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Title Page Idea For Scrapbooking and Simple Scrapbooking

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are struggling our way through some kind of flu, presently.  So with a very achy back and endless coughing, I give you today's blog featuring the cover to our Simple scrapbooking mini and we are nearly finished.  I do still want to get one more page, which will be the inside of the cover.

This book is taking me months to finish and so what.  Scrapbooking should always be fun, right?  Otherwise, you'll see the results in your finished project.  If ya just don't feel like it, then let it go.  Although, I would advise a few things, first.

Go and peruse your favourite creative spots.  Nothing gets the creative juices flowing for me like Pinterest.  Man, the ideas and inspiration are unreal over there.  Maybe even look specifically at scrapbooking pages?  Find a page that inspires you and sketch it out on some paper and take that to your desk or creative nest.

I would also recommend, just getting started.  Sometimes I don't think I feel like it …

February's Free Printable Calendar from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.
Check me out!  I'm all early so far this year!  Hehehe...  I've got your nifty, free monthly calendar ready for download.  Check out what else is going on with The Cherry.

This year, I am offering free printable calendars.  Each month, you'll receive a free printable calendar. I'm trying to get them to you, the Saturday before the end of the month.  Fingers crossed I can keep this up all year.  Hehehe...I've already designed through April!
Blog readers will receive this jpg version of the calendar with an inserted photo.  Newsletter recipients receive a png version of the calendar where they can insert their very own photo.  How cool is that?  If you'd prefer that, then sign up for our newsletter.  We spoil you over there!
Don't forget our Slow Scrap tonight!  This is the participation prize.  If you want to learn more, check out yesterday's blog or zap over to our nifty group on FB and click on the Events …

Live, Laugh, Love Templates, Scrapbooking Inspiration and Check Out These Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
We are always so thrilled you're here and we hope you are just as happy to peruse the new scrapbooking inspiration and check out some of the new free stuff from around DigiLand.  I've got some repackaged templates with two new ones and a super deal.  Of course we got several pages of scrapbooking goodness, challenges, free downloads and a look at tomorrow's free calendar.

A big thank you to all of you who purchased our charity templates.  We've taken down the links for those and I've packaged up my two templates from the charity set and added two, new ones.  Of course I've put them in the shop at a Cherry deal for those of you who already have the first two.  Grab them for just 1.50 (not including taxes).  They come in png, tif and psd formats.
Check out what I and my magnificent team have done with them.
I scrapped both of my pages with Throwing Some Scraps Around and Made By Keuntje's collaborative kit, Drama Queen.  So fitting, …

Flower Power Templates Scrapbook Fast and Beautifully With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
We've got fabulous new scrapbooking templates, inspiration to get the ole mojo going, a new freebie for you and a link to a lot more free stuff.
Flower Power Templates
I am completely convinced that you are going to just love these templates.  These may be my most scrap-a-licously fast and easily templates to date.  Just look what I did and under 30 minutes per page.  If time is your top excuse, why you don't scrap, then these templates are ideal for you.  I put a couple of twists in my pages AND I'm so sure you're going to love these that I put them in the shop for HALF PRICE!  Just 1.50 for FOUR templates, for ONE WEEK ONLY.  Let's check them out!
I used Throwing Some Scraps Around gorgeous new scrapbooking kit, Gentle On My Mind.  I made a process video of this scrap if you want to see how I did it. I walk you through the entire process and dish out all kinds of tips and tricks using PSE and my templates.  Ya just mi…

Free Printable Card of Celebration From The Cherry On Top and Kim Cameron Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.
We mix it all up on Saturdays.  Scrap digital and print or scrap digital, print and scrap traditional or hybrid.  Isn't that so cool?!  I think it's a fabulous mix of the two.  You have a lot less mess and you need hardly any materials so no storage problems.  Seriously, you might need a nice paper cutter, paper (of course) a printer, scissors and some adhesive.  Sure you can get one of those fancy cutting machines like Cricut to make your project move faster and neater, but if you're not bad at fussy cut'n, then you don't even need one of those.  
Check out the new, free printable, see how I designed it and check out some other recent printable hybrid projects from The Cherry.  Enjoy!  I've linked up all of the images so you jump around easily.
Scroll down to the bottom for the free download.
I always try to make my printables as useful as possible for the most amount of readers.  Hehehe...I keep my wording a bi…