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52 Reasons #3 Free Printable For Your Mini Album

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.
We are on Reason #3 this week.  Click on the preview below to download reason #3 card AND another card for a photo or more journaling if you prefer.
I'm hoping to get back here with a few pictures to show you how mine is going so far.  I'm still consider binding ideas, too.  I want to furnish you with as many options as possible.  So far, I'm digging the very large metal rings, but want to investigate further.  
If you like Project Life, it would be pretty nifty in that style, too. 
Definitely make sure you print in best quality and if you have the option, gloss or semi gloss paper for the best results.  
I plan on adhering my pages back to back and will have to round the corners of the cover card.  Bit of a brain fart, there.  Hehehe...You could use a square format if you choose by either cutting into the cards and making them into a square shape OR modifying the cards in a software program like Photoshop Elements by adding another layer, behind t…

March's Free Printable Calendar From The Cherry On Top

Your Free Printable Calendar For March Is Ready

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Hybrid Saturday.

I've been designing, what I thought would be mini kits for these calendars, but they are turning out a lot larger than anticipated.  Hehehe...March's colour palette is way out there!  It is so funky retro and alive with colour and pow and a touch of "Oh!"  Hehehe...

Grab this month's calendar, check out what we just released yesterday and make sure you didn't miss out on the other free things.

Made By Keuntje and I teamed up yet again for another smashing collection.  My Muse is retro cool, but in a more 80's fashion.  Whilst Revel In Retro is a bit more...Art Deco?  More vivid fun in a must have collection.

We've got two freebies for you if you want to give it a test drive, first.  This is my free frame cluster.  Seriously, it's so awesome, you could just drag this png image onto a pretty paper or a few coordinating ones from the collection and you're page is finished.

The most generous Dana, is…

My Muse Scrapbooking Collection, Bringing Back the 80's With Flair and Free Stuff

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.
Made By Keuntje and I have teamed up again for another spectacular scrapbooking collection, My Muse.  It started off with those templates you see in the middle, there.  I used Dana's kick'n colour palette and her funky flowers as well as LouCee Creations totally rock'n cool chick templates and someone suggested we design a kit to match.  Well, let me tell ya.  It kept growing and growing... Hehehe... There are nearly 40 papers and over 80 elements!  We also have a pack of over 20 word bits with sayings that you may have used once or twice 20 years ago and a pack of really cool journal cards.
Keep reading to see what I and our teams have designed with the collection. Throwing Some Scraps Around also has some new templates you can check out and grab those freebies!
My Muse Scrapbooking Collection
The first five pages are mine.  I'll try to keep the blah, blah, blah to a minimum or it'll take awhile to get through it all. …

Simple Scrapbooking Mini is Finally Finished

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Traditional Tuesdays.
We go totally traditional on Tuesdays at The Cherry.  This week, I've FINALLY finished my simple, mini scrapbooking album using the Barista collection.  I've got all of the pages on one blog for you.  I've got several blogs with step by step processes for individual pages.  They are filled with all kinds of tips and tricks for you to follow so you too can learn to scrap quickly, efficiently and inexpensively yet beautifully.
Don't be put off by these over the top, clustered conglomerations of scrappy bliss.  For me, personally, it is not at all realistic.  I don't mean it isn't gorgeous, it's just not practical for me and my projects.  They look great on a wall or canvas, but would never fit in a traditional book. I also do not have the kind of cash-o-la to make pages like that and not sure I'd want to take that kind of time to scrap something like that.
This book is a totally doable, inexpensive, s…

New Conceptual Templates, Scrapbooking Inspiration and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.
Boy, do I love showing off new concepts in this wonderful realm of digi delights.  I've got a really nifty new set of templates that are most probably, like nothing you've seen yet. I hope so, anyway.  hehehe...I've also got inspiration using the new goodies as well as pages of inspiration from other designers kits around DigiLand and a few links to some fabulous freebies from us and other scrappy sisters.
So, dive right in to all of this scrap-a-licious goodness!

I've designed these six templates that can be used in a variety of ways that will amaze you.  They will, seriously.  My girls started playing with them and came up with even more ideas.  I love when that happens.  I always thought my other templates were flexible and these are even more flexible still.
With your purchase of Siggies and Titles, you'll get not only the six templates in tif, psd, separate pngs and merged png format, but you'll also get a free, coordinating pack …