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Get Scrappy For Christmas with Hand Made, Upcycled Gifts and Cards

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Since that most wonderful time of the year is approaching, I thought I'd get together a blog full of crafty ideas and inspiration that will help you make it through, with a smile.  I make a lot of digital, hybrid and hand made goodies as gifts.  I thought I'd share some of those with you so you can amp up your arsenal of ideas for this holiday season.

These all come from previous blogs so you can simply click on the images and get to those blogs to see more relative information or even get step by step tutorials and coordinating free stuff.

We started making cards to send out a few months.  I'll share a few of those with you here.  You can use nearly all of your cards for scrapbooking.  Even if it's just for the rigidity of a well made card.  I often just paper over a card that is very rigid or with a unique kind of format.

I often wonder if any of my recipients remember that an element from their card was from a card that they have given me. …

Cyber Weekend Continues with Hybrid Saturday and a Fun, Easy Gift Idea

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We've got another jam packed blog full of scrapbooking goodies in the way of new goods in the shop, inspiration and a new hybrid project.
Keep reading and get your creative groove going this weekend with The Cherry.
Very Merry template and Gnome for Christmas
Yesterday's blog is FULL of fabulous inspiration and all of our new goodies.  If ya want to check it out, click here.
In the mean time, see more layouts with our new templates, Very Merry and 'Tis The Season as well as the new collection, Gnome For Christmas.
Very Merry Templates
Use our trees and gifts pack to make a page like this.  Coupled with our templates, your pages will be ready in a flash.  If you use our coupon code CHERRY50, you can add it at a great price, too.

I used the new template, Very Merry to scrap up LouCee Creations new kit, Home For Christmas.  We must be on the same wave length!  Hehehe...Of course I went with the play on words. 

Very Merry Templates and Home For Christmas f…

Mega Awesome Coupon For The Shop, New Scrapbooking Goodies and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's going to be one of those blogs, where you should take a deep breath, sit back with something delicious to sip on and enjoy all of this fabulous scrapbooking inspiration.  We've been saving up new products for this weekend so we could offer them to you with a 50% coupon.  I'll show ya the new goods, provide you with beautiful pages from me and my awesome team as well as show off new goodies from around DigiLand and of course, it is freebie Friday!

Get your mojo fix, right here at The Cherry.  Grab that coupon code and save big time in the Kreative Design Studio at Etsy.

We've got a lot of new, festive goodies in the shop for you.  I can't even begin to choose which one I like best.  Let's just jump right in there so you can get scrapping with our new goodies this weekend!

Gnome For The Holidays is so huge, we had to break it up into fantastic, more customised packs to get it in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.  Above you can see a…