater Layered Templates
These are the templates I put in the shop, yesterday.  To see some pretty pages with them click here or here to get to the gallery in the shop.
This Is Christmas Digi…

New Christmas Scrapbooking Templates and a Couple of Awesome Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

I've got some awesome new templates in the shop, beautiful pages to inspire you to get scrappy, today as well as our typical freebies, links to freebies and a peep at tomorrow's freebie.

I'm just crazy about scrapping Christmas!  Ach, who am I kidding.  I'm just crazy!  Hehehe...I know a few scrappy peeps who have had enough of scrapping Santa and Rudolph.  Not me!  Let's keep scrapping up the reindeer bunch, manger scenes and snowy landscapes with a magical star lighting up the sky.

This Is Christmas Templates
The new templates are by no means exceptional to Christmas pages.  Check out what I and my super fab team have designed with them.
I always start with Tammy.  Have ya noticed?  Her stuff is just jaw droppingly fantastic.  Don'cha think? I want to draw you in with all of this gorgeousness.
This Is Christmas Templates and A Farm House Christmas at the Sweet Shoppe
This next page is mine and I bet you can see right through the Christm…