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Scrapbooking Recap With Tutorials And Free Templates

Welcome to Traditional Tuesdays with The Cherry On Top.
I'm on vacation so I needed a fill in.  I do hope to get some scrap time in while I'm here, but I have painting to do and both boys are here.  I thought I'd put this in the blog in case I didn't get the time to put something new in.
If you haven't been following all three weekly blogs, then you may want to peruse through this blog and make sure you didn't miss out on something that interests you.

I showed off several scrapbooking projects with Posh from Simple Stories.  Above is just one of the layouts in a bit of project life style.  Here's another entry with this collection. This is the other.

Another challenge I put out is this starburst layout.  I put a digital layout on a largly traditional group page and they really loved it and asked if I'd provide a template and tutorial on how to do it traditionally.  So, I did!  Click on either image to get to the blog with the free template and step by step …

The PuurFect Scrapbooking Mini Album

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I suppose it is toal coincidence that as I'm blogging about kitties, my kitty is laying on my desk, purring loudly and giving me lovey eyes.  Hehehe...That's him, in the photo you see right here and why I designed that nice white cat in one of my latest releases, The PuurFect Kit.
I'm showing off a hybrid project using the Cute Cards from The PuurFect Kit.  You can have it scrapped up in about an hour!  You need very few supplies, too.  Doesn't that sound just great?

These are all of the supplies you need. Not bad, right?  You probably have all of this stuff.

 Here is a look at the Cute Cards.  Cute, eh?  Hehehe...They are in our shop for just .99 cents.

This is what the entire kit looks like.  The elements are just .99 cents as are the papers.  For just around 2 bucks, you can get totally scrappy!

Let's walk through this project.  It's mega easy.

First, download your Cute Cards from the shop and print them out.  I always recommend using …

Stretch Your Scrapbooking Templates and Add Some Free Ones To Your Stash

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I'm so excited for today's blog.  I've got a lot of scrappy inspiration for you.  I'm showing various ways to change and or alter digital templates and make them more your own and customise them to fit the page you have in mind.  I've also got links to several older templates from this blog that you may have missed.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you like what we've got for you, today.

As you may know, I design templates amongst other digital and traditional scrap projects.  Above, I used a template from Heartstring Scrap Art.  Bryony is definitely a top of the list, digital template designer.  She's also started making digital scrapbooking kits and they are equally as fabulous.
For one of the first times, I followed a template literally.  Can you spot it in the collection below?  Bottom left...So soft and pretty.  I used Aimee Harrison Designs newest collection, Aquamarine.  It's really lovely, as usual.  Her collections are …

Multiple Photos Scrapbooking Layout and Free Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Last week we scrapped up some fun photos with this photo reel template.  It's still free on last week's blog. I've got the link for you at the end of this entry. Today, we're scrapping the rest of the page.  Join us in the process, get a few scrappy tips and hopefully, some inspiration to go and scrap your own page.

I used the rounded square template on each of my photos and placed them on the circular disc.

Though these circle templates are over a decade old, I still use them ALL of the time.  They are from Fiskars.

They come with graduating circles that were perfect for this project.

Last week I went into more detail on the process of making a page.  These are some very old scrapbooking goodies from my stash.  I even kept the packaging from this collection because there were a few pieces I could cut out and use as embellishments.  Hehehe...

You can also see above, a very rough sketch.  I strongly recommend that you have some kind of layout in …

The PuurFect Scrapbooking Kit And A Free Hybrid

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I'm nearly as excited as I was yesterday with the release of my collaboration with Made By Keuntje.  Hehehe...I hosted a Scrap A Cat And Chat event on Facebook on Saturday where every 15 minutes, I gave a portion of this kit until they had all of the pieces.  Then for the lovely ladies who posted their finished layouts, they also received a free template.  
The event lasted an hour and it went by so fast!  We had fun chatting about our kitties and showing off all of our photos and stories about our fur babies.  I hope ya join me next time we have one of these events.
I recently put this collection in the shop.  It's the PuurFect kit and I have coordinating PuurFect templates and Cute Cards, too.  Keep reading to see the collection, view The Cherries lovely inspiration and see what you missed yesterday.  Of course, there's that freebie at the end.

There are 40 elements and 12 papers, four design and 8 card stock papers.  Each pack is just ,99 cents…