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October's Free DeskTop Calendar

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's hybrid Saturday!
I thought for sure I wasn't going to blog this Saturday because Sunday's blog is going to be SO huge, but I had already scheduled this one in so you can have your calendar before the month officially starts.  Hehehe...Thank goodness I had it already planned and scheduled in.  The brain is a real mess. Hehehe...
As usual, our free monthly calendars are sponsored by the delightful Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  She supplies us with the gorgeous goodies and we design the calendars.  Thanks to her fabulous yearly membership program, you too can get all of Jodi's fantastic designs at a spot on price, that is a Cherry of a deal.  Check it out here.
The kit I used for this month's calendar is called, Autumn Joys.  You can find it in Jodi's Etsy shop, here.  Simply right click and save this image to your downloads.  As always, are freebies are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Autumn Joys from Throwing Some Scraps Around
Here is…

Traditional Card Making With Digital Templates

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday with The Cherry On Top.
I've got a step by step tutorial for you, today.  Friday I gave away this free, digital template on the blog and Saturday, I gave away the free example showing how you can use the template digitally. Today, I've got the same template and used it traditionally.
Check out the step by, see what you missed Friday and Saturday and I've got some other scrapbooking goodies that might make your crafting faster and easier, too.
free card making template in action, traditionally

Here's the template I used to make today's card.  It's on Friday's blog and it is a digital template.
free digital template
Once you've scrapped up your project digitally, it will look like this when you print it.

All you have to do it cut out the squares if you set it up like this in your scrap program and adhere back to back or adhere on to some rigid card stock if you prefer or if you didn't print on rigid paper.  Easy right?  Especia…

Free PuurFectly Printable Card from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Today, I've got a really fun free printable for you, some new, unique templates and a look at Tuesday's blog.
Do you enjoy making cards?  Traditionally?  Digitally?  Hybrid style?  All of it?! That's me, too.  It totally depends on the project at hand.
I get asked the question all of the time, "When you do use multiple methods of scrapbooking or craft making, when do you use which form?"  Let's talk about that briefly.
Ask yourself these things: 
How much time do I have?
How much $$$ do I have for the project?
Who is the project for?
If you've got a lot of time, traditional scrap is certainly an option.  Digital scrapbooking is a real time saver if this isn't the case.
If money is an issue, you can always consult your existing digital or traditional stash.  With a digital stash, you can use it over and over.  It never runs out and there are a lot of free resources out there. Like here!  Hehehe...Printing also costs a few cents and…

Free Card Making Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Freebie Friday.
I've got a fun, free template, new templates in the shop and a bit of layout love from Throwing Some Scraps Around.
Grab a cup of something lovely and enjoy today's blog.
 free card making template
I love making my own cards.  For one, I do not like going out shopping, card shopping included.  I've got so much stuff, both digital and actual that I might as well save some $$$ and just make it myself. Designing a card from scratch is pretty easy, but when you've got a nifty template to follow, you can save even more time.

I'll have a traditional template ready for you on Tuesday so you can use it that way if you prefer.  We'll have a step by step tutorial, too!

These are 5x5 sized pages saved at 300 resolution so if you do want to enlarge them, they come out great still.  I had to enlarge the free template to get just the size I wanted.  Keep that in mind.  The ones in the store are all set.

So, it's up to you!  Wil…

Our Finished Scrapbooking Challenge. Where Is Your Page?

Welcome to our third and final installation for this fun, digital to traditional scrapbooking page.
I am not here to talk you OUT of traditional scrapbooking.  I still traditional scrapbook, too.  Just a lot less these days.  As I go through today's step by step tutorial, I'll also chime in on the many advantages to hybrid and digital scrapbooking to make you a more rounded, efficient and better scrapper.

Here is a very good reason why I scrap more digitally.  
Hello!!!   I mean seriously, all I did was remove my lunch to take this picture.
What a disaster, above!  That's exactly why this area is in the attic.  Hehehe...

Back to our tutorial...
This project has quite a lot going on.  It's a part of our digital to traditional challenge and it isn't our first.  To see more click here. (We've got a really fun, free template for you there, too.) There are several tips through out today's blog.  Great for beginning scrappers AND the kind of cool part, I'm using al…