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Projects Ideas With Your Scrapbooking Supplies And Stash

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I just love making my stash of templates, kits and other digital goodies go further.  Don't you?  I thought it'd be inspiring to share some of those "off of the page" ideas with you, today.
Scroll away and see just a tip of the iceberg of things you can design with your scrap stash.  Some super practical, helpful, fun and important projects.

This was the digital invitation I sent around to most of my family.  I did print out one for my non tech mo-la.  Hehehe...

And yet, another invitation sent around digitally.  This one was very entertaining for the family.  Some really fun photos of us at Christmas.  (The template is nearly finished!)

I offered these invitations in a previous blog.  Good ole Kim Cameron donated her designs for it.  She's just the best!

Here's another free invitation I offered and thanks to BoomersGirl Designs for it.

I've made several book markers and you can still get them.  This is my latest.  Type in book mark…

Scrapbooking Freebie Friday With Kim Cameron and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I've got some really great, fun scrapbooking pages to show, today and of course a nice, new free scrapbooking goody for you as well.  Yay!
Let's sit back and get all kinds of inspired.

Ya know how much I love Kim Cameron Designs.  I'm working my way through ALL of her kits.  I love them so much.  They just epitomise my family and the colour palettes are always very tasteful.
When I saw Sipping On Sunshine, I knew I had to have it.  We're known to sip a bit and these colours are just delicious, are they not?!
I went through my photos and grabbed the most recent shots of us sipping or nearly sipping.  Hehehe...This is also a peek at a template coming very soon.  What absolute fun scrapping with great kits like this and such silly pictures of fun times.

Kim has a new kit out, Black Sails.  Do you watch the show?  We do!  I'm a fan of Captain Black for sure.  Last year for Halloween, we dressed like pirates and dressed up our place, too.  It was…

Finished Mini Photo Reel Scrapbooking Album and Other Hybrid Projects

Whoo hoo!  Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We've finished up another fun project.  This is our mini, photo reel scrapbooking album.  The first part of this blog can be found, here.  There you'll see how to get your photos in the reels and where you can find these handy photo reel templates, too.
This project can be done traditionally, digitally or hybrid style and I've done them all.  Traditionally, it is a very challenging project and it takes a lot of time.  If you like faster results, consider hybrid and digital.  Have your album professionally printed or do it all at home, like I did for this album.
This is a bit of a hybrid style project.  I did all of the photo reels digitally in my scrapbooking program, Photo Shop Elements.  Keep reading to see more of this project as well as other recent hybrid projects that might be just perfect for you.  We've also got a few links to the freebies that go with them.

All in it's glory!  My finished mini of a fantastic trip we too…

Fantastic Scrapbooking Freebies And So Much More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Hold on to your mouse for you are in for a real treat.  I've got a blog full of inspiration, challenges, new collections, new templates and of course, freebies.

Sit back, relax, grab well over two dozen freebies and get scrappy this weekend!

Well, ain't that a bute!  Hehehe...  That is my niece with her horse.  Do you recognise the collection, Stay Magical?  We featured it a few times already.  Click here to see more of this totally terrific collaboration from The Cherry and Made By Keuntje.
I'm showing off my newest set of templates, Cake N' Ice Cream.  Though there is a bit of a theme with these templates, you totally don't have to scrap party pictures.  That's what I showed you above.  Keep scrolling to see more of these templates as well as a tutorial on other ways to use the new templates.

I used BoomersGirl Designs, Birthday Boy kit for this page.  It's changed up a bit and it's even cuter, still.  My oldest recently had a…