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Beautiful, Free Planner Printables from The Cherry on Top and Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I've got quite a nifty blog for you, today.  It's packed full of gorgeous scrapbooking inspiration, new templates in our Kreative Design Studio shop on Etsy and as is our Friday tradition, we've got freebies for you.
Grab a cup of something delicious and slowly scroll through all of this scrappy goodness.
 Your FREEBIE for today.
Aimee Harrison teamed up with Heartstrings Scrap Art and made a gorgeous collection, At The Sea Side.  These colours are fabulous and when you see all of the goodies in this collection, you'll be hooked!  My jaw dropped when I first saw this and knew I had to have it.  

I've always wanted to match up one of Aimees collections with my printables for planners and she agreed.  Yay!  That's your new freebie for today.  I've got more links for freebies, further in the blog.

At The Seas Side templates and Collection from Aimee Harrison and HeartStrings Scrap Art
I used Heartstrings Scrap Art's templates for thi…

Love YourSelfie Scrapbooking Templates, Free Camera Download and a Challenge

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
I've got a challenge for my traditional scrappy sisters.  Use my templates and free camera template as inspiration for your own selfie inspired page.
 Love YourSelfie templates are just 1,99! Page, png, tif and psd format available.
Here are some of my pages using the templates.
 Love Your Selfie Templates and Green Thumbs from Kim Cameron
Love Yourself Templates
You could use these templates as quick pages, too!  Just plug in your photos and you've scrapped, FAST!
Here's my favourite page!  Me and my oldest when he was not so old.  Hehehe...

Love YourSelfie Templates
I've got a lot more pages from my lovely Creative Team.  You can find them, here or on our Pinterest board, Kreative Design Studio.
Here is the free png camera.  It's 2.5 inches, but you can size it to how you like.  I'd love to see traditional pages or digital ones using my templates as your inspiration.  Share them in our group on Facebook.  You'll love it there!

July's Free Calendar and Gorgeous, Summer Inspiration

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.
Look at us!  We're early!  I've scheduled my monthly calendars so I don't forget.  Hehehe...Check out July's free calendar along with some other beautiful scrapbooking inspiration, templates and kits from Throwing Some Scraps Around.
July's Free Calendar thanks to Throwing Some Scraps Around
All of our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY.  Simply right click and save to your downloads.
I used Throwing Some Scraps Around kit, Sea Kissed for this month's calendar.  I just love this kit and that glittery sandy paper is actually sand from a beach in California!
Take a look at my page along with some others using this beautiful kit.

I used a template from Heartstrings Scrap Art for my page.

Just a few more stunning pages with Sea Kissed from my fellow Creative Team members.

This one knocked my socks off!
Jodi just released these templates in her shop.  Check out my page and Jodi's using them.

Here's the one I did with …

New Templates, Free Scrapbooking Goodies From The Cherry On Top and Some Other Scrappy Sisters

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but it has been sweltering here, in Belgium.  For weeks it's been in the high 80's and 90's with no rain and very little wind.  This is totally not typical!  It's usually very grey and rainy.  Thank goodness we're not going to Spain this year.  This is perfect Spanish weather.  Hehehe...

To keep cool, I'm hanging behind the computer with the fan on high and I've designed several packs new templates.  Here's a look at my favourite with some scrappy inspiration.  Further on, I've got some links to several freebies from around DigiLand and the People's Choice freebie from the group.

Enjoy the read and all of this scrappy goodness!

I have so many photos I can use for these templates and I bet you do, too!  Get in the summer mood and make some beautiful pages with our new templates.

Nautical Niceties Templates, Sea Kissed from Throwing Some Scraps Around
Jodi from …