The Cherry on Top Has Moved

Howdy readers,

I've finally managed to get my site all set up.  Whoo hoo!  The Home base will be the blog and you'll also find a page with our store information and a page with a gallery full of our custom albums and pages that we've designed, that you may also purchase.  More to come, I'm sure!  I'm considering a page just for our freebies as well, but there are just so many.

I hope you pop over and check it out, today!

We're still doing Traditional Tuesday with a hybrid twist on occasion and of course, we'll always keep Freebie Friday posts, too.
 Visit Our Site
This blog is not going away in any near future.  So you can still peruse all of the fantastic freebies and inspiration we have here.

Thanks so, so much for giving The Cherry a part of what I hope is one fantastic day!