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Your Free May Calendar Is Here

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are back, already with May's free calendar.  Wasn't I just here with April's?!  Hehehe...It feels like yesterday.  Speaking of yesterday, did ya catch yesterday's blog?  I have new templates in the shops, new masks and there was a new freebie, too.  Click hereif ya missed it.

I designed a full collection with an outdoor, travel and Canada vibe/theme.  Ha!  I've got a custom order for a scrapbook of a family vacation in Canada.  I couldn't find just what I was looking for, so I designed one myself.  I wanted colours that mimicked nature.  I needed elements that portray travel and a few specialized ones of Canada, too.

Don't forget, I give this same calendar, without a photo to newsletter subscribers.  If you'd rather have that, sign up and you can get the rest of the year with a photo spot for your very own pictures as well as stay on top of all of the goings on here.

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